Right Area, Wrong Property: Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Home

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You may be viewing a new home in your ideal area, but that should not blind you to potential problems when you view a property. Even if a property is in the perfect location, there are many checks that you should make to ensure that it is the right property for you.

Here are some of the mistakes that you should definitely keep in mind the next time you view a property to ensure you only put in an offer when you are absolutely certain that a new home is right for you.

Choosing a Property that Won’t Be Suitable in the Future


One of the main things you will want to think about when you first view a property is whether this is somewhere that will still be suitable for you in years to come. Of course, you can always move at a later date, but if your heart is set on a particular area, it may be a better idea to find the right home from the start.

One of the big questions to ask is whether it is going to be large enough to house your growing family? While two bedrooms might be fine now, is this going to be big enough a few years down the line?

Not Checking the Possibility to Add an Extension


If the property is not large enough, but you really like everything else about it, you may want to consider building an extension. If so, you will want to find out about any restrictions that are in place or any other possible problems that could prevent you from adding another room above or beside the property.

For example, if it is a listed building, extensions and even minor changes may be a lot harder. Or the previous owners may have already applied for planning permission and been refused.

Missing Serious Issues


Check the property in detail for signs of any serious issues that could become problematic after you have purchased it. For example, look out for signs of damp, subsidence and other issues like the condition of the plumbing and the roof. You may want to hire an inspector to look over it for you if you are unsure about anything.

Buying a Property in the Wrong Position


The position of the property can also make it more attractive. For example, a south-facing property is usually more desirable because it will allow in more light and be warmer in the winter months. It may also make the possibility to add solar panels to the roof a better option.

Not Finding Out About the Neighbors


Neighbors come and go, so this should not be a deal breaker. However, try and find out if there are any ongoing disputes with the neighbors, especially over issues such as trees, fences, noise, etc.

The last thing you want is to move into your dream property and then find out you are living next to the neighbors from hell. The seller may not mention any issues, so ask around, do some research and check over the garden fence.

Not Considering the Nearby Area


Although you may have your heart set on a particular town or county, the area surrounding your property is also very important. Look out for potential problems. For example, is there a nightclub nearby that could disturb you? Will hundreds of rowdy revelers be making their way past your property every Friday night at one o’clock in the morning?

How far will you have to catch the nearest bus into town, and how frequently will they come? Is there a shop nearby that you can walk to? Is there are nearby school for your future children?

There may well be more options in the area, so ask your estate agent. Visit estate agent websites to find out about other nearby properties (view more from Alan de Maid to find out if there are other attractive properties in your chosen area).

Spending Too Much


Finally, the one mistake you will really want to avoid is paying too much. You will already have a budget, but don’t spend more than you have to. Check the prices of the other properties in the area before you make an offer, and don’t just go with the asking price without thinking carefully about it first otherwise you could end up wasting a lot of money.

Avoid These Mistakes to Find Your Ideal Property


These mistakes can get in the way of finding your perfect new home, so always keep them in mind when you view a property for the first time. Don’t get so enthusiastic because your new home is in the perfect area that you end up making an offer without thinking the whole thing through. Take your time, go over all the possible issues, and make the right decision.

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