Finding Your Purpose: What are the Reasons Behind Your Goals?

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finding your purpose

One of the very best ways to achieve success regarding your financial goals is to begin by finding your purpose for those goals.  Why do you want to get out of debt?  Why do you want to attain financial independence or freedom?  What is the purpose behind why you spend/don’t spend/save/don’t save/work/don’t work?

Without a purpose, any goal or task soon becomes mundane and boring.  If you don’t have a reason, or forget the reasons, for the hard work and sacrifices you’re making to achieve your goals, it’s very easy to to lose your drive in attaining those goals.  This is why it’s crucial to find your purpose and keep your purpose in plain sight every day.

Finding Your Purpose – Think it Out, Write it Down

When we started our journey toward debt freedom a year and a half ago, we knew we had a tough road ahead of us.  With a 65% debt-to-income ratio and no history of budgeting, spend-tracking or saving in our 17-year marriage, we knew we had a huge mountain to conquer.  So we spent some time coming up with a few reasons for our purpose in getting out of debt.  Things like:

-Not wanting to be a slave to our money and our jobs any longer

-Wanting to provide financial stability for our kids

-Not wanting to be in a situation where we risked losing our home to foreclosure

-Wanting to be a good example for our kids

Writing those purposes and reasons down, and displaying them prominently, drives us daily to keep on with our daunting task of working toward total debt payoff.

Having a Purpose for Your Goal is Good Defense

Finding a purpose for our goals has helped us in another way: it’s good defense.  The job of the defensive team in football is to keep the other guys from scoring.  The job of the defensive team regarding your goals is to keep discouragement, distraction, hopelessness and hard-heartedness from convincing you that the goal or goals you’ve set are not worth the effort.

A good defense keeps you from giving up, even when the road to your goal gets difficult.  In the way of debt reduction or the road to financial freedom, offense comes at you in the way of an unexpected bill, an over-spending month or a shiny new “something.”  The purpose of your defense is to remind yourself of the “whys” or the purpose of your goal.  When offensive attacks come, you need to go back to that list, that purpose of why you’re working toward your goal, and strengthen your mind so that it’s not deceived into thinking your goal is too big, too difficult to achieve or not as important as your YOLO needs.

Finding your purpose for your goals, whatever they are, is a crucial element that must be present if you are to stay and fight throughout the long road to success.  Whether it’s working toward a financial goal, a health-related goal, starting your own business or whatever, finding your purpose for that goal will help ensure you see it through to the victorious end.


What are your current goals, and what is your purpose for achieving them? What ‘attacks’ tend to tempt you to give up on your goals? What do you do to keep yourself striving toward accomplishing your goals?


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