Why Game of Thrones is my Favorite New TV Show and a TV Giveaway!

Samsung Big Screen TV

Mrs. Frugal Rules and I enjoy watching TV for an hour or so at night before heading to bed. We have a handful of shows that we record, most of which are on network TV or on HBO. We have a nice TV and we view watching it, and our HBO subscription, as entertainment. We rarely go to the movies anymore and seem to find higher quality programs on TV. (Although I must say that the last movie we saw in the theaters – Lincoln, was worth the cost of admission.) HBO’s original programming offers an affordable alternative to moviegoing and we’ve been able to find a few shows that we like such as the Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire and yes, Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is Part ‘Braveheart,’ Part ‘Lord of the Rings’

After reading tweets and comments about Game of Thrones across the blogosphere and seeing references to it crop up in other shows we watch, we finally caved and decided to give the show a try. If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet, I’d describe it as Braveheart meets Lord of the Rings. Like most really good movies and some TV series, it’s based on a series of books called “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. It’s part fairy tale in that there’s elements of magic, witchcraft and paranormal or supernormal activity (like white walkers, fire-breathing dragons, blood magic and witches that give birth to shadow men capable of killing humans). However, the part that really appeals to me is the strategy and fighting (I’m not going to get into who all the families are that are fighting each other and who’s forming alliances with who because I can’t keep it straight myself; there are entire Game of Thrones wikis dedicated to that sort of thing); kings battle each other for opportunities to rule their realms and ultimately, to be the one king (or queen) that rules everyone. That part of the story brings scheming and plotting, backstabbing and manipulation, cunning and cowardice, as well as honor and courage, faithfulness and fealty, strength and sacrifice.

While the nudity and violence is a bit over the top in the early episodes, the story, character development, acting, writing, and cinematography are enthralling. Shot on location in numerous stunning venues including northern Ireland and Malta, each episode is a treat to watch – especially on a good TV. If you don’t have a flat, big screen TV, or you want a new one, Frugal Rules is happy to give you an opportunity to win one as we’re co-hosting this sweet giveaway with some other great bloggers.

Enter below for your chance to win a brand new Samsung UN50EH6000 50-inch1080p 120Hz LED HDTV, brought to you by, a business that could help me sell my structured settlement, if I had one I was looking to unload. The contest runs from May 1 – 31 and is open to anyone in the world. However, giveaway providers are only covering shipping costs of up to $50. If you win the TV and your shipping costs exceed that amount, you are responsible for paying for the excess. Just fill out the rafflecopter instructions below and good luck!

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What’s your favorite new show? Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

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  • I can say that I have watched a couple of episodes, but it just never caught on for me. I think it might have to do with my wife not enjoying it and when that happens, I better find something else. This also has to do with the fact that we don’ t have the channel, so I can’t keep up with it. I don’t have a favorite TV show because I don’t watch a lot of it. Nice to be co-hosting with you John.

  • I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of that program but I don’t really watch too much tele. I do enjoy watching movies though and watching the BBC news, Top Gear, Ice Road Truckers, HGTV home shows.. Good Luck to all that enter!

  • @debtblag says:

    Oh my. One weekend I watched six episodes of this thing and absolutely loved them. I’m afraid to watch anymore because it’s so easy for me to get addicted to things :/

  • Edward Antrobus says:

    My wife watches it, but I never got into it. My current favorite is Dr. Who.

  • Love Game of Thrones too! And either the violence/sex is getting tamer in season 3 or I’m just used to it by now haha

  • Catherine says:

    I LOVE game of thrones!! we’re behind this season. I also love Newsroom. Jeff Bridges is brilliant.

  • I have never watched Game of Thrones, but after listening to everyone talk about it recently I think I need to get caught up.

  • That show is amazing. Awesome active by every cast. We adore Tyrion, Arya, Deanerys and a whole lot more. You’re right. Each character is developed well and the production and cinematography is pure awesomeness.

  • Stephanie says:

    I love that show – I’m actually on book 4 of the series! They are really good and I was able to check the last couple of books out from the library on my kindle!!

    • John says:

      That’s awesome Stephanie! I am finding that I would really like to start reading the series myself, now I just need to find the time. 🙂

  • John, when did the violence/nudity subside? We watched the very first episode and were appalled by it all. Just way too much.

    • John says:

      I felt the same way Jacob. It was a bit much for me in the beginning. Now that we’re half way through Season 2 I can say that the nudity has subsided quite a bit. I would say it’s down to maybe every other episode and no where near as graphic. I think they do that in the beginning to try and draw more in for some odd reason.

      In terms of the violence, it has been somewhat similar…though not as much as the nudity. You still have the random beheading every other episode. Though, you can usually tell it’s coming so it’s easy to look away.

  • I’m a huge game of thrones fan too! In fact, my fiance and I like it so much that we make the trek into town every Sunday night to watch it live at his father’s house, on his big TV with surround sound! It’s definitely better on a big TV!

  • Arnel Ariate says:

    I thought Game of Thrones was a game. I was so eager to play it. My world collapsed when I discovered the truth.

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