Black Friday Deals To Skip and to Buy

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black friday deals

If you didn’t know already, Black Friday deals can be a dime a dozen. If you listen to the marketers and retailers then every Black Friday deal is one we should scoop up without giving it a second thought. They have a not so hidden agenda in this – the more you buy, the more they make…shocker I know! 😉

Seeing as holiday sales can make up to 40% of a retailers overall sales for a year, they obviously are motivated to get you to spend your hard earned money. If you haven’t looked at a calendar lately, then I’ll let you in on a secret – Black Friday is next week. From what I’ve seen there tends to be two views on Black Friday.

You’re either like our family friends who spend weeks looking for Black Friday deals and are out at the crack of dawn waiting in line to get their hands on some deal, or you’re like Mrs. Frugal Rules and I…we sleep in, have fun with the kids, and then get one or two things on Amazon to round out what we bought throughout the year and return to our day of relaxation with the kiddos. In fact, we even go so far as to try to make money from Christmas shopping instead of being in the red come the end of the holiday season.

If you’re someone that likes to go out on Black Friday it can be difficult to separate what deals are for real and which ones are worth skipping. Retailers can limit the availability of certain deals, simply take advantage of a captive audience to the belief that ALL big screen TVs are good deals.

Those can all result in you spending more money than you had originally budgeted or getting something that really isn’t a deal to begin with. With that in mind, I interviewed my good blogging friend – Kyle from Rather Be Shopping to give us the scoop on what Black Friday deals we should skip and what deals should be looked at a little more seriously.

You can read his thoughts on which deals to skip and which to snag in my latest article for Daily Finance.



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  • Kyle | says:

    Hey, thanks John for the post and mention. Much appreciated. Close game last night, glad K-State held on!

  • Michelle says:

    I am just going to Target to pick up something for my niece. I do the rest of my shopping throughout the year so I don’t have to hit the stores.

  • DC @ Young Adult Money says:

    If anyone knows what deals are good – and which are bad – it’s Kyle. So great to see that you interviewed him for this post!

  • Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank says:

    I skip the Black Friday because I have already done some shopping for Christmas. There are still some I need to buy but I’d definitely get it when Christmas is almost around as prices come down this time.

  • Steve Adcock says:

    I wrote an article about this very subject too, and it’s definitely important to remember when shopping this year. Marketing from large retailers is clever enough to get Americans to actually wind up paying more for the same stuff during Black Friday, especially when it comes to electronics, toys and winter clothing.

    These aren’t deals – in fact, they are quite the opposite.

    Nice post, and definitely advice that should be heeded this weekend.

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