I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This About Myself Online

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My good friend and Frugal Rules staff writer Cat wrote a fun post a few weeks ago about different ways she might be considered a little weird. It was a take off on Kassandra’s post a few months prior and inspired me to write a similar post myself. 🙂 So, if you’re looking for a post that’s somehow money related, I hate to disappoint you but feel free to check out any of the other posts on the site. It has been awhile since I had a “fun” post so thought I’d do something a little different today.

All that said, for those who’re wanting some juicy details as to how I tick today is your day! I will warn you though, some of these revelations might make you want to run from the site screaming and others might reveal I have just a slight OCD tendency. I don’t know why I’m saying some of these things online about myself, but here’s to showing off my weirdness! 😉


1. I have a serious issue, ok not that serious, with towel tags. Crazy, I know, but I do. Whenever I hang a towel – whether it be a hand towel in the kitchen or the one I use when I shower, the tag has to be on the back facing in. This can be an incredibly frustrating issue when you’re as blind as a bat like me without my contacts so I’ve been known to stand there and have multiple attempts to get the tag in the right place. Because, we all know, the axis of the earth will be thrown off if the towel tag is in the “wrong” place.

2. I have two, 32-ounce Nalgene water bottles I use around the house to drink water. I have for years. But, I’m particular (Mrs. Frugal Rules’ words, not mine) as to how I drink it. I like cold water so I like to jam-pack as many ice cubes as possible in them. Half full won’t do as I like my water freezing cold.

3. I’ve named every car I’ve ever owned Betsy. I always heard my Dad use it when I was a kid and swore I wouldn’t do the same. I think I was in my first car 15 minutes before it came out.

 4. I’ve spoken before about my love for K-State football. Those of you who have met me know that I’m always in purple as a result. Last I counted, I have more than 60 (and that’s when I stopped counting) K-State shirts. Obsession maybe, but in my defense I hate getting rid of things. :-)The problem I face now is I’ve lost nearly 75 pounds and have to not only replace my wardrobe but find a new game day shirt.

5. Because I hate being late, the clock in our car is 30 minutes ahead of time. While I rarely drive anymore, I do drive Mrs. Frugal Rules nuts by still liking to keep it that way.

6. I don’t know if this makes me weird, but I have a felt need to respond to email right away. It’s almost unhealthy really as I hate sitting there knowing emails are waiting to be responded to. When you get the number of emails I do that can just make it a self-imposed vicious cycle.

7. I pulled an all-nighter the night before graduating from college out of fear I’d oversleep and miss it.

8. Going back to #4, we have a purple basement. No, it’s literally painted K-State purple. I know, just a bit on the obsessive side.

9. Home is where I lay my head at night. Even though we’ve lived in our house for seven years I will still regularly refer to it as “the house” and not “home.” I think it really goes back to my parents’ divorce when I was 15, which turned my life upside down. Dealing with divorce as a child can mean a number of things and none of them do I wish on anyone.

10. I can design and build parade floats. I’ve never really been good with my hands or good at design but in college I helped my dorm win best designed float two years in a row. All you need is an idea, chicken wire, and some pomps and you’re good to go. So, if you’re ever in need of a parade float – I’m your guy!

11. I’m really good at recalling completely useless information, especially sports. I can recall who did what when almost at the snap of a finger. Now if I could channel that to more useful information then I’d be rockin’ it. 😉

12. When we visit places we go to regularly, say shopping at Costco, I have a felt need to park in the same lane of the parking lot. The exact spot doesn’t matter so much, just as long we’re in the same lane. Crazy I know.

13. I still choke up when watching “our movie” – Notting Hill…


Ok, I think I gave you guys enough dirt on me. I let a little bit of my inner freak out, but now it’s time to fly your freak flag. Share something in the comments section to tell us what others might find a little weird about you. 🙂



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  • MMD says:

    LOL. Great list. I have that same problem with the towel tags as well. Who wants to see a big-old ugly tag sticking out, right?

  • Rock Chalk! 😉

    Let’s see, particular weird things about me…

    I’ll pull a u-turn on my bike to go investigate a box or pile of trash by the side of the road. Gotten some great stuff that way!

    I love packing oddly shaped things into a constrained space. The dishwasher is a competition! So is a car trunk. I’ve been called a “tortured genius” of a packer… and it’s pretty much true.

    I’m a salt lover. Any food with lots of salt? Must eat it. But I’ll also happily munch on a bit of coarse french sea salt all on it’s own. The genetic irony? Low blood pressure. Good thing!

    • John Schmoll says:

      Oh know…a Chickenhawk fan. 😉

      My wife is the exact same way with packing things. She views it as a puzzle and loves working it out the way she wants it.

      I want your ability with salt! 🙂

  • This is amazing. The OCD tendencies welllll they don’t surprise me 😉 haha. But it’s what makes you good at what you do. Also I like my water cold too!! Last week after dance I called hubs and asked him to put my water bottle in the freezer hoping it would be ultra cold by the time I got home. It’s a thing with me too.

    • John Schmoll says:

      Ha ha,something told me they wouldn’t surprise you. 😉 Yep, I do the same thing with my water bottle. I’ll fill them with ice and then throw them in the freezer for awhile – it can never be cold enough. 🙂

  • Kathy says:

    Most of mine involve food…
    I don’t like gravy on mashed potatoes because it makes them soupy, but I don’t mind gravy on my meat.

    I hate onions in my food but if something simply has an onion flavor, it is ok. I don’t like biting into an onion because of the texture.

    On my plate, each item of food must not touch any other item. If we go to a restaurant, and the plate is served with items touching, I have to separate them before I start eating.

    Probably many more but that’s all I can think of this early in the morning.

    • John Schmoll says:

      I hear you on the onion texture Kathy. They don’t bother me as much, but I’m often known for not liking a food because of its texture.

      My Mom is the exact same way about her food touching. We actually have a divide-a-plate for her for when she visits, lol.

  • Great list!

    You must be living K-State football now!!

  • Heh! I’ve got lots of weird things. My main one lately is I won’t buy T-shirts that have tags in them. We have no-tag technology people, why are you still putting annoying tags in shirts? Any old shirts with tags have had them carefully cut out of there.

  • Kassandra says:

    Glad to see you joining in on the fun John! 🙂 I lol about number 1 as I tend to do the same. We OCD people still manage to get a lot done despite such strange habits. 🙂

  • 60 k-state shirts? Really, John? Okay, yes, that is a bit obsessive, which is compounded by the purple basement. 🙂 Good thing you’re so awesome in so many ways, it makes the control freak weird things not be nearly as weird. 🙂 That, and you’re tempting my to publish my own “weird” list, although I’m not sure I’m quite that confident yet, LOL. You’re the best, my friend, even with all of your weirdness. 🙂

    • John Schmoll says:

      I know… in all fairness though, I left out that I’ve built that collection of shirts over the span of 15-20 years. I don’t know if that really helps me or not, but when added to the fact I don’t want to get rid of any of them it becomes a vicious cycle. 😉

      You totally should! I’m sure your hubby would love to help as Nicole had WAY too much fun helping me with mine. 🙂

  • I LOVE this John!! So many things to comment on, first of all, congrats on reaching over 75 pounds gone! That is huge!! I know you have been working hard at it and I am psyched you are getting results. Second, you know I am a child of divorce as well and I feel your pain on all of the residual a lasting effects it has on you. I think even in the best of circumstances it is going to leave a mark on your heart. I can’t believe you can build a parade float, that’s seriously impressive. And my hubby always tears up during Notting Hill, we love that movie too!!

    • John Schmoll says:

      Thanks Shannon! I’m pretty happy with the results, especially since I only have 25 pounds left to go. 🙂 I could not agree more on the divorce issue and the sad thing is parents often fail to realize it. Yep – if anyone needs a parade float I’m for hire. 🙂

  • I HATE being late too! Though I keep my clock on the right time because I’d probably lose track of the actual time otherwise 😉

  • ha your obsession with k state reminds me of my mom’s obsession with U of M. EVERYTHING she owns and wears has something to do with Michigan football!! I’m with you on being late, but wow 30 minutes! 🙂 It does drive me crazy though when I go to the movies with friends who don’t mind being late because I HATE missing previews.

  • Gretchen says:

    I literally laughed out loud at your purple basement – and I’m at work so not such a good thing. I’m not one to judge, but that may be taking it just a bit far…..cough, cough…./

  • I can relate to your K-State craziness. Being from Kentucky, I know lots of people who have blue rooms and own way too much UK gear. I myself might even have a double digit number of Kentucky Wildcat clothing items, which is unheard of for me. As long as you don’t paint your car purple, it’s all good. Yes, I know someone who did that.

    You can bundle up all your too big clothes and sell them on eBay to get more money to replace them!

    • John Schmoll says:

      I’d imagine you would run into a lot of that being from Kentucky. But… a purple car…thanks for the idea Kim! Now I can blame you when I tell Nicole I want to paint the Altima purple. 😉

      I think I’m going to be doing that exact thing. I need some new clothes and want to get some cash to help with it.

  • Nice things to put up here John! Thanks for spilling the beans. The towel thing is a little strange, but that’s OK. I used to have an obsession with locking the doors. I would lock them, then check back about 6 times to make sure they were good. It took me 4 years to break that habit (OCD I guess).

  • I have to sleep at night with a fan blowing. I also set my alarm clock 10 minutes ahead to counteract the fact that I’ll hit the snooze button (which is of course goes off at 9 minute intervals). I don’t know how these psychologically help me but I feel like I go to sleep faster and get up on time. Been doing it since high school and both drive the Mrs. crazy.

    • John Schmoll says:

      I like a fan blowing at night as well and largely goes back to the poor air flow in our bedroom. Lol at driving your wife nuts. It can be assuming how our OCD tendencies can drive our spouses a little nutty.

  • Okay the K-State T-shirt count is a little over-the-top. Congrats on losing the weight and I’m sure you can unload some of the shirts on eBay. I’m becoming more and more of a Gopher fan and could see myself making a “Gopher” room in our basement, so when people tell me I’m weird I’ll console myself in the fact that you have a K-State colored basement haha. I might have to write a post like this myself! Always fun to hear about other bloggers.

  • First off – congratulations on the 75 lb weight loss! That’s amazing! 60 purple shirts – Wow! You are definitely a true fan. And Nicole is obviously a very understanding wife. I’m not sure if I could handle a purple basement. LOL! As a child of divorce myself, I am know the effect it has on kids too.

  • Michelle says:

    Haha I love this idea! I will have to do this. I hope no one minds that I’m going to steal the idea as well 🙂

    I always keep the clocks around 10 minutes ahead as well. It drives Wes crazy but it does actually work for me.

  • Ben Luthi says:

    Good stuff, John! I used to tear out the tags of my shirts when I was a kid. I ruined a lot of shirts that way and it was practically beat out of me 🙂 haha

    I still hate tags and anything that’s peeling. Scabs. Stickers. Hangnails. You name it. I hate it.

  • moneystepper says:

    I had no idea that I had a problem with the towel tag. However, after reading this, I’ve just had the horrible realisation that I actually do this without knowing that I do it!

    Thanks for ruining my life…! 😉

  • Nicola says:

    I love this idea – I may have to steal this as well! I have a really thing about people being late so I always set about 3 alarms so I’m not late on a morning. Notting Hill is one of my favourite films 🙂

  • You never know when someone is going to need a parade float! I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to make one. Setting a clock ahead doesn’t help me, and 30 minutes would just irritate me with the huge difference. My husband thinks it’s weird that I name everything. I name bugs, house plants, anything that I might interact with.

  • Even Steven says:

    I’m with you about being particular about a sports team, I exchange that with brand. I won’t wear anything that isn’t Nike/Jordan, stops me from buying a good amount of sports items, jerseys, etc. Nice Adidas shoes, nope sorry I need my Nike Cortez thank you.

  • Jenna says:

    #13 – awww 🙂

    One of my weird things: My mom had a certain way she folded towels (and loaded the dishwasher, and put away the plates — lots of things) and now it feels wrong to not fold them that way. I try not to be OCD because she was, but some things rubbed off anyways. 🙂

  • #6 is true and I appreciate it! You’re awesome about that. I didn’t know you lost 75 pounds, that’s awesome! I’m the same way with #9 and #11.

    There is definitely too much weird stuff about me to fit in a comment, but I’ll give you a couple…

    1. I run and lift weights all the time, except for (for some unknown reason) the month or two leading up to my PT test (USAF), I do basically nothing. Then I’m struggling at the last minute to get back into shape for the test. Makes no sense at all.

    2. Though I have been successful in my finances and I run a financial blog, my friends have to literally beg me for financial advice. This is due to my hatred for giving advice and then watching people do absolutely nothing with it. If my friends actually listening, I would give them advice and money help all day!

    This was fun! Awesome post, John!

    • John Schmoll says:

      Thanks Kalen! It’s a mix of my feeling like I need to reply right away and the amount I get I have to otherwise they get away from me. Yep, 75 down and 25 more to go!

      I can relate to your #2. I’ve been in that situation a number of times with friends/family members and see it go nowhere. Now, I just tend to say nothing unless they specifically ask and are genuine about wanting to change things.

  • Tennille says:

    I can totally relate to number one. However, mine is the tags on our bedding. The tag on the fitted sheet has to be on the bottom right hand corner of the bed or else I can’t sleep. I’ll just lay there and think about how it’s in the wrong spot! I feel the same way about our blankets as well.

    My husband thinks it’s funny, but I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night, rip the blanket off the bed so I can fix it and put the tag back in the right spot!

    • John Schmoll says:

      I’m the same exact way with the tag on the top sheet and blankets. Why on earth someone would want those at the top and in your face is beyond me. I like to have them at the bottom of the bed and have done the same thing with my wife – she just shakes her head and tells me she loves me. 😉

  • Deacon says:

    John, you are my hero. I was listening to the song “I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are” the other day and thought of writing a similar post. I don’t like towel tags either but you know what I don’t like more? Moldy towels. When towels soak up so much water that they begin to smell over time. Needless to say, I use fast drying towels now.

  • I’m not sure I’d need to write a post like this. Every post I do seems to reveal some nutty thing about me. I do #1 also. Drives my other half nuts. He doesn’t see what the big deal is. One day he put a pillow case on inside out. I had to wake him up to fix it. It must be really hard living with an OCD person. But I also contend that it is difficult living with someone who sees NO problem with putting a pillowcase on inside out! 😛

  • I hate being late too, but wow 30 minutes ahead! And I thought 10 minutes ahead is a bit much. I don’t really need to set the clock ahead to be on time…I’m kind of anal about being on time, but my wife needs to set it ahead to trick herself into leaving earlier. She probably should set it 30 minutes ahead cause she’s always running late!

  • Ice cold water?! Doesn’t it feel like your teeth are cracking? Mine MUST be room temperature. Whenever I go to a restaurant.. “Water, please. No ice, no straw.”

  • I’m a little late to the party, but I LOVE THIS POST! I’m a tad (ok more than a tad) obsessed with K-State too. 🙂 Purple is my fave color and I have to wear at least a tiny bit of it everyday…

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