41 Cheap Activities for Kids at Home During a Quarantine

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Are you looking for cheap activities for kids at home during a quarantine? Here’s a list of 41 fun things to do with kids for hours of entertainment.

Life is absolutely upside-down in many ways right now. As hard as the changes are for adults, they can be even tougher on kids who have trouble processing what’s going on. Since money is tight, finding cheap activities for kids at home during a quarantine is a helpful way to bring some fun into your kids’ daily routine.

Besides, finding fun things to do with kids doesn’t just help them; it helps all of us get through this tough time a little easier.

Cheap Activities for Kids at Home


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find something fun for your kids to do at home during the quarantine. Many kids (and parents) will appreciate the time spent together more than anything.

Try these active ideas to enliven your daily routine and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

1. Have A Treasure Hunt


Kids love finding things, especially if a prize is involved. Have a treasure hunt for items around the house and give them some treasure when they find it all.

Their treasure can be anything from a piece of candy to a few quarters.

2. Play Homemade Bingo


Bingo is fun, but homemade Bingo is better. A few bingo ideas include math problems, pictures, food, sight words, and more.

Feel free to tailor this based on your child’s age and attention span.

3. Binge-Watch Disney Movies


Are you looking for fun indoor activities for kids at home? Look no further than Disney.

If you have Disney+, you can binge-watch your favorite cartoon movies. Don’t be afraid to watch the classics too.

You can read our review of the service here to learn more about what comes with a subscription.

4. Take A Digital Tour Of National Parks


Just because you can’t get out, doesn’t mean your kid can’t explore. If you want, you can even turn these visits into lessons.

Any of these are terrific choices if you want to know how to entertain kids at home for free.

5. Teach Them How To Bake


It doesn’t have to be fancy, but learning how to cook and bake can be helpful when your kids grow up.

Walk them through the process of something simple, like brownies, and enjoy the fruits of your labor together. Or, to make it easier, order a kit and get free recipes from Raddish Kids They even have cooking videos to create easy meals with your kids.

6. Live Stream Zoo Animals


Do your children love animals? If so, they don’t have to miss out on the zoo. Instead, view the animals online. Here are a few zoos offering virtual showings:

Pair this with lunch, and you have a fun activity for kids at home that costs nothing.

7. Indoor Camp


Do you need ideas for fun, indoor activities for kids at home? Who doesn’t love hot dogs and s’mores?

Have an indoor camp night and make your favorite camp foods, build a fort, and YouTube the stars. The kids will love it.

8. Have An Indoor Picnic


If your kids aren’t the biggest camp fans, maybe a picnic will suit their fancy.

Make some homemade sandwiches (and chips if you’re bold), pack some juice and fruit in a basket, and take everything to your blanket in the living room.

9. Look At Space


Did you know you could look at planets and stars in space, no telescope needed? You can view Mars or all of the planets.

You can also view the stars and marvel at how truly far away they are.

10. Make Sensory Bins


If you have young children, sensory bins can keep them entertained for hours. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for fun activities for toddlers to do at home.

All you need are a few small toys, some rice (use the cheap stuff), and a bin. You can also do water play if you don’t mind the mess.

11. Practice Skills Online


If you don’t mind your child using the internet, they can learn health, phonics, math, and more with BrainPOP. They even have a preschool version called BrainPOP Jr. for younger children.

12. Utilize Homeschool Printables


Are you struggling with balancing homeschooling your children and working from home? There are thousands of free printables that you can use to homeschool your child.

All you have to do is search for free printables on Pinterest and Google and choose your favorites.

13. Have Storytime (From Space)


Let an astronaut in space read to your kids for a few minutes. If this isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

14. Take A Class


Need a quick break? Let your kid learn online. From coding to music, sites like Udemy have classes on just about anything your kid wants to learn.

15. Try Exercise Videos


Kids have energy, lots of energy. Get that energy out by choosing a kid-friendly YouTube workout video.

If you’re looking for options, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a terrific choice for fun indoor activities for kids.

16. Use Your Game System


Do you have an Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation? There are many kid-friendly video games that you can rent (or buy for cheap) that can be delivered right to your door.

Bonus points if they get the kids up and moving.

17. Organize & Spring Clean The House


Who says adults are the only ones that clean? Bring the kids in on the fun and make your home sparkling and clean this season.

18. Play Card Games


Do you remember those old card games you grew up playing?

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Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Slapjack, and others are great ways to pass on fun games you did as a kid.

19. Play Board Games


There are so many fun board games for kids of multiple ages. Bonus points if you get them delivered right to your door, and they’re semi-educational too.

20. Do A Puzzle


Kids love puzzles, especially if they’re fun. You can even get a puzzle of their favorite character, show, or movie to make the activity extra special.

21. Go For A Walk


I know, a quarantine typically means stay inside. However, kids need the sunshine, and keeping them cooped up long-term isn’t healthy.

Even at times like this, outdoor activities for kids are necessary for everyone to maintain sanity.

So, if they’re getting antsy and crazy, walk outside for a few minutes, but keep your distance from other people.

22. Paint


Fun art activities for kids are an excellent way to pass the time. Look no further than painting. You can even turn it into a competition.

Shout out different things to paint, and the best artist wins.

23. Finger Paint


If your kids are smaller, you can finger paint with paints that are easy to clean. This activity teaches motor skills, so your child will learn while having fun.

24. Try Color Wonder


I get it; kids are messy. So, keep the paint and colors on the paper and try out color wonder coloring.

25. Visit A Museum


Museums don’t have to be boring. Check out these virtual tours with your kids:

If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids at home that add a little culture, this is a perfect way to accomplish both at once.

26. Make An Obstacle Course


Get the kids active by creating an obstacle course. You can use tape, chairs, pillows, and even the coffee table as obstacles.

27. Listen To Audible


Did you know Audible is offering free audiobooks right now? Let your kids listen in to some cool stories and give yourself a break.

Audible is just one option for audiobooks. Read our guide on best websites to get free books on tape for other choices.

28. Learn From Scholastic


Scholastic offers numerous free resources, including this one, for those under quarantine. If you need fun activities for children that provide some education, this deal is worth considering.

29. Learn How To Code


Coding is the way of the future. Some kids are surprisingly good at it; give your child the opportunity to learn and make something they’re proud of by having them take a coding class.

You can do this through Udemy, or your library may offer online resources for children to learn how to code.

30. Make A Sticker Book


Stickers are fun, cheap, and easy to use. Buy as many stickers as you want, get a blank notebook, and let your kid decorate it to their heart’s desire.

You can even consult our guide on how to get free stickers from companies to help start their collection.

31. Learn A New Language


Many kids know how to speak a second language, and it’s highly encouraged in schools as well. So why not start now since they have some free time?

You can use a free app like Duolingo to get started.

32. Meditate Together


Studies have shown that meditation is great for kids to learn, and they get so many benefits from it. So, try meditating together.

33. Start A Garden


Do you have a green thumb? Or do you want to try and be more sustainable?

Order a garden kit and get outside to plant some things together as a family. Gardening is an excellent choice if you’re looking for fun outside activities for kids that are also educational.

34. Have An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt


Let’s be honest; most kids don’t know when Easter is. But they love a good hunt!

Hide some money, treats, or small toys in eggs around the house and let the kids keep themselves busy.

35. Make A Busy Bag, Box, or Book


This is an excellent activity for young kids or only children because it gives them something to do for hours. Here are some great ideas to help you start.

36. Create A Self-Portrait


How does your child see themselves? Have them draw, paint, or color it out for you.

Frame it or stick it on the fridge when you’re finished.

37. Make Bird Feeders


Are you looking for cheap craft activities for kids? Slather some peanut butter on a pinecone or in a milk jug (with big holes cut out) and sprinkle on some bird feed.

Hang it up and watch the birds flock to it.

38. Relax In A Hammock


Even if you live in a small space, you can hang up a hammock anywhere. You can also buy an oversized hammock so the whole family can pile in and swing for a bit.

39. Try Out A Science Experiment


Try a science experiment with Bill Nye the Science Guy, or learn about how things were invented and test them out yourself.

40. View The World


Do you want to see the world from your home? Check out these activities:

These are just the tip of the iceberg. With a simple internet search, you can view countless places in the world.

41. Fly a Kite


Fun activities for kids at home don’t have to include a screen, or even involve something extravagant.

One of my favorite activities as a child was flying kites. Kites on Amazon are relatively affordable. Buy one and fly it in your yard or find an open field in your neighborhood to use.

Are you looking for cheap activities for kids at home during a quarantine? Here’s a list of 41 fun things to do with kids for hours of entertainment.Bottom Line


Being stuck inside with your children doesn’t mean you have to be bored or go crazy. There are countless cheap activities for kids at home that will entertain them for hours.

If you need some “me” time, this list of fun things to do with kids will help keep them busy while you relax.


What are some new cheap activities for kids at home have you used recently? How are you entertaining your children while balancing schooling needs? How often do you look for things to do with kids on a budget?


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