The Benefits of Kick-starting Your Investment Fund

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We talk a lot about the importance of investing in the stock market, but many people don’t have the savings to start a good return on their investment fund.

It can be difficult to save with all your compulsory monthly outgoings such as food, rent and utilities, not to mention any other costs like childcare and motor maintenance. Even if you live frugally, it can still be difficult to grow a decent sized fund which will benefit you in the long term, and that is without taking into consideration the steep learning curve required for those who haven’t invested before.

But fear not, successful investing is a strategy for the long term more than it is a quick overnight success money maker that some would have you believe – in fact, we would argue that aggressive investing is a highly risky business that can lead to severe financial problems and the need for a bankruptcy attorney.

The Trouble with Part-Time Jobs


One of the most obvious ways to grow your investment fund is to try and earn extra money. Many potential investors are put off by this technique as the first thought that pops into your mind is: ‘I already work x hours a week and look after my children!’. The main thing to take note of here is that we aren’t talking about finding another job and going through the trouble of job searching, interviews, traveling to work and buying new work clothes.

This option can work for a minority of people who find a job with hours and a location that suits them. More often than not, time is an issue, and people struggle to commit to block hours but could potentially do an hour or two per day in their downtime. An increasingly popular way to earn money is through many means via the internet.

Other Ways to Earn Additional Income


We list below some of the best ways to earn additional income.

  • Start your own blog – most people have hobbies or interests, even if they don’t take up much time and are mostly ‘passive’. Documenting your interests can be an ideal way to start your own blog or website. The important thing to remember here is that you don’t need to sell any products to earn money! You can advertise on your site and make money through affiliate programs. One of the main advantages of this method is that you can start your own site with minimal upfront costs using only a computer. You can even find hosting for free, but we would recommend buying a domain name for as little as under $10. The main downside to this method is that some people are put off by the learning curve of making a website, but with many blog writing guides and content management systems out there, it is now easier than ever.
  • Photography – If you are a keen photographer you can make money by selling your photos. For many this can take the role of taking shots of special occasions like weddings and birthdays. You can start up very quickly and cheaply particularly if you live in a small to medium town with a close knit community that you are part of as you can spread your services through word of mouth. Another benefit to this is that with modern photography the images can be sent digitally so that you don’t have added burden of getting the images professionally developed. If you live in a city where there is more competition for this kind of thing, then you could always take snapshots to sell as stock photography. The downside to this is that at first the pay can be low but once your photos are on a stock site you get could get paid for every download, so the time invested in this type of work is small.

Tips for Those with Financial Worries


If you have serious financial problems and are struggling from paycheck to paycheck, then the above tips might sound irrelevant to you. Initially, we would advise you to speak to a professional such as a financial expert or your bank to see if they can help. If you find those cannot help, then you may have to speak to a legal professional who will have the correct qualifications and experience to solve your issues. Once you have resolved your financial problems, the above advice still stands as an excellent guide to earn extra money.

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