What Should You Know About Planning a Funeral

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Talking about death or planning your own funeral is something no one wants to do. However, when you pass away, your family will be grieving and should have as little to worry about as possible. This is why we created this article, so you can know what to expect when planning a funeral.

It’s Expensive – So Plan Ahead


Funerals should be planned throughout the years by investing wisely and creating the accounts needed so your family can maintain when you are gone. Planning a funeral is a difficult task so your family should not be left doing it alone. Make sure that you seriously think about your personal wishes and pre-arrange as many services as you possibly can in advance. There are several burial insurance calculators that can assist you with the costs. Interestingly, many families have turned to crowd-funding in recent years to help cover funeral costs.

Know Your Choices – So You Can Save


Funeral homes typically charge more for things than another retailer would. They also will not tell you which services they offer are not required by law. Therefore, it is up for you to know the facts, perform research, and know what options you have available. While some funerals cost well over $20,000, it is possible to have a funeral for around $2,000.

Let Family Members Wishes Be Incorporated


Funerals and memories are important for loved ones to heal from the grieving process. The service allows loved ones to reflect and share memories. It is okay to preplan funerals from start to finish so everyone knows how things should be done when it is time.

Consider Final Disposition Options


There are numerous final disposition options available such as a traditional burial, tomb, and cremation. This is something that should also be decided upon in advance so no one is left guessing what should be done.

Comparison Shop


While death is a sad time, it is important to shop around for the best deals. Even if you can afford to purchase the most expensive funeral services and items, why do so when you could shave thousands off the funeral costs? If items are purchased and prearranged, you will be able to avoid inflation in the future. Additionally, prearranged plans make it easier to decide what is needed because no one is under emotional stress.

Life Insurance is Not Always Enough


Usually, once death has occurred the company provides a one-time lump sum. However, sometimes unexpected expenses emerge during life, which causes loans to be taken against the policy.

Insurance companies also cannot make any decisions when it comes to the funeral. Numerous services have to be paid for and when a death has occurred, people are grieving and may not be able to make the best decisions.

Life insurance also is not protected against inflation. Your policy coverage amount with remain the same while prices continue to skyrocket. There simply may not be enough money from the policy to cover all of the expenses.

Planning a funeral requires a ton of work and it is expensive. Even though talking about death is not a pleasant conversation, it is suggested to pre-plan things in advance so it does not make an already stressful time even more stressful.


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