How to Pay off Debt: Dealing With The Critics

Pay off Debt

When working to pay off debt, there are many facets involved in a successful journey.  There’s the monetary facet: learning exactly what a budget looks like for your particular situation and how to manage that budget.  There’s the emotional facet: learning how to overcome those messages in your head that work to convince you success isn’t possible.

Then there’s is the “outer influence” facet.

Yes, it’s true: if you’re choosing to head out on a journey to pay off debt, you won’t just have to deal with the internal factors of figuring out how to manage your head and your psyche, there will likely be loads of other people working to give you their two cents on just how you should run your financial freedom marathon. Some will have great ideas, and some will have not-so-great ideas, but there are tips you can use for wading through the various criticisms that might pop up as you pay off debt.

Have a Good Plan to Pay off Debt and Be Confident in it

Once you’ve created your plan to pay off debt, reassess it.  Does it work for you?  Is it the best plan for your situation at the current time?  If so, be confident in the plan you’ve created, and don’t let anyone else work to convince you that it’s not the correct plan.  Your journey and your plan to pay off debt will likely change at times, and it’s vitally important that you learn to identify when your plan is no longer working and needs to be revamped.  That doesn’t mean you don’t consider the advice of others.  It’s simply that when you’re working on reaching a goal to pay off debt – or any goal – part of achieving success is being confident in your own ability to know what’s working and what’s not, and in your own ability to adjust your plan accordingly.

Learn to Be Objective

It’s true that it can be difficult to be objective about financial and other goals involving you own personal situation, but it’s also crucially important to achieving success.  If you can learn to be objective, both about the advice and the criticisms other people give as you walk out your goal, you’ll find yourself better able to see the big picture.  This will allow you to determine when criticisms given are valid and need to be considered, and when you’ve got to take that certain piece of advice and trash it.  If you let your emotions and your personal connection to your goal trump objectivity, you run the risk of negating valuable advice that could help you accomplish your goal faster.

Put Yourself First

I’m not generally an advocate of selfishness, but when you’re working toward a big goal, whether it be a goal to pay off debt or any other goal, you’ve got to trust, on some level, that you know what’s best for yourself.  Yes, there is validity to seeing the goal from the view of outsiders, but there is just as much validity to putting yourself first and going with what you feel is best for your goal and the journey to reach it.   Since your goal to pay off debt is about you and your family, it’s important, on some level that you put your thoughts and objectives about how to reach that goal above the thoughts and objectives of others.

It can be difficult when you’re working to reach a goal and critics come whose seemingly only goal is to pop the air out of your proverbial tires, but hang tough; those criticisms, provided you don’t let them get you down, will only make you stronger in your quest to keep paying off debt.


Have you ever worked to accomplish a goal that seemed to draw criticism from others?  How did you handle it? What’s the strangest comment or piece of advice you’ve received on your debt payoff journey?


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