Giveaway: Four Simple Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Save Money on Groceries

I often write about ways to save money and stretch budgets. These money-saving tips can be applied to many areas in life including one that applies to almost everyone – groceries. I’ve written about it before, but there are many ways to save money on groceries and maximize your grocery budget. Few things help more than an influx of cash to pad that grocery budget; so, how does an extra $100 for your grocery budget sound? It sounds pretty awesome to me, which is why I am teaming up with other bloggers to giveaway $100 in Paypal cash or Amazon gift cards. The giveaway runs from now until December 15,th so participate for your chance to win $100!

Avoid Pre-packaged Foods   

We live in a society that’s always looking for the added convenience. You see it from drive-thru restaurants and dry cleaners, to smart phone apps that help you prioritize your day. The grocery store is no different. A simple stroll down the grocery store aisles bears this reality out when you see all of the prepackaged foods. They might help in a pinch, but are they really healthy for you and will they really help you save money on groceries? The simple answer to both of those questions is no. I know it might require more time to prepare your own meals, but they are generally healthier and cheaper. What better way to be healthy and be frugal than by making your own meals? Not only do you feel better about what you’re eating, but it also allows you to save money.

Save Money on Groceries By Paying With Cash

I’ve written about our cash budget before, but the grocery store is where we really feel the benefit of it. By using cash we’re forced to be more discerning about our purchases, which results in us getting only what we need (for the most part). There’s a psychological component to handing over that hard earned cash and it aids us in our attempt to stick to our grocery budget. I know it might take some getting used to, but using cash can really help you save money on groceries.

Don’t Let Loss Leaders Eat Up Your Grocery Budget

Many people know what a loss leader is. It’s what stores will use to get you in their establishment. I love buying milk when it’s $2 per gallon, but don’t get tempted by other items that are priced higher. That purchasing discipline prevents me from busting my grocery budget. If you don’t want to drive all over town to take advantage of all the possible deals (which would probably cost you more in gas than you’d save on groceries) look for a grocery store that will match competitors’ deals. That way you can still save money on groceries and do so wisely.

Eat Leftovers

I know that leftovers are not popular; I am not a huge fan of them myself. But, this is quite possibly one of the best ways to save money on groceries. It’s simple math really. You’re using as much of your food as possible which results in you needing to buy less at the grocery store. Take leftovers for lunch the next day or spruce them up by adding a side dish over the next few days and you instantly stretch your grocery budget.

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What are some of your favorite ways to save money on groceries? What would you do with an extra $100? At this time of the year, I know there are many things it could go towards.


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