November Blog Goals Update

November Blog Goals

It just seems like it was yesterday that I was writing my October blog goals post. Time certainly does seem to have a way of flying by (And to think I felt that way before starting a blog!). November was my second full month at blogging and as I write this, I realize I’ve been at this for nearly three months.

I am usually a pretty big advocate of setting goals and have learned quickly that’s extremely important in regards to blogging, especially if you want to see your blog go somewhere. I am in the process of refining the vision I have for Frugal Rules and where I’d like to see it go in the future. I know some might snicker at a somewhat newbie blogger have a long term vision, but I am of firm belief that anything worthwhile needs a vision to sustain itself and last for the long haul.


Of all the statistics I’ll provide, I am happiest with the page views. I had set a stretch goal of 9,000 page views at the beginning of the month. As the month wore on, it seemed that I would definitely hit that goal, and maybe even hit 10,000 page views, but it would take a lot to get there. Well, last week I was included in a Round Up on The Simple Dollar as well as mentioned in an article on Kiplinger’s website. Suffice it to say, that was like steroids to Frugal Rules and pushed my page views to over 12,000 last month! I also was able to see my Alexa score go below 100k and am happy with where that sits. Now on to the stats:

  • 7,242 Page Views in October
  • 12,122 Page Views in November (an increase of 67.3%!)


  • 2.28 Pages Per Visit in October
  • 2.21 Pages Per Visit in November


  • 58.64 Bounce Rate in October
  • 60.71 Bounce Rate in November


I also had a goal to reach 600 followers on Twitter and reach 50 likes on Facebook. I blew past the goal for Twitter and have 665 followers, and close but no cigar on Facebook with 48 likes. My final goal was to do two guest posts on other sites, and I was pleased to do four.

Blog Goals for the Month of December

I am certain traffic will dip during the Holidays and that I can’t always expect huge boosts in traffic, so I’ve kept that in mind with my goals. My goals for December are:

  • 10,000 Page Views
  • 900 Twitter followers and 100 Facebook likes (there’s an upcoming giveaway that may help with that)
  • Bounce rate under 60%
  • Guest post on at least two sites


For other bloggers, are there any other statistics you look at or think are important? Do you have any measurable blog goals for your site? Also, don’t forget about the $100 Giveaway!


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