Shout Out Saturday #6

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Welcome back to another Shout Out Saturday. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, they’re calling for a massive snow “event” to hit my hometown this weekend only to be followed up by another major storm early next week. We’ve received maybe 6-8 inches of snow this winter and now two major storms in a week (and at the end of February to boot)! It will be interesting to deal with. I have a fun weekend in store as my lovely wife is out of town for the weekend at a church retreat. I am glad she’s getting the time to have fun and spend some time with some good friends, but it also means that Daddy is running things at home in some definite zone coverage which should be interesting for all involved. Mrs. Frugal Rules runs a much tighter ship, and I am sure I’ll be wiped by this evening.

It was another great week for Frugal Rules in the blogosphere. I am thankful and humbled by all those who gave me a shout out, or included me in their blog Carnivals. If you have the time I encourage you to check out some of their blogs as I know you’ll find some very helpful information. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.


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31 comments on “Shout Out Saturday #6

  1. Sounds like you’ve been a busy dad this weekend. We didn’t get much snow here at not enough for me to shovel although there is snow in the forecast. This snow luxury I thought I once missed living in the UK has slowly worn off. I’m already planning for a retirement villa somewhere hot! lol.. but snow is my home no complaints here… Have a good one mate.
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Reading List #8~ Working Past Age 65My Profile

    • That would’ve been nice, though I was foolish and did a bit of work last night. Now I am wishing I would’ve relaxed a bit more and enjoy a good movie like Braveheart or Tombstone.

    • It’s crazy because we’ve barely gotten any snow all winter now we’re going to be getting three major storms in about ten days time. I’ll gladly send some your way. :)

    • Not a problem Eddie. I am in Omaha, and I am willing to bet it’s part of the same storm system as they said it was a really big one. We’re supposed to get hit big time again tomorrow night and then another one later in the week.

    • “sounds like you’re going to need a retreat weekend soon” No doubt Justin! It’s been a long, but fun weekend with the kiddos. I just may be taking a day off here in the next week or so. :)

    • I think they’re the same, either way it is. Our oldest tried to pull something on me last night, but I was able to catch her little trick. ;) Have a great weekend as well Adam!

  2. Congrats on your success in the blogosphere! It’s always been a pleasure for me to read your blog. I know you’re super busy this weekend since Mrs. Frugal is away, but it’s all good. I’ve learned when those we love go away for 1 day to a week we have a greater appreciation for them when they return and we won’t take them for granted if we’re smart. ;) I read the appreciation you have for your wife and it’s very commendable.

    • Thanks Sonya! Your point is definitely true, even though she was only gone for 36 hours it does give me a MUCH greater appreciation for her and all that she does around the house. Not that I did not know that already, but knowing and doing are two different things.

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