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Robin is a freelance writer who chronicles her financial missteps and victories on her blog

Is It Okay to Spoil Your Child?

Is it okay to spoil your child or does that just set them up for a lifetime of high expectations? Here's how to spoil them the right way.

A couple of years ago, my neighbor had a small party for her young son’s birthday. A friend of his, who was about 12 years old, walked up and asked my neighbor…

Should You Buy Your Kid a Car?

Buying your kid a car can be tricky as you don't want to spoil them. Here are tips to use the situation to teach financial literacy and responsibility.

I’ve listened to many people over the years brag about what they’ve purchased, but this story really takes the cake. I sat across from an old co-worker as he…

What Does Rich Mean to You?

Rich means a lot of different things to people. I believe it doesn't always come down to things, but freedom from worry. What does rich mean to you?

Christmas is almost here and so many of us will wake up on Christmas morning to a pile of exciting, unopened presents. Some may even end up with a shiny new car…

Is Minimalism a First World Problem?

Minimalism is a trendy topic, though do you wonder if it's a first world problem. Here are some reasons why I think minimalism is here to stay.

Minimalism, the fancy word we’ve given for “paring down,” “decluttering,” and “simplifying” is, admittedly, the cool thing to do right now. It has become quite the trendy movement, with…

Is Owning a New Home Worth It?

A new home is nice to have, though many things come with owning a new house. Here are some things to consider if you're in the market to buy a house.

An acquaintance of mine recently moved from a huge, well-appointed home, complete with granite and all the best upgrades, to an older home with a more lived-in feel. When…