How to Avoid Forex Trading Mistakes

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Due to unprecedented technological innovations over the past 20 years, the global marketplace is now an extremely interconnected atmosphere.

An excellent example of this observation can be seen in the recent slide regarding the fall of Chinese shares and the follow-up effects seen throughout the global equity markets.

Still, there is always money to be made in such a liquid environment. This tempts many novices to embrace the world of Forex exchanges. We should note that such a changeable landscape is not without its fair share of risks as well as rewards.

What are some of the most common Forex trading mistakes to recognize and avoid?



This term is often obscure and not understood by many beginning traders. Pre-positioning is the habit of anticipating the outcome of a certain news story (such as if the Federal Reserve will raise its benchmark interest rates). Traders may feel that they are confident in regards to outcome of such a story and begin to allocate their funds accordingly.

However, nothing is certain in today’s markets and should the prediction be false, a great deal of money may be lost. It is best to be prudent, to read fundamental indicators and to only embrace a solid position once the outcome is concrete.

Capital Risks


There is no such concept as a “sure thing” within the Forex markets. Perhaps the most common reason why novice traders lose money is that they invest more capital than they should. In fact, it is important to mention that active, experienced investors will normally risk no more than three percent of their total working capital.

Those executing large trades will often place much less than one percent into any specific position. This is the best way to stem losses while avoiding falling into the trap of greed versus sensibility.

False Expectations


Many brokers will advertise the potential to make massive returns within a short period of time. Of course, these very same institutions place little emphasis upon the fact that a great deal of money can also be lost. Although there is nothing wrong with having high hopes in terms of one’s future financial liquidity, these dreams must be tempered with prudence and rationality.

Nothing continues to rise in a straight line and every position will eventually fall into the negative. Embracing realistic hopes will enable an investor to make decisions based off of fact as opposed to speculation. When this objective approach is taken, the chances of incurring a loss are reduced.

Selecting the Incorrect Trading Platform


Online trading platforms like CMC Markets will make all of the difference in the world between a winning position and mounting losses. There are countless different online services to be enjoyed and of course, not all of these are created equally. It is critical to select only those which can provide the most streamlined services. Some aspects to keep in mind are:

  • Little or no lag time between trades.
  • Access to numerous underlying assets and indices.
  • Communication with others through forums and live chat.
  • Streaming news updates around the clock.
  • A user-friendly system with an agreeable learning curve.

Never judge a book by its cover. Select a demonstration account to make certain that the trading platform in question offers all that it claims before committing.

These investing mistakes are quite common and yet, they can be easily rectified. A growing number of budding investors are now entering into the Forex markets and by avoiding such traps, the ability to enjoy true financial freedom can indeed become a reality.

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