How to Save Money Easily

How to Save Without Trying

Happy Thursday everyone! I came across this infographic recently and wanted to share it with my readers. I know many of us like to save money, so it seemed highly relevant. If you visit this site frequently you already know that I do my best to regularly write about saving. Although I comment on it frequently, I am always looking for ways to save money.

Let’s face it, as good and smart as saving money is, it can become tedious over time. What I like about this infographic is that it’s not talking about eating rice and beans, but being a little more frugal with our decisions and making a couple of simple cuts like your cell phone bill, to taking your lunch to work more often. The few cuts that they’re suggesting, they argue, can add up to nearly $5,000 per year! Even if you do not do all of them, just doing a couple of them will save you a good chunk of dough. Add the money savings you have to extra side income and you have a very good combination.

What areas are you guilty of and where would you like to be saving money instead? Personally speaking, I know we’re a little guilty of spending too much on eating out but not to the extent that they’re describing. I was also a little surprised by the impulse spending category…$736 per month is just a bit much if you ask me. I do have to admit though that I am just a little curious as to what they consider impulse buying and if there really is a money saving opportunity there.

What are some the things that stick out to you on this infographic and what are some of your favorite ways to save money?

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