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Every year, Mrs. Frugal Rules and I put together short lists of some items we’d like for our birthdays and Christmas, which helps us be frugal shoppers. It’s a bit of a burr in my wife’s side because she’d much rather I surprise her but I am not telepathic and I like to make sure that I am giving her something that I know she wants. So, we’ve come to enjoy our little lists. Ever frugal shoppers, whenever we see one of my items on sale, we’ll add that to the list along with where we saw the deal offered so that Mrs. Frugal Rules and I can get it for a good price. It seems like without fail, there is always one item on each of our lists that we overspend on.

This year it was a Blu-ray copy of one of my favorite films – The Dark Knight Rises. The Mrs. found it on Amazon at about 40% off retail price a few weeks before Christmas. Then, low and behold, we were shopping at Costco one Saturday afternoon and passed by a whole stand of Dark Knight Rises blu ray discs for 75% off retail price. I knew Mrs. Frugal Rules had been beat when I heard a loud gasp followed by a “dag nabit!” It was only a week before Christmas and it was an unusual deal. “You can’t win them all, Dear” I told her. But it got me thinking about what we can do day in and day out to be frugal shoppers and save money on the things we buy, including gifts for others. With that in mind, I want to share a handy little tool that you may or may not already know about but which our family likes to use to be frugal shoppers and help find the best deals – online and off on the things we buy.

Frugal Shoppers Will Like Amazon’s ‘Add to Wish List’ Button

First off, let me say that this is not a plug for Amazon and I was not compensated by them for this post. This is just my honest opinion about a helpful little free tool that my family uses to be frugal shoppers and shop frugally. Amazon has an amazing little app that you can add to your internet browser toolbar that looks like this:

frugal shoppers love the a button






The button lets you instantly compare what is selling an item for against any other online site’s price. Mrs. Frugal Rules added it to her toolbar and tells me that she loves how convenient it is to quickly check the price. If Amazon doesn’t carry the particular item, she can still add it to her wish list and keep all the items she’s looking at in one place. That came in very handy when she did all her Christmas shopping for the kids from the comfort of our home during the week of Black Friday.

The way it works is while you’re browsing an item on any site, you click the “a” button in your browser and a small window pops up showing you if there’s a match on Amazon and if so, what Amazon is selling the item for. You can then add it to your wish list with a note without ever leaving the original site you were browsing.

frugal shoppers love amazon
There are some cases, such as in the example above, where Amazon’s price will save you considerable money. As with all online shopping, you have to remember to factor shipping fees into your final costs and look for online coupons if you’re on a site that charges shipping fees.

If I’ve gotten you in the money saving mood with my post, then this next part will really make you smile. How would you like to win $500 cash? From now through February 25, enter below for your chance to win $500 cash!

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I shared one of my latest online shopping tips. How do you shop frugally online or offline? What’s your favorite way to save money?


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