October Blog Goals Update

Blog Goals

It’s been eight short weeks since I launched Frugal Rules. At first I wondered if there was room for me in the Personal Finance blogosphere, and I am happy to see that there just might be. I’ve noticed that other blogs like to post their statistics and goals at the beginning of the month. To stand out just a bit, I’ve decided to wait until a week into the month to announce my stats.

I can honestly say that when I started that I did not have many blog goals, just that I wanted to help people with their finances. Thanks to my life experiences and education I feel that I can provide a unique perspective. Along the way, I’ve made some great blogger friends and look forward to meeting more as time goes on. I can already tell that it will be an ongoing challenge to provide fresh material that is helpful and leaves people wanting more. Having this discussion with veteran bloggers, I can tell that I am in good company. Now that I’ve seen what’s possible through blogging, I realize the benefit of having blog goals to challenge and guide my content.


Of all the statistics I’ll provide, I am most proud of my Alexa score. When I went live on September 11th, I was somewhere north of 15 million. As I write this, my Alexa score is currently sitting at 132,000. I am pretty happy with that, but know that Alexa is only one piece of the blogging puzzle. Here are numbers for the last three weeks of September and the month of October.

  • 2,412 Pageviews from September 11 to September 30
  • 7,242 Pageviews for the month of October


  • 2.12 Pages Per Visit from September 11 to September 30
  • 2.28 Pages Per Visit for the month of October


  • 3:29 Average Visit Duration from September 11 to September 30
  • 3:37 Average Visit Duration for the month of October


  • 63.47 Bounce Rate from September 11 to September 30
  • 58.64 Bounce Rate for the month of October

I did not keep numbers for social media when I first started, but I’ll go ahead and share where I am at with those now. I have 397 followers on Twitter and 34 likes on Facebook. I owe A LOT of my Facebook likes to Mr. CBB and his mentioning my posts on his Facebook wall.


Blog Goals for the Month of November

I know that many of these numbers are largely out of my control, but I will do my part by providing quality content. My goals for the month of November are as follows:

  • 9,000 Pageviews
  • 2.5 Pages Per Visit
  • 4:00 Average Visit Duration
  • Lower my Alexa score to under 100K
  • Reach 600 Twitter followers and 50 Facebook likes. Shameless plug to follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook
  • I also have as a goal to guest post on at least two other blogs per month to reach a wider audience

Some of these goals might be too much of a stretch, but you never know until you try and I am a firm believer that having stretch goals is a good thing.

Do you have any quantifiable blog goals for your site? Is there anything you’d like to see me cover in a future blog post?


Photo courtesy of: Laura Leavell

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