Motif Investing Promotion Code and Short Review

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Using a Motif Investing promotion code can be a nice way to earn up to $150 for bringing your business to them. See how you can get a promotion from Motif.

If you’re looking for a Motif Investing promotion code there are several to choose from. As I shared in my full Motif Investing review they add a unique twist to the traditional online brokerage in that they allow you to essentially create your own ETF.

Before I cover the Motif Investing bonus codes, I do want to be transparent that I do not have an account with Motif. Though I believe my experience in the online brokerage industry has allowed me to dig deeper into what they have to offer in order to see how you might be able to use them in order to fulfill your investing needs.

With that out of the way, I’m a firm believer that where there is value to be had you should take advantage of it. If you’re already looking to add another online broker to your investing then it could be worth taking a look at the available Motif Investing promotion codes to see if any of them meet your particular needs. After all, if you’re going to invest with Motif then it makes sense to take advantage of what they have to offer new clients.

Short Review of Motif Investing


You Create Your Own Fund – As I touched on briefly above, what I like about Motif Investing is they allow you to create your own exchange traded fund essentially. These are motifs which contain up to 30 different stocks or ETFs that have a specialized focus like dividend paying stocks or natural gas companies. If you don’t want to create one yourself, they have over 100 pre-made ones as well. Each motif costs $9.95 to invest in.

Extensive Social Network – A great feature that Motif has added is a strong social media component. Not only do they have an in-house social network, but Motif also allows you to include your personal social media platforms into the mix. This is really meant to allow you to share investing ideas with others to help as you formulate strategy.

Horizon Motifs – The Horizon Motifs are a recent addition to the Motif platform. They house low-cost ETFs that are considered best in class for their respective asset categories. Whereas someone like Betterment would charge an additional administrative or management fee on top of this, Motif Investing does not. This is great for someone wanting to group together some solid low-cost ETFs without adding another management cost to the mix.

Great for Specific Focus – This is what I really like about Motif Investing. I spoke with investors all the time who wanted to invest in a specific niche but were having challenges finding something for that niche. Motif Investing provides a solution to that problem. I believe this makes Motif a great solution for someone trying to find a secondary investing option for a smaller part of their portfolio. Motif also allows you to open an account for as little as $250, which makes them a great alternative for someone looking to start investing with little money.

Straightforward Pricing – Any brokerage I’m going to consider needs to have straightforward pricing and Motif Investing falls in that category. As noted prior, there is a $9.95 commission to invest in a motif. Beyond that, there are no hidden fees or maintenance charges. I will note that they do charge a $4.95 commission of you choose to trade out specific stocks within the motif so keep that in mind so as to avoid needlessly racking up costs.

Motif Investing Promotion Codes to Consider


There are currently three active Motif Investing promotional codes available so make sure to pick the one that best suits you and your needs. It is important to remember that each of these Motif Investing promotions expire at the end of 2014, unless stated otherwise.

With that in mind, you can check out the different Motif Investing promo codes below:

Get Up to $150 for Opening an Account with Motif

This is the most popular Motif Investing promotion out there. If you open an account with Motif and fund it with at least $2,000 you can qualify to get $150 cash back in your account. The account must be funded within 30 days of account opening and the cash back is tiered based on the number of motifs you invest within the first 45 days after account funding. Those tiers are:

  • One motif = $50 cash back
  • Three motifs = $75 cash back
  • Five motifs = $150 cash back

Get Up to $150 for Transferring an IRA to Motif

This promotion is specifically for IRA to IRA transfers. Essentially, if you have an IRA with another brokerage and transfer it to Motif you will get $150 cash back. In order to qualify, the account must be worth at least $5,000 and the funds must stay in the account for at least 30 days after funding. 401(k) rollovers do not qualify for this promotion.

Refer A Friend Bonus

This is the final Motif Investing promotion code. That said, there is no special code for this. How it works is when you refer a friend to Motif and they fund their account with at least $1,000 and purchase one motif both you and your friend qualify to get $100 cash back.

Using a Motif Investing promotion code can be a nice way to earn up to $150 for bringing your business to them. See how you can get a promotion from Motif.

Please keep in mind that when it comes to investing you need to go with what fits your needs and specific situation. Please don’t open an account just to get a promotion, especially if the given brokerage doesn’t meet your needs. That said, if you are considering Motif Investing, use one of the above Motif Investing promotions to get a little value out of bringing your business to them.

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