Frugal Friday: Do You Suffer From Nomophobia?

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Happy Friday everyone! With Labor Day on Monday, many of us here in the States are on our way to enjoying a long weekend. I think this will be a working weekend for us as we’re still recovering from family being here last week and have my youngest brother coming to visit on the back half of this weekend.

With it being a holiday weekend, I thought I’d go a little more light with today’s post and not talk about money. I know, gasp! I read an interesting article this week on Yahoo Finance which turned into me reading a number of other articles on something that apparently is plaguing our society – nomophobia. What is nomophobia, you ask? Well, this was the first I heard of it and was somewhat amused by it, though I do think it’s an issue some deal with. Nomophobia is the fear or anxiety of either misplacing one’s smartphone, running out of battery or being in a place that has no cell coverage. At first, I thought, come on, isn’t calling the loss of your smartphone a “Phobia” exaggerating, at least a little bit? After some light reading I was surprised to see that it is a genuine fear people are gripped by. Many articles I read pointed to a recent study done in the UK which stated that 73% of the people polled said they would feel panicked in that situation and 6% would feel relieved. I could not find any statistics for studies done here in the States, but can only imagine that they would be along those same lines, if not worse. What are some of the symptoms of Nomophobia, I’m glad you asked. Following are some of the symptoms of this sweeping epidemic and my personal dealings with them:

  • Constantly checking – ok, I am guilty of that one at times.
  • Taking it to the bathroom – One word, sick!
  • Feeling anxious when you don’t have it – I am anxious about very few things and the location of my phone is not one of them.
  • You’re not listening – I take the Fifth on this one…after all Mrs. Frugal Rules is my editor. ;-)
  • Using it during…ahem…those intimate times – Uh, let me think here, Heck NO!
  • Texting while driving – sorry my eyes are on the road.

All joking aside, do we really think nomophobia is an issue and one that people need help with? I could be jaded and say this is all malarkey and that people need to get over it. However, there is more than one side to this issue. Speaking personally, I know that we use our smartphones all the time for business. We use it to respond to emails from clients, do work for clients, update the blog and during meetings. Sure we could use a computer, but the thing is that the smartphone makes it so darn convenient to accomplish many of these tasks on the fly. Mrs. Frugal Rules enjoys listening to music and tracking her route with her running app when she goes out for a long run and thinks it’s awesome that she can tell her phone to text me. That said, we run a small business and know there are business owners who use their devices much more than we do and who are much more constrained for time as a result. This can only further nurture that felt need to constantly be on a smartphone and thus it feeds itself. We can see this with the growth of camps (yes camps) which are devoted to helping people cut the digital cord and spend several days away from any electrical devices. I look at this and see the numbers listed in the Yahoo Finance article and think we may be just seeing the start of this so-called nomophobia.

Of the approximately 5 billion cell phone users worldwide, only 1 billion of them have smartphones. As their use becomes more widespread I imagine the fear of being without them will rise as well. As an aside, if you want a chuckle, take a look at the two minute long movie in the article. It has supposedly had over 8 million views on You Tube and it gives a little insight into what things look like in a smartphone driven environment – eye opening to say the least.

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What do you think about Nomophobia? Do you “suffer’ from it, or do you think it’s all much ado about nothing? Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?



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