5 Hotel Booking Tips to Get the Best Rate

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Sometimes, wanted or not, but we are forced to travel somewhere. Travel can be fun when it’s for a vacation, but it may not be fun if it’s for work or for emergency family reasons. Such news is often not very good then you are counting every penny you have, because every trip, from the moment you buy a plane ticket to a country, and then you get back to a plane to fly home, is going to cost you a lot. However, there are, some tricks you can try out to help you reduce your spending. Here are five hotel-booking hacks you should definitely try if you are planning a trip soon.

Explore a Map


Even if you’ve always wanted to spend a night in a center of Paris, you should never do that if you are a budget traveler. In many cases, it is always cheaper to stay in a neighboring town rather than a city itself, because hotels realize your dreams and raise prices accordingly. So – in this case, all you need to do is to explore the map a bit and look for the smaller town around the big city you are planning to travel to. We are sure, that you will always find some cheap hotels around, which will be just an hour or even less away from the city you wish to explore.

Look for Package Deals


Package deals not only going to save you a ton of time but going to help you save a ton of money too! There are many websites which can provide you with cheaper hotels, plane tickets, and even car rentals, and you can book everything all at the same time and for one fee.

However, don’t get blinded with seemingly perfect deals. In some cases, package deals can turn out to be pricier than you think, and that usually depends on a country and a city you are traveling to. They work best if you are heading to New York, Paris, Toronto, or London. On the other hand, if your trip is complicated, including several stops and different destinations, such deals may not work in your favor. Just make sure you do some comparisons before buying anything.

Dig for unpublished rates


In many cases, hotels don’t like to show off everything they can offer for travelers, but it is always possible to look for it hidden somewhere! Especially because they can save you a ton of money in a second or so.

Hotel owners offer lower rates for rooms they don’t think they can sell, but they tend to keep that fact hidden, and they do not share such rooms in their websites. In this case, you can do two things to get that super cheap hotel room.

First of all, directly call the hotel and ask for a room which is not entirely perfect to hotel standards – for instance, a carpet is a bit dirty. If you don’t mind such small issues – you can win a totally nice room at a lower price. Secondly, look for specialized sites that show such hidden fees but be aware that you have to be absolutely sure that site is working right. Many sites claim to offer great deals and secret rates, but they do not have a hotel room to sell. So you can buy a cheap room and after that discover that there is no room at all. Be aware and your trip will turn out alright!

Talk with a manager


As mentioned above, you can always go directly to a hotel (or call it) and try your luck getting a cheaper hotel room. Hotel booking sites take 20-30 percent commission on hotel reservations made within them, which means you pay a bit extra for a hotel room. You can avoid that easily by contacting a hotel directly. Voila! You will get a much cheaper room without paying middle management fees!

Take notice that this trick works the best if you call instead of sending an email. This way you can directly talk with a manager and use your communication skills to bargain. On the other hand, if you are planning a trip abroad or even to another continent, you shouldn’t call with your phone and pay a huge bill for an international call. Use free communication programs like Skype or Viber and book your hotel via phone without paying for the call at all!

Shop incognito


And lastly, definitely, you should try out an incredible gift provided by your internet browser – an incognito mode! If you use that, you will escape the traps of so-called “dynamic pricing” which increases prices without you even realizing that. It is all due to “cookies” which we automatically agree to. They collect various data about what we do online and what we shop for, and then it automatically offers us items and services in a specific price range.

The incognito mode will help you here to escape that and find the best and the cheapest deals easily. Just follow one simple rule – look for deals with incognito mode turn on, after you find the one, close the browser and then turn it on again with incognito to buy it. This way we guarantee you will never overpay for anything that is online – hotel rooms included!

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