How to Get the Guts to Actually Quit Your Job

Quit Your Job

January 1 of this year was my very first day of self employment, a move I’d been planning for more than six months. I was all excited and feeling sparkly on that day, but to be honest the few days that followed were a little rough.

I went from being elated to scared to death, even though I knew my business income was solid and had been for six months prior.  I remember e-mailing John after feeling particularly anxious about my business income asking him, “Is this normal? Will this feeling go away?”

Of course, over time, many of my worries about self employment have been put to rest. I’ve learned that as long as I continue to work hard, things will fall into place. Just when you think it’s going to be a low month, something interesting happens like a post going insanely viral or someone asking for an interview. Other times, you’re waiting on someone to pay you or someone drops off the face of the Earth after they seemed really interested in your services.

Despite all the ups and downs, actually quitting your day job to pursue your dream is something that can’t be beat. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do it, but if you want to quit your job, here’s how to find the guts to hand in that two weeks notice:

1. Prepare Your Mind to quit your job

If you think the switch will be seamless, think again. Sure, there’s a lot of planning you should do. You’ll need to get your finances in order. You’ll need a solid plan of how you’ll make an income. It would be very beneficial if you already had the clients and contracts in place and just needed more time to add to it. By doing these things, you can make your move as seamless as possible but realize you’re going to have those moments of fear. Prepare your mind, and it won’t be nearly as shocking.

Side note: I was the most panic stricken on January 15. That was the day I usually got my paycheck (I got paid once a month) and of course it came and went without a nice, solid direct deposit. These moments will come and go but they all pass. Just keep working hard, keep pushing yourself to the edge, and you will be rewarded.

2. Align yourself with people like you

I’ve learned that being an entrepreneur is a personality type. There are just some people who aren’t happy unless they have about 10 projects going on at one time and business ideas swirling around their heads constantly.

When you talk to other people in your field who have the same goals and who made a similar leap, you get inspired and realize that you can quit your job too. Before I made my switch to self-employment, blogger friends of mine, Holly and Michelle, had done the same thing just a few months before and John was already a veteran. Reading about their journeys and seeing them work in the same field and make it happen gave me the confidence to do it myself.

3. Don’t listen to the naysayers

If you are ready, if your life is as prepared as it can be for the switch, what are you waiting for? It won’t be hard to build up the courage if you get pumped up about the freedom that’s just around the corner. Don’t listen to the naysayers. This journey is about you and your dreams. If we can do it, so can you. I promise!


Are you thinking about quitting your job? What’s holding you back? If you quit your job, what would you do instead to earn income?


Photo Courtesy of: Arya Ziai

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