Accidental Entrepreneurs: The Couple Who Blogs Together

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Today, we're featuring two accidental entrepreneurs, a couple who blogs together and makes it their full time job.

Welcome back to our series on accidental entrepreneurs where we interview full-time bloggers to find out how they came to be in their current careers. So far, we’ve interviewed people from pool boys to aerospace engineers and today, I’d like to share about how a couple who blogs, the Rose family, happenstanced upon their current careers as bloggers.



Jeff and Mandy Rose hardly need an introduction. After all, Jeff has been blogging since 2008 and Mandy, with her charismatic, keeping it real attitude, has quite a large following on social media (I myself am a big fan of her Instagram account along with 21,000 other people!)

They might make it look easy, but as anyone who is a full-time blogger knows, the road to get there is anything but simple. For example, when Jeff, a Certified Financial Planner, started his blog he was still a Series 7 licensed, registered rep which he explained in layman’s terms means that “he could earn a commission from selling investment securities i.e. mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.”

Unfortunately, Jeff said this also meant that all of his blog content “had to be first reviewed and approved by my home office’s compliance department. It also meant that I was restricted on many of the things that I could say and couldn’t say. I was basically stuck in a box.”

Now, many of you who love blogging really enjoy the freedom to do and say what you want online. In fact, many people remain anonymous just so they can keep their blog separate from work or so that they’re more comfortable sharing their debt numbers. Jeff wasn’t able to do any of that. He had to send in every post to ensure it met compliance.

Initially, Jeff’s success and love of his blog made him stick with this grueling process for over two and a half years, but he said eventually, “I was left to wonder what would happen if I gave up my Series 7 security license, which would then enable me to blog the way that I wanted to.”



Of course, it wasn’t as easy as just giving up his license. This also meant saying no to $36,000 a year in recurring income, and it also meant he had to form his own wealth management firm. He had to “get a new business card, website, phone number, and I also had to have my clients sign a form switching over to my new RIA.” Although the process was lengthy, it was absolutely worth it since Jeff now has the freedom to blog about what he wants when he wants.



Jeff’s wife Mandy runs a family blog called, and Jeff takes the credit for making her start it! It’s a good thing he did though because what started as a small blog to share pictures of their newborn son with family has grown into her own business with thousands of readers every month.

Mandy’s knack for design not only in her own home but with creating custom images, ensuring blog posts were correctly formatted and edited, allowed her to grow her own site and help Jeff with his. Eventually an idea began to form that Mandy could perhaps blog full-time too.

Jeff said, “We used my wife’s unpaid maternity leave from our third son to see if financially we could make it work. Somewhere in that timeline my wife attended her first blogging conference where she was able to connect with moms from all over the U.S. At that conference, it changed her mindset. It gave her the desire to turn her blog into a real business.” And that, my friends, is exactly what she did.

Today, we're featuring two accidental entrepreneurs, a couple who blogs together and makes it their full time job.



Today, in addition to Jeff running his wealth management firm and each of them running their own blogs, the Rose family re-branded one of their sites to be, a joint blog to help couples have stronger marriages. Together, they’ve been blogging and encouraging couples all across the country.

Mandy also has a business partner for another project called Happy Mommy Box, so needless to say, with several blog babies and three babies of their own at home (err… I mean young boys) the Rose family definitely has their hands full. But, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Instead of worrying about compliance or Mandy driving to and from a job every day, this couple who blogs is able to work together on projects and be featured both together and separately on major media sites and in interviews across the country.

It certainly hasn’t been an easy road, but the Rose family’s success shows what happens when you decide to take risks, pursue your passions, and work together with the ones you love most.


What obstacles would you have to overcome to give up your day job for a new gig? If you run a blog, how do you manage that on top of your other responsibilities? Do you think you could run a business with your spouse or partner?

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  • Very inspiring story. My wife and I started our blog this year and we’re looking forward to doing more of it after we retire early because we enjoy helping others through the blog. She’ll be 33 by then so I can’t wait to see how she’s going to project all that energy!

  • Yay!
    My husband came home to work with me this March. It’s only been a few months, but it’s going great so far! We make a great team in real life, so why not work together?

  • I’m a big fan of Jeff and Mandy Rose, obviously they are really happy. I told my sister that someday in the future if we can start our own blog, I want her to be my partner to run our blog.

  • I love this series and I am well aware of Jeff and Mandy Rose and often think it’s great how much they work together; however, I could NEVER work with my hubby this much. I love him dearly and love spending time with him, but if I had to work with him everyday, I think it would take a toll on our marriage.

  • Jason B says:

    I take a few hours each day to manage my site. I have a lot of downtime at my 9-5 so I do a lot of work there.

  • Quite inspiring to see the same couple doing so much hustling.

  • Revanche says:

    I knew Jeff from way back when he first started out. He and Mandy have really grown something special together!

    I don’t know if I could work with my spouse. He’s wonderful but long ago thought he wouldn’t ever want to work in a family business because both our parents did it and it led to quite a lot of friction. It’s hard when you can’t leave work at work! 🙂

  • I love reading about couples who love working together! Mr. FW and I have a blast running our blog together. It’s been wonderful to collaborate because we enjoy spending the time together, we each have different strengths, and since we also both work full-time, we need the resources of both of our time and energy in order to keep it going. We’re really looking forward to working together full-time once we’re on the homestead. I think having a true working partnership with one’s spouse is such a great gift. Thanks for sharing the Rose’s story!

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