10 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Spring

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Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, the sun is warm and I can pretty much taste the pollen in the air. Spring is definitely here! Spring is the time when I spend long hours outside in the sun writing, reading a book or picking dandelions with my daughter. It’s hard to get my spirits down in the springtime because I get to do all of my favorite frugal things.

Luckily, spring is one of the easiest times to find frugal things to do because there are so many free things to do outside. So save your entertainment budget this season by enjoying some of these cheap ways to celebrate the newly warm air. Here are 10 frugal ways to celebrate spring.

1. Have a Picnic


A personal favorite in my household is to take a family picnic. It can be at a local park, a playground or even in your own backyard. Kids love it and, even if you don’t have a family yet, there’s nothing quite as fun as eating outdoors on a blanket. Pack a shabby blanket, throw on some flip-flops, grab your cooler and dine in the sunshine. Just make sure to leave the place nicer than you found it.

2. Plant a Garden


Always wanted to try your hand at planting your own garden? Now is a great time to plant flowers or vegetables. I started my first vegetable garden a couple of years ago and, much to my surprise, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It was actually kind of fun figuring out what was growing and what wasn’t. As an added bonus, a vegetable garden saves money every month on your grocery bill when all your veggies start sprouting, and it’s very satisfying to cook dinner with ingredients you’ve grown in your own backyard.

3. Take a Hike


Now that it’s warm outside, it’s time to dust off the hiking boots and get them muddy again. Being in nature feels good for kids and adults alike. Although my four-year-old slows down our hikes today, we don’t mind because we still get to be outdoors, and we’re teaching her to appreciate the earth, something that she will carry with her forever.

4. Spring Clean!


Okay, okay, I know that spring cleaning doesn’t exactly spring to mind as fun to most people, but think about the end result. If you’ve ever cleaned out a cabinet or decluttered a closet and felt better afterwards, then you know what I’m talking about. Choose a rainy spring day to tackle this task and you won’t feel like you missed out on the beautiful sunshine or crack open the windows on a breezy day to get some fresh air in the house. Bonus points if you clean out enough stuff to hold a springtime yard sale to make extra money.

5. Shop a Local Farmer’s Market


In the spring, outdoor markets open back up for farmers to share their goods with the public. Take advantage of the cheap and healthy local produce and support your community at the same time. You might even pick up a few gardening tips for your new garden while you’re at it.

6. Start a Neighborhood Sports Game


In our little cul-de-sac in the country, we love to start informal pick-up games for the neighborhood in the warmer months. Badminton, cornhole, volleyball, kickball and basketball are all favorites, and anyone can join in on the fun, child or adult. The best part about it is that it creates a fun environment to get to know your neighbors and you get hidden exercise in the process.

7. Have a Bonfire


After the neighborhood game, invite your neighbors over for a nighttime bonfire. Ask everyone to chip in by bringing graham crackers, marshmallows, or chocolate bars and indulge in some s’mores (after burning off extra calories in your neighborhood game, of course.)

8. Host an Outdoor Potluck


A great way to celebrate spring with your friends is with an outdoor potluck lunch or dinner. Keep it casual, invite all of your favorite people, and ask everyone to bring a favorite dish. Set up some tables and chairs outside, and voila, you’ve got a frugal, casual dinner party to enjoy with minimal cleanup.

9. Go Treasure Hunting


My neighbor and I love to take our kids geocaching. Even though we sometimes use the kids as an excuse to go, as we probably enjoy it more than they do. It’s the thrill of the hunt! You can download a geocaching app for $10 and if you can find a local park that contains several caches, you can park the car and walk to the hidden caches for a few hours without burning through a ton of gas.

10. Go Berry Picking


Every May, I load my daughter in the car and we head to a farm down the road to pick our own strawberries. The cost is comparable to buying them at the grocery store, but you can’t beat the experience of choosing your own berries and eating them fresh off the vine. The experience is half the fun, the produce is local, and your money helps sustain a community farm.

With so many free things to do outside this season, there’s no excuse to blow your entertainment budget this spring. Try to fit in some of the things that you loved to do as a kid when the weather turned warm (kickball, splashing in a creek, walking in the rain), and take the time to do the simple things that help you enjoy the season without breaking the bank.



What’s your favorite warm weather activity? How do you save money in the spring? What’s your favorite sport to play outside?

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