Shout Out Saturday #20

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Happy Saturday party people! I just have one question to ask – how can it be June already?! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and we’re now nearly half way through 2013. It was a quick and fast week thanks to the four day workweek this week and we also have been thrown into the middle of thunderstorm season. From late April until late June we usually can be guaranteed several nasty thunderstorms each week and hearing the sirens go off is not a unique event. The nice thing, so far, this year is that we’re getting more rain which is great as we got so little of it last year. In more personal news, the Frugal Rules home is doing great. Our youngest, JP is becoming more and more of a walker each day. It really is neat to see the joy on his face as he walks with greater confidence, that is until his brother or sister decide it’s time to knock him over. We’re also getting ready to get some new windows installed in the house as well as some minor siding work done. Thankfully we’ll be exchanging services with a good friend of ours so the only real cost to us will be time. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and hopefully gets to enjoy some time outside. I’ll be busy tackling our garage and working on de-cluttering it.


Thanks to everyone who gave Frugal Rules a shout out last week or included us in their blog carnival. Have a great weekend everyone!

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