7 Money-saving Tips for a Mediterranean Cruise Vacation

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Choosing where to go on a Mediterranean vacation is never easy. From the gorgeous, historic islands of Greece to charming Italian villages on the coast and absorbing Croatian cities like Dubrovnik, there is just so much on offer catering to lots of different tastes.

For those who just can’t whittle down the list of destinations, Mediterranean cruises offer travelers the chance to spend time in lots of different places, all in one trip – and all for cheaper than you might think! Here are 7 easy ways to save money for your upcoming cruise around the Med.

1. Book Your Cabin in Advance


A tried, tested and true way to save money on any holiday is by booking your travel and accommodation well in advance. This becomes even more important on a cruise, as not only do prices rise the closer you get to raising anchor, but the options for premium cabins and sea-views quickly diminish.

2. Look for the All-Inclusive Option


While many cruises today offer standard all-inclusive options, it can sometimes be necessary to select certain additions, such as “unlimited alcoholic beverages”, as well as some on-boat activities. If you’re hoping to get the best all-round deal, then it is important to carefully select your additions in advance, as purchasing on-board is often more pricy.

3. Budget Your Shore Money


The best part about taking a cruise is that you get to visit multiple scenic locations, and at each stop you will experience new cultures, languages, cuisines and more. But be sure to set out a budget for your on-shore visits, as you can quickly hike-up your travel costs with just a few purchases and souvenirs – we know it’s tempting!

4. Pick and Choose On-Shore Dining Destinations


Once on the cruise ship, if you’ve selected all-inclusive, your meals are pre-paid, so any meals you eat in port will increase your overall costs. If you have a few destinations that are renowned for their cuisine, then try and save your spending money for dining out or snacking in these places.

5. Bring Your Own Wine and Champagne


It used to be that cruises completely banned alcohol not bought on the ship, but today many cruise lines will allow you to bring a few bottles of wine and champagne on-board. While you will get charged a corkage fee to open them in restaurants and dining areas, you can drink them in your room for free.

6. Pack Light and do Laundry


The rapidly increasing cost of checking bags means that traveling with a full set of luggage is going to be expensive, particularly if your Mediterranean cruise involves taking a flight to the first port of call. Fortunately, today’s cruises have affordable and reliable laundry services that will keep you looking and feeling fresh throughout your trip, so don’t be afraid to pack light.

7. Choose a Shorter Cruise


If you’re worried about the cost of the traditional seven-day cruise, then perhaps a five-day option will be a better fit for your pocketbook. You receive the same experience and enjoy wonderful locations, also saving money.

By following these simple tips, your next cruise is certain to be both fun and affordable. If you’re going on a different type of vacation this summer, there are still ways you can save money.

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