I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge!

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When I stepped into the blogging world a short month ago, I had little idea of what I’d find in the blogosphere. I wondered if anyone would want to read my thoughts and musings. Thankfully, I’ve discovered many like- minded individuals who are committed to sharing their stories with the hopes of helping others make wiser financial decisions. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find an entire network of people who share the same basic beliefs in regards to finances.

What is This Yakezie Challenge Anyway?

No, it’s not some Japanese crime syndicate, that’s the Yakuza. The Yakezie Network is a network of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers who are committed to helping their readers lead improved financial lives. Their secondary goal is to help improve the quality of material seen on its network member blogs.

As a challenger, I am taking on a six-month program that will ideally allow me to become a member of the network. The main goal of the challenge is to help decrease (or improve) the Alexa ranking to a number below 200,000. The Alexa global ranking assigns a numeric value to websites based on a variety of metrics. As of October 7, my ranking is 265,978 and my goal is to get that under 200,000 by April 2013. There are other required activities such as posting quality content 2-4 times a week as well as selflessly promoting the work of other members of the Network.

I don’t take this challenge lightly as it reflects my commitment to producing high quality work to help others improve their financial lives. I appreciate all the help I’ve received from many of the members to date, especially their sharing my work on Facebook or Twitter.

By the way, here’s my shameless plug to follow me on Twitter or Facebook if you’ve not done so already. I look forward to the following six months with the end goal of becoming a full fledged member of the Yakezie Network.

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