6 Alternative Cell Phone Companies That Can Help You Save

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Nearly half of all homes in America have forgone land line phones and use only cell phones according to the most recent report from the CDC. It’s understandable considering the convenience of having a phone with you 24/7 and not having to pay for both a cell phone and a land line phone.

However, the spotty service in some rural areas has become a major turn off to having one, not to mention the price, with most major companies charging an average of triple the price of a land line for just one phone. If you are one of the many people who are searching for an answer to these problems, there are alternative cell phone companies out there to consider. Here are six alternative cell phone companies we hunted down that might be able to help you save money every month.




Tello is a service provider offering coast to coast service operating on the Sprint network. There are no fees and you do not have to sign a contract, which is a relief if you are sick and tired of phones with 2 year contracts. Another big plus is that you can use your old phone, eliminating the need to purchase a new one.

Their plans start at $5.00 per month, but you can create a plan too, based on your own individual needs. If you just needs calls, you can get only calls, if you only need calls and data, you can build your plan with calls & data.

Tello also has a “no fees, whatsoever” promise that challenges all other providers in the wireless network. There are no activation fees, overage fees, processing fees, service fees, port in fees or early termination fees.

Cricket Wireless


Another alternative cell phone company to consider is Cricket Wireless. They are owned by AT&T, but there is no contract. They have a Talk and Text Plan that starts as low as $25.00 per month for unlimited calls and texts, but does not include data. Smartphones are not supported on this plan, one of several drawbacks. They do offer other plans with other features, however, but the prices go up accordingly.



With Ting you pay for what you use and sign no contracts. They use the Sprint network, and the pricing is great for those who only use their cell phone for emergencies. You might be able to bring your own device, but you should check before you commit.

Consumer Cellular


Consumer Cellular provides a no contract plan through the AT&T network that starts at just $10.00 per month. They offer free activation, and they also give discounts to AARP members. Text and talk are billed separately allowing their customers to customize what they pay according to what is used. If you choose unlimited texts you get 1.5 GB of data along with it for and additional $20.00 per month. In addition, you can bring your own phone or purchase one through them.

Boost Mobile


Operating on the Sprint network, Boost Mobile offers no contract plans that allow you to keep your old phone number and purchase a phone for as little as $19.99. Unlimited text and talk plans begin at $35.00 per month and include 2GB data, with international calls not included. Drawbacks are the only kinds of phones allowed are androids or iPhones.



T-Mobile is one of the larger companies, but they boast of no hidden fees and no monthly access fees. The Simple Choice plan starts at $50.00 per month and includes unlimited talk and text as well as 2GB of data. Their plans can be customized and you can also roll data forward.

One thing is for certain if you are considering a switch to any of these alternative cell phone companies or even a provider not listed here. Switching could save you a significant amount of money each month. But do some research and check the fine print before you make a decision. Even without a contract, you could end up with hidden fees if you aren’t careful.

Do you think any of the 6 alternative cell phone companies that can help you save would be a good choice for you?

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