Business Size Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Business Size Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Growing a business is fraught with catch-22 situations. One of the most common ones relates to the size of the business. You can’t become a large business if you don’t get customers, but you can’t get customers if you aren’t large.

It’s a frustrating situation, and many entrepreneurs feel that there is no way around. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case.

For the customer who sees size as the only evidence of quality products and services, you can make some changes that will get their attention long enough for you to hook them with your superior performance. There are several elements to it. Let’s explore these strategies for putting out a bigger image.

Shared Space


Your office looks rather emaciated when it’s just you and a part-time receptionist. Customers coming in will think that you don’t have enough experience to serve them well, and they’ll go elsewhere. The solution? Shared space.

A Bay-Area startup can move into a coworking space San Francisco location and instantly have all the trappings of a much larger firm–more parking, a nicer building, lots of people and activity inside. Your customers will see a bustling place that shows success in every way.

And as long as you don’t misrepresent who the other people and offices are, it’s not deceptive. In fact, someone who fully understands exactly what you are doing is likely to be impressed by your efficiency.

Cyber Space


Another option for many businesses is to forgo a physical location altogether. Thanks to the growth of e-commerce, it’s very simple to operate a wide variety of businesses online, without ever being visited by customers.

It’s a method that many consumers prefer. They want the freedom to do business without a long telephone exchange, an inconvenient trip across town, or a prolonged snail-mail transaction.

This creates the perfect opportunity for a small business. If they are happy with the products and prices, it makes no difference that you are working from your garage. This saves on your overhead and makes it easier for you to take the next step.

Of course, you don’t want them to think you’re a basement retailer. It’s here that the appropriate marketing strategy comes into play. More about that next.

Big Marketing


People generally do business with their perception of a company. They want the wizard himself, not the man behind the curtain. In fact, they don’t even care if the wizard is real.

That’s how marketing works for small businesses. If you present yourself in the style of a bigger company–with a professional logo, well-developed slogan, and a broad marketing campaign–that’s what you are to a customer. They’ll come to you as eagerly as if they could actually verify your size.

Make sure that the entire public profile of your company gives a big impression. That includes your social media presence, traditional advertising methods, packaging for products, and everything with your name on it. Contract with a firm who can give you that great look; it will pay for itself.

Overcoming the disadvantages of a small business size is challenging, but challenges are what entrepreneurs love. With the right plan and good strategies, your firm can present itself as powerfully and convincingly as your biggest competitor. In time, your customers will make it reality.


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