Would You Be Willing to Beat Someone Up for a Big Screen TV?

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It looks like we survived another Black Friday and we are on the rush toward Christmas. I’m one of those people who likes to sit back on Black Friday, enjoy the day, and watch the crazy people fight for so-called deals. Now, when I say fight, I mean literally coming to blows.

Every year we see news broadcasts covering shoppers who wait in line all night and then stampede each other to break through the doors of some big store to grab one of three big screen TVs that store has on sale for $300. Sometimes, people get hurt, beat up or even killed in the process of trying to nab one of these deals. It never ceases to amaze me how far people will go to score a perceived deal, especially on Black Friday. This bodes the question: “would you fight someone for a good deal?”

My Take on Black Friday


I have never been a fan of Black Friday. I think it is commercialism at it’s lowest point. I do think retailers are ruining the idea of Thanksgiving and Christmas and have shared my views in my Consumerism is Destroying Christmas” post on my blog. While I work for a company that helps retailers maximize their selling during the peak times, I still am not a fan of Black Friday.

You will never see me up early in the morning or out on Thanksgiving sitting in line for a trinket. That’s not what’s important to me. I would rather be with family having a good time and relaxing. You can shop at any time during the year, so take a day off!

What I See Every Year


While most people go out on Black Friday and the other big holiday shopping days to get their shopping done and hopefully score a deal, they don’t go crazy over specific deals and have hate in their eyes when they can’t get what they want. Still, there are always some people who choose to get into fist fights over merchandise. This year was no different.

While watching the news and looking over articles online, I noticed time and time again the news reporting about people at Walmart getting into fisticuffs over a certain doorbuster deal. Walmart had a large Samsung TV on sale and people were going nuts over it. To the point there they would all pile up on top of a television and see who would come out victorious. It was like football players on top of a fumble.

The best part is that these people don’t realize they probably just ruined the TV. You can’t pile up and push and pull a large television and expect it to work properly. You just got into a fight over an electronics items that you most likely broke. A few people actually started fighting other people and throwing punches. The best part is when they got arrested and went to jail.

Black Friday, Black Eyes and A Big Screen Tv


So, to save a few bucks on a TV, people were willing to get into fights, cause bodily harm, and even go to jail for the deal.

Idiocy! Pure idiocy.

Not only do these people now have criminal records, but they also have to pay fines and get out of jail, all for a TV. Guess that deal was so good, you were willing to pay to get out of jail. Is this what Black Friday is doing to us? Making us so irrational that we want to harm others just to save some money?

I don’t know about you, but I would never fight someone to get a deal. There are more important things in life than saving money. One that comes to mind is life itself. There were a few years in a row in my area where people were actually stabbed over deals. That craziness I cannot stand. John and I both share different ways to save money, so just go read those instead of trying to kill each other. It’s just not worth it. Black Friday has gotten out of hand.

If you really want to save money when holiday shopping, then just do it before the holidays. You can save a lot more money on toys and gifts after Christmas, so stock up for the next year. This is how many people do it and they save themselves a lot of money and don’t have to go shopping during peak times. That’s the real win here, not scoring a TV over some old lady you just beat up!


Would you be willing to fight someone just to save money on a deal? Do you fight the crowds to go shopping on Black Friday? What’s the craziest display of raw consumerism you’ve seen on Black Friday? If you don’t go out on Black Friday, how do you score deals on the things you like to buy?



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  • I’ve never actually been Black Friday shopping. My sister and I were going to go one year. We got to Best Buy an hour before they opened and the line was just so long. We said, “screw this,” and went out for breakfast. I will never go shopping on Black Friday.

  • Black Friday is one of my worst nightmares. I try to look for good deals year round, but even with that the thought of getting a good deal is not motivating enough to get me out in the trenches of black Friday. Although I don’t know if They started offering deals like lifelong free pizza or Costco delivery, I don’t know if I could resist 😉

  • Black Friday to me is just a big mess. I have no desire to karate chop someone just to get an item. I agree with you that the best way to save is to shop before the holidays. Then you can sit at home and watch the smack down TV clips from Black Friday on the news for entertainment at home.

  • Black Friday seems like a day when someone would show up at the mall with a machine gun and start mowing people down. I would rather stay home and avoid the crowds, stress, and potential violence.

  • No fighting for me to purchase any item. I did happen to purchase a new TV this past weekend. I went out on Saturday, and saved over $270 and got the exact TV I wanted, no hassle, no punches thrown. 🙂

  • Kathy says:

    I probably come across as an elitist but I really do think this seems to be an example of the depths to which our culture has sunk. Perhaps these people really do need a beatin’, as my husband often says 😉

  • There is not a single thing on this planet that I would be willing to get in a fight over. In fact, the only motivation I could ever find for violence is if something happened to my kid, then look out, I will not be afraid to get violent. Short of that, no thanks. I think these shoppers are crazy and really need to adjust their priorities in life around something other than a tv.

  • Wait, I get to be in a fight and get a TV…awesome. My sister owns a store in a mall and Black Friday and this week makes or breaks their year. Its interesting because most of the purchases are done on credit card and a lot of companies are solvent only because most people don’t keep their finances solvent. Several of my employees came in totally exhausted and tired because they were out shopping until 2:30 am. I don’t get it but lots of people love it…I guess I just love money more than stuff.

  • I’m with Shannon. The only remote possibility of me becoming violent would be to defend my child, although, I did once jump in front of a raging rottweiler that was trying to attack my dog. Luckily, a lady was driving by and let us hop in the back of her truck to get away, so I did not have to try and beat up the dog. I think he probably would have won anyway.

    We did go out in the afternoon on Black Friday. It wasn’t too bad and we got some good deals at Target. I guess I’ve never seen the store opening excitement, and I don’t think I missed anything.

  • Of course not, never! And nope I don’t shop on Black Friday and have little desire to do it for Christmas at all.

  • I think the odds of someone answering “yes” to your question of whether they’d be willing to beat up someone for a deal is 0.00001%, at least on this blog haha. But I did go out on Black Friday, and I was upset at having to go out. Best Buy did not have their soundbar listed online that I was purchasing. I was really hoping they’d put most if not all the deal online, but very few were. Oh well.

  • Jason B says:

    H..e double hockey sticks no! I’ve never gone Black Friday shopping and I never will. People literally lose their minds for a few “deals”. The older I get, the worse it seems Black Friday is getting.

  • Ben Luthi says:

    I went Black Friday shopping last year to get some DVDs from Walmart. It wasn’t too bad at the one we were at. But I’m not sure I’ll do it again anytime soon.

  • Mark says:

    A few years ago we ended up at Target on a black Friday just by chance. I think we bought some AA batteries. Didn’t have to fight anyone for them. Very anticlimactic.

  • I am with you. No Black Fridays for me. Nor Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The whole weekend is a no-retail zone for us. I wouldn’t fight someone for a TV or anything for sale but I would kick someone’s ass for breaking into my car in the parking lot. Years ago (pre-cell phone) I came out of a Saturday sale madness (the last one I ever went to) and some dirt bag with a crowbar was quickly trying to pop a car trunk. I got in my car and laid on the horn and then openly mocked him through the windshield by waving at him, horn a blaring. If he would have came toward me I would have exited my car and who knows what I would have done. I drew enough attention with my horn that he ran like the punk he was. I assume people like that are in the ridiculous TV dog-pile.

  • Syed says:

    With the advent of online shopping it looks like the Black Friday frenzy is waning a bit. I personally don’t know of anyone who ventured out in the wee hours of the morning to get a deal. I think people are starting to realize that these are not really good deals and you can always find a good deal on something every few months. But there are always those that will never learn.

  • I have such an aversion to crowds, plus I don’t know where people go to the bathroom when they wait for hours in lines outside of stores, that I never shop in these situations. I like wide open spaces and, for goodness sake, I can’t go hours without going to the bathroom. Who can do that, anyway? I really just feel sad for people who get so caught up in these yearly riots, while the retailers have a good laugh at their expen$e!

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