How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you’ve probably begun thinking of ways to make the day special for your significant other. For many, this usually means coming up with ways to pamper and spoil their partner. This can mean anything from treating them to a spa day, having a romantic evening on the town, or buying them some extravagant gift. Unfortunately, none of these things are cheap, which means you’ll most likely be spending a pretty penny on the day of love. Nonetheless, there are ways to plan your Valentine’s Day without going drastically over budget.

Follow a few of these tips, and you’ll have a romantic day without causing yourself worry over the price tag.

DIY Gifts


You don’t have to buy some lavish gift to show how much you care, hence the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts.” Instead, try giving your loved one something personal and unique. There are tons of do-it-yourself gift ideas out there that they’re sure to appreciate. Try compiling a basket of some of their favorite things, put together a photo collage, or create a shadow box of items that mean a lot to you both. You’re date will love the thoughtfulness and care put into your gift much more than the price tag.

Shop Around


I know it sounds obvious, but don’t settle for the first deal you find. Whether it’s jewelry, flowers, restaurants, or chocolates, look around before purchasing. See if there are any stores that have special deals and discounts on gifts and bouquets, and make sure you look into restaurants to see what kind of menu and pricing they have for the day.

Another great option for gifts is to shop online and use cash back sites, like Dollar Dig. They tend to have everything from flowers to gifts to services and entertainment. You’ll find some of your favorite stores and items, but receive a percentage of your money back just for using the cash back website.

Go Out Before or After Valentine’s Day


As long as you celebrate, does it really matter if it’s not actually on Valentine’s Day? Most of the time, the prices of restaurants and flowers are higher if you choose to go out or order them for that exact day, and going out to eat is already expensive enough. Furthermore, consider having flowers delivered either a few days before or after, as delivery on Valentine’s Day can cost you more due to the higher demand. You can still have a special night if you choose to celebrate at another time, and you’ll be glad you did when you save money and avoid the crowds.

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to show your significant other how much you care. However, expressing your love doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go broke. There are lots of ways to still celebrate your relationship that don’t include pricey dinners and luxurious presents. With a little out of the box thinking and creativity, you can have an on budget, but romantic Valentine’s Day.

What are some ways you save on Valentine’s Day?

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