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It is finally starting to feel like fall in the Midwest as it has been in the low 30’s the last few mornings. Given the hot summer we had I am more than glad that we’re finally getting some cooler weather. I am also glad to see that the NFL and the referees settled their differences as the whole situation was getting just a bit crazy. I read somewhere that the Packers/Seahawks game shifted nearly $150 million in wagers because of the outcome.

Did anyone happen to see the first Presidential Debate on Wednesday night? I watched just a bit of and was reminded again of why I am thankful the election is nearing a close.

Anyways…there were some great reads out there in the blogosphere this week. Below are some of my favorite, you should take the time to check some of them out.

The Blue Collar View on Starbucks on Blue Collar Workman

TB discusses his viewpoint on Starbucks. It’s hard to disagree with his argument, especially with how much it costs to buy a coffee there.

What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average? on Young Adult Money

DC explains the math behind the Dow and who makes it up. A good read if you’re looking for an explanation behind the Dow.

5 Easy Methods to Save Money Without Thinking on Frugal Habits

Jason talks about some easy ways to make saving money painless. While saving may be difficult to start, he gives some great tips, many of which I’ve used or currently am using.

5 Methods I’m Contemplating to Avoid American Airlines This Fall on Average Joe Money

Joe discusses the much deserved negative press American Airlines has been receiving lately. What can you do though if they’re the only local option for plane travel though?

How to Play the Credit Card Game and Beat the System on Work Save Live

Jason talks about the generous rewards you can accumulate through playing the credit card reward game. Personally, I don’t know that I could stomach it, but I do see the value in it.

5 Money Mistakes to Avoid on One Smart Dollar

While I am sure that there are more than five, Sean makes a great point that many of the mistakes could be avoided through simple knowledge. Gaining most of this knowledge really does not take much time to obtain.

How Much Are You Ready to Give to Your Job on Reach Financial Independence

Pauline talks about how emotionally draining a difficult job can be. In the end, you have to live life for yourself and not worry about trying to make your boss or superior happy.

How Do You Envision Retirement? On Modest Money

Jeremy talks about how he envisions retirement and how that can cause us to make wise choices now so we can have greater flexibility when it comes time for retirement.

Amazon is Now Collecting Sales Tax in California on Your Personal Finance Pro

Harry discusses how Amazon recently started charging sales tax in California. In my opinion, it’s only inevitable for the rest of us. Given that, will it change how you shop?

Do You Have too Much Debt? On Pelican on Money

Amy goes over how to calculate your debt ratio, which is a very useful formula to know. Not all debt is bad, as long as you use it wisely and it helps improve your finances.

What You Need and Don’t Need For a New Baby on Eyes on the Dollar

Kim gives a great list of must have’s and nice to have’s for new parents to have. Being a parent myself it’s a great list to look at.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo on The Outlier Model

CF provides a great list of things to consider looking at when buying a condo. It really is a good list for anyone looking to buy real estate.

Fall Gardening…Go Grow Something and Save on Canadian Budget Binder

Mrs. CBB discusses different things they’re planning on growing this Fall. My wife loves to garden, but we’re sort of limited of what we can grow in our area at this time of the year.

Change Your Life Series – Step 1 Exercise on Savvy Scot

Savvy Scot talks about different ways you can implement exercise into your life. There are simple changes you can make that will allow you to exercise more and still reap the benefits.

How Much is That Lunch REALLY Costing You? On L Bee and the Money Tree

Lauren shares an infographic that shows the average a worker spends on lunches and coffee each year. Pictures truly do speak a thousand words in this case.

5 Ways Being a Stay at Home Parent Saves You Money on I Heart Budgets

Mr. iHB talks about some of the ways having a parent stay at home saves money. The great thing is that some of the ways aren’t exclusive to just having a stay at home parent.

How Organizing Can Help You Save Money on Moneylicious Blog

Ornella has Jeremy from Part Select guest post on staying organized and the financial savings you can reap as a result. He offers several great tips that don’t take much time to do.

 Carnivals and Mentions

Thanks to everyone who shared or mentioned my blog posts this week. If I missed you, please shoot me a message and I’ll take care of it next week.

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Mr. CBB was kind enough to mention me twice!

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  • Ah man! We didn’t make it;) Thanks for dropping by our site this week. You are doing great here:) Best of luck and have a great weekend!

    • John says:

      Yea, you just missed it by a hair. 🙂 Seriously though, I did enjoy several of your posts this week. I’ve actually been thinking over what changes I could make to my normal roundups each week, and your thoughts today definitely spurred some different ideas for me. Have a great weekend!

  • Michelle says:

    I’m glad it’s been colder lately! hopefully I can save on my electric bill for a little longer before I have to actually turn on the heat.

  • It’s feeling more like winter in Colorado. We had our first snow last night. Thanks a lot for the mention.

  • Thanks for mentioning me!

    I did watch some of the debate. Blah. I have no idea any more who is telling facts and who is lying; or how much they’re twisting the facts… it’s all frustrating. And they keep interrupting eachother and the moderator dude like a bunch of a-holes. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

  • Pauline says:

    Thanks for the mention John, have a great weekend!

  • Thanks for the mention, John. I have never been more apathetic about a Presidential election. I will vote, because everyone should, but can’t wait until it’s over.

  • Jason @ WSL says:

    Oh no!!! You’re a K-State Fan?!?! My wife and I both went to KU and I’m really hoping you guys don’t smash us too badly this weekend.

    We cheer for K-State and we really don’t hold any hard feelings against them. I’m glad they beat OU a few weeks ago! Thanks for the mention by the way!

    • John says:

      Oh no!! And here I thought you were a good guy! 😉 I am glad we had a bye week before playing KU because I am certain we would have had an emotional letdown and lost. I think this has the potential to be a very special season. We’re huge K-State fans…our daughter knew the fight song by the age of 3 and our oldest son has it down pretty good as well.

      Have a great weekend (except from 11:00-2:00ish tomorrow). No problem on the mention, I enjoyed many of your posts this week.

  • It’s been getting much colder here as well, but we still haven’t turned on the heat – we do have a duvet and two quilts on the bed though! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently!

  • John says:

    Not a problem! I think the flannel sheets may be coming out this weekend along with another blanket, still too early to turn on the heat.

  • Veronica Hill says:

    John, I see you’ve been doing a lot of reading 🙂 Thanks for including Amy’s post by the way, I really appreciate it! I too watched the debate, but wasn’t expecting anything educational there, just for laughs. It’s sad that our country hates politics so much that we have to adopt a “can’t wait till it’s over” attitude. Maybe that’s exactly what they want us to feel? Disenfranchise everyone.

    • John says:

      Yes, I have been…I am rethinking how I do my roundups as there’s only so much I can/should share.

      I agree on the politics. We should care more, but there’s too much negative advertising, which I think makes us sick of hearing it all.

  • Amy @ Pelican on Money says:

    Thanks John for mentioning my post today. As far as the debate goes, I was busy working and didn’t have a chance to see the presidential debate. I was told that both of the candidates were full of it, so glad I didn’t waste my time watching. I will be glad when the election is over. It’s been a really busy and long week for me and I’m looking forward to a few days off. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    • John says:

      Not a problem Amy, I enjoyed it. You really did not miss much. Just them interrupting each other and ignoring the moderator. Have a great weekend!

  • Catherine says:

    I’m not ever American and I can’t wait for the election to be over either haha. Happy weekend!

  • Oh it’s definitely Fall here in Ontario and the trees are simply beautiful. There’s something about this time of year that is relaxing to me and I look forward to it. The only thing I don’t look forward to is the snow. It was exciting for the first month I was in Canada and then the novelty wore off. Thanks for the mention mate! Cheers and Enjoy your weekend. Mr.CBB

    • John says:

      It’s getting the same way here. I love seeing the leaves change color and the cooler temps. I am with you on the snow, it’s great to look at but I hate driving in it. Have a great weekend as well!

  • As always, thanks for including us in your post. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it!

    I did not watch the Presidential debate and plan on voting third party in the Presidential election (I will vote for the Republican Senate and Congressional candidates here in Minnesota). I’m ready for the campaign season to end because I already know how I will vote so it’s more just an annoyance at this point.

  • John says:

    Not a problem DC, was my pleaseure.

    I am leaning VERY close to voting third party as well. We were in Minneapolis over Labor Day and saw that you have a few interesting votes coming up in this election. I totally agree that it is an annoyance at this point, just ready for it to be over.

  • Glad it’s finally getting colder in LA too! Hope it lasts!

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