What Do You Buy a Six Year Old Girl for Her Birthday?

Six Year Old Girl

Happy Friday everyone! It has been another great week in the blogosphere and in the Frugal Rules home. We managed to pick up a few extra clients this week for our business and that is always a good thing.

We have a bit of fun planned in the Frugal Rules home this weekend as the oldest little Frugal Rule is turning six on Sunday! On a side note, I do not know where the heck the past six years have gone as it just seems like yesterday that I was holding her in my arms for the first time. She is the sunshine of our home and I am quite certain that she’ll make me become a card carrying member of the NRA when she becomes a teenager.  ;-)

That said, we’ve had the pleasure of trying to buy a few gifts for her big day and let me tell you – me shopping for a six year old girl…that’s a scary site! Thankfully Mrs. Frugal Rules handles much of the shopping, but we always seem to gravitate around the same things:

  • Princesses
  • Princess dresses (because any six year old girl LOVES to dress up)
  • Princess shoes to go with the aforementioned princess dress
  • Books about princess (because she loves to read)
  • Princess wands

I think you’ll notice a trend in the gifts…princesses and more precisely Disney princesses. Of course, we also had to order her a birthday cake that was princess themed and will have Ariel sitting atop it. Thanks to the popularity of Frozenour princess shopping is now a little more focused on things like an Elsa dress or an Anna and/or Elsa doll.

Now, I don’t know about you but that is a bit too much princess for me. I will probably try to find something non-princess related to bring a little variety into the fun. Thankfully this week I found the perfect gift.

Every Six Year Old Girl Needs a Golden Lamborghini

You read that right, a golden Lamborghini…rather a gold-plated Lamborghini. Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted a Lamborghini as I thought they looked awesome and wanted to go 0-60 in two seconds. Now that I am a little more on the frugal side that desire to have a Lamborghini has subsided, but when I saw this article on Yahoo Finance this week I thought, what the heck, that sounds like the perfect gift for our daughter. Now, to be honest, no one is really going to drive a gold-plated Lamborghini on the road; instead they will just buy it to place it in a showroom, which even further reduces the rationale for purchasing it, at least in my opinion. If you don’t want to read the article, here are some of the details of the gold-plated Lamborghini:

  • It contains just over 55 pounds of gold
  • The Lamborghini is partially encrusted with other precious metals and gemstones
  • At base, it costs a measly $7.5 million dollars
  • Oh, and it’s not made yet, so you can customize it as you see fit

I know you could say that I am setting my daughter up for a Queen of Versailles type upbringing and it’ll do more harm than good, but what princess doesn’t need all sorts of pricey baubles and trinkets to have for show and make other princesses jealous?

All joking aside, I just had to laugh when I read the article and for a variety of reasons. The article states that to buy that amount of gold outright it would set you back roughly $1.2 million at the current price levels. So, they’re adding an additional $6.3 million for the extra precious metals and gemstones? Something tells me that the company is adding that much to the price because they can as they know there is someone out there who’ll pay the price for it. Of course, that cost does not include the amount needed to protect your investment and hide it behind bulletproof glass so someone doesn’t gank it from you. The other thing that made me shake my head at this article was the company spokesmen proclaiming the yet to be made car as having “enormous potential for this value to increase significantly”. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll pass on the car that I can’t even drive as an investment opportunity.


So, what would you get a six year old girl for her birthday? How many gold-plated Lamborghinis will you be ordering?


Photo courtesy: Nicole S

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