Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Christmas is in Two Weeks Edition!

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Where has this week gone? It’s been a crazy week in the Frugal Rules home. My lovely wife decided it was time to start a potty training “Bootcamp” with our three year-old. So, we get the pleasure of running into the bathroom every two minutes. As if that was not enough fun, our ten month-old started standing up this week, which is great! However, his brother and sister have taken it upon themselves to create a new game…let’s see who can knock him over first! Unfortunately, our youngest does not view said game which much excitement. So, as you can imagine, this leads to just a BIT of nuttiness.

Just to give everyone a heads up, you’ll definitely want to come back on Monday. I am taking part in co-hosting an AWESOME giveaway that begins then. You’ll definitely want visit on Monday to find out what we’re giving away. I can’t say exactly what it is, but it’s one “i” would want under my Christmas tree! Speaking of giveaways…don’t forget about the $100 Cash/Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

There have been some great blog posts in the blogosphere this week. I still have not come down on a hard number to keep my list to, but it’s my blog, so I can do what I want…right?!?  If you have the time, read some of these nice blog posts this weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!

That Christmas Time of Year on See Debt Run

Are You Making Financial Headway on Midlife Finance

Flash Savings Update, Week # 3 on Mom’s Plans

How to Save Money: Using Cash Envelopes on I Heart Budgets

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Guest Posts

Worry Free Holiday Shopping on Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance


Odd Search Terms

How do I change my life…I have enough problems of my own.

Frugal not working…sounds like you’re doing something wrong then.

How do I sacrifice my family…Uh, I can recommend a good prison

How is the food different than what wealthy people buy…You got me there

How to get money from rich people to pay off your debt…extortion, blackmail, theft…I kid, I kid!

Government more frugal with money…Last I checked, printing off money like a Kinko’s is NOT frugal

Eat my scot in toilet…That’s just nasty!

Carnivals and Mentions

It was another great week for Frugal Rules in the blogosphere. I am always humbled to compile this list and see all the mentions I’ve received. Thanks to everyone who shared or mentioned my blog posts this week. The highlight of the week was the mention by The Simple Dollar and being mentioned by Kiplinger. If I missed you, please shoot me a message and I’ll take care of it next week.

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The Wealth Builder Carnival #102 on My Wealth Builder

Baby Boomers Blog Carnival #168 on Baby Boomers U.S.

Carnival of Money Pros on Vanessa’s Money

Yakezie Carnival on My Family Finances

Y & T’s Weekend Ramblings on Young and Thrifty

The Money Mail Carnival #4 on The Money Mail

Tax Carnival Ecstasy – November 29, 2012 on 2009 Taxes

Nerdy Finance #17 on The Nerd Wallet

Stock Carnival Ecstasy on Fast Swings

Weekly Personal Finance Blog RoundUp – November 30, 2012 on Debt RoundUp

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Mr. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Nov 30, 2012 Bring on the Eggnog on Canadian Budget Binder

Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up November 29, 2012 on Fearless Men

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Great Reads of the Month on Frugal Habits

Friday’s Fork in the Path: My Second Month Recap on The Frugal Path

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Friday Recap, A Panoramic View and a Blogging Tip on Reach Financial Independence

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Personal Finance Week in Review for December 1 on One Smart Dollar


Photo courtesy of: Mef Felles


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55 comments on “Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Christmas is in Two Weeks Edition!

    • Not a problem Catherine. You’re not so bad yourself. :) I know he is. Although he’s the biggest of the bunch, so once he gets to walking I have a feeling they’ll pay for their actions.

  1. Thanks for including my guest post at Eyes on the Dollar! I start potty training boot camp for my three year old on Monday after a weekend of Christmas get togethers. I`ll be thinking of you when wiping up accidents knowing we`re in it together.
    Mandy @MoneyMasterMom recently posted..Our Family Expenses for November 2012My Profile

    • If you only knew the half of it Mr. CBB. Each child is different and you get the fun of teaching them that they don’t HAVE to go every 60 seconds.

  2. Aww, your poor little munchkin. Lexi has an older five-year-old cousin that tries to haul her around like a rag doll, they get into these fist fights as Lexi squirms to break free! Two clashing Leo’s, sigh. Thank you kindly for the inclusion. The time before Christmas is evaporating, yikes.
    Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy recently posted..The Vagaries of LifeMy Profile

    • I know. BUT, he’s the biggest of the bunch, so something tells me when he gets his sea legs about him he’ll get payback. Yes, time is slipping through our fingers. :(

  3. Eat my scot in toilet?? What is that all about?

    As for the number of posts in your list, it is your blog so you can have as many or as few articles as you like! I personally try and only link to the best of the week so that people actually read them, but you will definitely get more link love by listing lots of other peoples blogs.

    Don’t know if you have got my emails about the e-book or not? Let me know if you haven’t.
    Hope you are having a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us on Monday!
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..MPB – Pool Room Posts #7My Profile

    • I know Glen, that one took me aback some.

      It looks like your emails got caught in my spam folder. I’ll take a look at them over the weekend and get back to you ASAP. Sorry about that.

    • Thanks. Wow, sending to the ER. Thankfully we’ve not had that yet. My Dad and his brother did that to each other numerous times while growing up. You have a good weekend as well Justin.

    • No problem Melissa.

      Oh, I am all too familiar with that stalling tactic. Ours is “I do go” “I do go”. Funny the things little ones will use to put off sleep.

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