4 Affordable Wedding Gifts Everyone Will Love

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Sometimes, picking affordable wedding gifts off a happy couple's registry feels challenging - like trying to shoot the moon. It doesn't have to be so hard.

June is wedding season, and chances are you might have a few save the dates or wedding invitations hanging on your fridge. Of course, with every wedding invitation comes an obligation to purchase gifts for the happy couple. Not that you wouldn’t want to purchase a gift, mind you; it just can be hard to find a wedding gift that is unique, wanted by the bride and groom and is something that fits within your budget.

If you are on a tight budget or simply don’t believe in $80 sterling silver spoons, check out these affordable wedding gift ideas below.

1. Cash


Okay, this might feel like cheating, but I can promise you any bride and groom will definitely love cash as their wedding gift. 🙂 Plus, it’s one of the best affordable wedding gifts because you’ll only give what you can afford! The bride and groom will benefit because they can buy whatever gift they want or combine it with other cash gifts to buy something more expensive they’ve been eying.

I remember one of my dad’s friends putting a $100 bill in my husband’s pocket right before we left our wedding reception. It was so thoughtful and nice, and we used it to buy a fancy dinner on our honeymoon. I hope that one day I can be just as generous to other couples!

2. Picture Frames With Pictures


These days everyone has pictures in digital form, whether on their phone or on their computer. However, very rarely do people take the time to actually print out photos. So, instead of giving someone empty picture frames from their registry, why not purchase the frames and put in a picture of them! You can wait until some wedding photos come out or just snag some of their Facebook photos.

3. Two Beach Towels


Having lived out of the country in the Caribbean for 3 years, I can attest to the fact that a nice beach towel is a great gift. You can get two beach towels from a big box store for about $5 each or you could splurge on something a little higher quality for $15 each. Extra points for personalizing and monogramming them.

This is one of those affordable wedding gifts no one thinks of but everyone uses when they head to the beach for their summer vacations. It’s nice to have a matching set as a married couple, and there’s just something “grown up” about having high quality ones instead of the ones plastered with Disney princesses. (Editor’s note – I definitely agree with this one. Nothing says “help me” like having to drag a Frozen beach towel to the beach.) 😉

Sometimes, picking affordable wedding gifts off a happy couple's registry feels challenging - like trying to shoot the moon. It doesn't have to be so hard.

4. A Throw Blanket


I don’t know why I “beeped” a throw blanket when we were registering for gifts for our wedding. It just seemed like a good thing to have because you know, you can never have too many blankets around. The blanket felt soft, and it was enormous. Frankly, I was a little beep happy with the scanner, and I was just going through and selecting whatever looked nice. Beeping the blanket turned out to be a smart decision because it was something like $30 and fit right in as one of those affordable wedding gifts that people love to buy!

Would you believe that I’ve used that blanket pretty much every day since receiving it? All the expensive china remains in storage and all of the wine glasses have been sadly neglected. However, I use that blanket every night and it continues to be one of my favorite wedding gifts.



What are some of your favorite items to gift married couples? Would you feel comfortable giving cash as a gift to a wedding couple? What qualifies as an ‘affordable wedding gift’ in your book?

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  • debt debs says:

    Like the monogrammed towels idea! Classy! I’m normally opting for cash or gift cards, because people have a lot of stuff and personal preferences are unique!

  • DC @ Young Adult Money says:

    All good ideas! You can never have too many blankets – especially in Minnesota! I also think cash is always a good gift for weddings because who doesn’t need more money?

  • Julie @ Millennial Cents says:

    I received a handmade cutting board– I love it and use it everyday! Not sure how long it took to make but for all you handy wood workers out there- I’m sure the cost of materials is quite inexpensive. As a former gift receiver, I can tell you anything handmade is such a thoughtful gift (plus it won’t break the bank)!

  • Laurie @thefrugalfarmer says:

    Cash is always king, and I love the beach towel idea!!! Regarding throw blankets, that’s another awesome one. We got a great throw blanket for our wedding 18 years ago and use it every single day. It’s getting very tattered and worn now, and I’m so bummed that it’s headed for the trash heap soon. 🙁

  • Holly@ClubThrifty says:

    I think cash is the best gift for every occasion =)

  • Dee @ Color Me Frugal says:

    Ditto on cash! It’s easy for the gift giver and always appreciated by the recipient! Sometimes I have a stroke of inspiration and come up with a great gift that doesn’t cost much, but if I don’t have time to brainstorm it’s always cash.

  • Kim says:

    We rarely use our dishes that my Mom insisted we register for, but we did get a cheap set of pasta bowls that we use for almost everything. I’m not sure why I didn’t just sign up for pasta bowls and lots of forks. I’m not sure where the forks go. Maybe it’s the same place with all the odd socks, but a huge pack of everyday forks would be a great wedding gift!

  • Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life says:

    I get uncomfortable with cash because I feel like if I give anything less than $100, it will quantify exactly how “cheap” I am.

    • Cat@BudgetBlonde says:

      Ah I see where you are coming from but I’d hope the couple would understand not everyone can give $100!

  • Grayson Bell says:

    Cash here! I also like the idea of setting up those sites where you can donate to the honeymoon. What a great idea.

  • Joshua @ CNA Finance says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving cash. I know it may be well received, but it just doesn’t take any effort. I think I usually gravitate toward kitchen supplies. Pots, pans, blenders, etc… Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Raquel@Practical Cents says:

    For the actual wedding I personally give Cash. I don’t see people walking in with gifts anymore to the actual wedding. I haven’t even seen a table for gifts at weddings in a long time. It’s become so expensive now giving two gifts. One for the Bridal Shower and One for the actual wedding day.

  • Shannon @ Financially Blonde says:

    These are great ideas Cat! I LOVE throw blankets and use mine all the time. I also think they are a great holiday gift idea. We typically give cash since it is more the “norm” to give cash at a Northern wedding.

  • Dave LaLonde says:

    I like the idea of receiving cash. Gifts are great because of the thought, but with my experience of being in the active duty, getting money or gift cards would have been more convenient for my wife and I since there was no set destination that we could have called home yet.

  • E.M. says:

    I have a few throw blankets and I use them constantly, too. They’re so comfortable! I’m going to a wedding next month with my mom, and we’re just planning on giving cash. They already have everything they need as far as house items, and I know it will help them pay for their honeymoon.

  • Will says:

    Thanks for the insider information!

    I’ll keep it in mind for the next wedding I attend. I usually try to buy off their registry early so I get what they actually want. Too many couples have the first world problem of having to ask for so much stuff, they don’t really even want a lot of it.

  • Victoria @thefrugaltrial says:

    My boyfriend thinks I am obsessed with towels. I struggle to resist a nice looking one! Matching beach towels would be my dream wedding present!

    In the UK it is becoming increasingly common to contribute cash towards the honeymoon so that is what I normally do. It is quite rare for people now not to be living together pre-marriage so the whole wedding list for buying things for the first home is somewhat redundant. I would prefer to contribute to an experience.

  • Greg | Travel Blue Book says:

    As Holly said, we are cash lovers. In fact, I think our favorite wedding gifts were Target gift cards and cash 🙂

  • Aldo @ Million Dollar Ninja says:

    I like the towel idea, but I’m cash all the way. Everybody likes cash (except for the girlfriend – she wants me to give her meaningful things… girls).

    A throw blanket is always useful. We have a few, one for the house, one the cats took, and one we take when we go have picnics at the park.

  • Melanie @ My Alternate Life says:

    Great ideas! I think it would be nice to get cash. I also think a picnic set, bottle of wine or dinner would be nice. Or friend coupons like, “one night of babysitting,” or “one dinner” or “one house cleaning.”

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