How to Choose a Profitable Blog Name

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Internet trends come and go, but blogging is one of the better ways make money online. However, it’s obvious that not everyone who hangs up a digital shingle and publishes content becomes an online superstar. Successful bloggers are creative, diligent, and a little bit lucky — especially when it comes to their blog names.

Names are important in life and online. Just as a difference in personal names can get one job applicant more callbacks than another, a difference in domain names and website titles can influence the popularity of your blog. Back when blogging was young, it was enough to have a memorable name, but now that the Web is saturated with myriad blogs on almost every topic — tech, cooking, fashion, travel, you name it — you must be both specific and catchy with your name to draw in an audience. If you are eager to start blogging but you are stuck without a worthwhile blog name, read on for brainstorming suggestions to help you find the perfect mix of money- and memory-making.

Think of Your Favorite Blogs


Undoubtedly, you were inspired to start a blog based on one (or more) blogs you already love. While you are in the process of developing your own, you should visit these blogs and evaluate what you appreciate about their sites. You should consider what drew you to visit their pages at the beginning — and what kept you coming back for more. It might be their site design, but it could be something else entirely.

If their names are particularly enchanting, you should break down the elements of the names — the length, the word choice, the rhythm, etc. — to discover what attracts readers like you.

Read Blogging Guides


Your favorite successful blogs may have published the stories of their own blogs’ inceptions, and reading these stories can serve as guides for your blog’s future. If you can’t find a blogging guide devoted to your topic of choice, there are dozens of other online resources with broader intentions, designed to help any blogger of any subject get rolling. Plenty of these sites like this one have suggestions for creating a unique, memorable blog names as well as step-by-step instructions for other essential blog-building tips and tricks.

Discover Your Top Keywords


Because the Internet has become so vast, you cannot expect your readers to stumble on your site without some work on your part. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a blogger’s best friend when it comes to generating site traffic. If you want to appear in your readers’ Web searches, you must integrate popular keywords throughout your site, including your blog’s name. You can learn your niche’s keywords from online tools or brainstorm likely terms yourself. However, it is easier than you might think to over-optimize your site and deter readers and search engines alike, so you should be sure to focus on content before keywords.



If none of the prior suggestions reveal a title that clicks with you, you might just need to do some old-fashioned brainstorming to find the perfect name for your blog. You don’t have to worry about sitting slack-jawed in front of a blank piece of paper; brainstorming is actually an incredibly active process designed to get your creative juices flowing.

First, you should think of words related to your blog’s main topic. You might take another look at the keywords you researched to help you discover what your potential audience equates with your topic of choice. If you feel blocked, you can also do another quick Web search for your topic and read a few articles to find inspiration.

Second, you should come up with some eye-catching words that add excitement or intrigue to your blog. Oftentimes, it is nearly impossible to imagine these words on your own, so you may want to visit a random word generator or peruse the dictionary for a while. This process shouldn’t be enervating; you should just write down whatever words strike your fancy.

Finally, you can start smashing your topic-related words and your random words together to form viable blog names. It may feel silly, but eventually you will strike upon a combination that works well. For some satisfying results, you can try to create alliteration and rhymes with your words, or you can try to pun with familiar phrases or jargon. After all this, you still aren’t pleased with a particular title, you should take a break and start again tomorrow.

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