Fun and Frugal Valentines Ideas for Kids

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Frugal Valentines ideas for kids are all around you! Here are some creative ideas to celebrate valentines day both at home and elsewhere.

With Valentine’s Day a few weeks away, now’s the time for planning your fun and frugal celebrations for the day.  From extravagant plans to simple dinners, frugal Valentines ideas for kids and adults alike are easy to find. Some people don’t celebrate the “holiday” and some do; We celebrate every year at our house, with the whole family, and implement the Valentines ideas for kids I’ve come up with over the years.

Anytime I’ve got a reason to have fun that involves chocolate, I’m in, whether it’s commercial hype or not. 🙂 Either way, you can do Valentine’s Day well on a budget, even with kids involved.  Here’s how:

One of My Favorite Valentines Ideas for Kids – Make a Special Dinner


For years we did a full Italian dinner on Valentine’s Day, complete with lasagna, garlic bread, salad and several varieties of chocolate. This year we’ll change things up by making a new recipe we found on the Internet and serving it with different side dishes than we usually have. We’ll cook together and eat together, saving tons of cash off of restaurant prices.

Grab the kids, hash out a fun and different menu plan, complete with relaxing music, candles and the works. Or have each child be in charge of planning a certain aspect of the meal. One kid decides on the music, one decides on the main dish and one picks the dessert you’ll have.

Where other frugal Valentines ideas for kids might fail, I promise that this one will succeed. The kids will have a blast, I promise, and the education they’ll get in the kitchen will be rewarded with full tummies and sweet dreams. 🙂 If you and your spouse like to have a romantic meal without the kids, you can set aside enough for both to have after the kids go to bed. You can add in a wine bottle candelabra with some tealights and you’ll have the romantic experience without a costly restaurant bill to show for it.

Plan Fun Activities


Make and decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies, with homemade frosting and sugar sprinkles. Grab some construction papermarkers and glue and make all kinds of red, pink and white decorations for your home. Get creative and figure out what else defines love besides hearts, and then get to making it into an art creation of some sort. Then, spread the love.

Deliver cards and cookies to a couple of family members, friends or neighbors. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter or pack food for third world countries in the name of spreading love, or search your cupboards for some non-perishables that you can deliver to a nearby food shelf that week. Make a goal to do one or more random acts of kindness to show love to those inside, and outside, your family.

If your child has to bring Valentines to school, deviate from the standard card if you want to, and do something different, like having them make something on their own. These fun and frugal treats will inspire other kids to come up with their own Valentines ideas for kids next year.

Frugal Valentines ideas for kids are all around you! Here are some creative ideas to celebrate valentines day both at home and elsewhere.

Do Nice Things


Another one of my favorite frugal Valentines ideas for kids is to play “Secret Valentine” at your house, and sneak in some random acts of kindness for those in your household, encouraging other family members to do the same. Have each family member leave a construction paper heart in the area of their completed task, leaving the grateful recipient wondering which one of his/her family members gave the blessing.

All kinds of random acts of kindness can count, from making a sibling’s bed, to doing one of their daily chores for them, such as emptying the dishwasher, to making mom a cup of hot tea, to shoveling the walk for dad. Challenge your kids to get creative and be on the lookout for a chance to bless those around them with a secret act of kindness.

There are all sorts of fun, and cheap, Valentines ideas for kids of all ages to be had if you’re willing to do some research and get creative.


What are your favorite frugal ways to celebrate Valentine’s day, or do you prefer not to celebrate this particular holiday?


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