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I can’t believe that September is coming to a close this weekend and that we’re staring down October. Why is it that the older we get, the faster time goes by? I don’t know, but I’d love to find an extra hour in the day somewhere. It’s starting to look more like fall with the dropping temps in our area, which I have no problem with. Anyone catch any of the new shows on this Fall? I have taken a liking to Revolution, and am interested to see where J.J. Abrams takes it.

Ok, Enough of my ramblings, and on to some of my favorite blog posts of the week.


Thinking Outside The Box: Increasing Worker Compensation On MoneySmartGuides

Don discusses increasing compensation for workers and how the consumer drives the economy. I really enjoyed this post.

Life Insurance Has Lasting Effects Well After We’re Gone On One Smart Dollar

Sean talks about the importance of life insurance and how it can provide for a family after the death of a loved one. As someone who has worked in that industry, I can vouch for the importance of life insurance.

Why I Live in a Bad Neighborhood On When Life Gives You Lemons

Daisy discusses the reasons why she lives in a bad neighborhood. She brings up a very valid point of the convenience of her location and the money savings it provides her.

Does LASIK Surgery Make Financial Sense? On Eyes On the Dollar

Kim talks about who are the best candidates to get Lasik surgery, and just as important if it makes financial sense. For one who has been considering taking the leap for some time, the post was helpful.

Don’t Neglect what is Truly Important in Life On Frugal Habits

Jason discusses the importance of not taking the ones we love for granted. As a husband and father I truly appreciated his thoughts.

No Job is Safe On Young Adult Money

DC discusses how that when you’re an employee that your job is not truly safe. We’re at the whims of employers who might for one reason or another decide they need to go in another direction.

Straight Talk About Fees and Penalties on Mutual Funds On Canadian Budget Binder

Mr. CBB talks about fees that can come with investing in mutual funds and the difference between working with a fee only advisor and a commission based advisor.

The Real Cost of Running a Blog Business On Modest Money

Jeremy has Zac Johnson do a guest post on the real costs of running a blog business, which had some great tips. It really does not take a lot of up-front money to start a blog. Your biggest cost might be the purchase of a theme if you go through WordPress, which is usually in the $40-$50 range.

Why Being Out of Style is Cool On Club Thrifty

Holly talks about her hatred of the mall and how the desire to stay “fashionable” can be an expensive trait. In the end, trying to be cool is a never ending game that can result in you spending too much of your hard earned money.


Mentions and Carnivals

Thanks so much to everyone who shared my posts over the last week. I do truly appreciate you taking the time to pass on my musings. If I left anyone off, please let me know and I’ll make sure to put you at the top of the list next week.


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  • Thanks a lot for mentioning my article John. Have a great weekend.

  • Thanks for the mention! Have a great weekend!

  • There is never enough time in the day and yes the older you get the more you realize it. I remember when I was a kid and my only responsibility was getting my papers out to my customers, going to school,keeping my room clean and helping out around the house. Other than that, life was awesome. Now, it’s still awesome but with alot more responsibility that takes away from play time… ah… to be a kid again. Do you ever watch kids play and think… oh how lucky you are, enjoy it while you can. Thanks for the mentions.. enjoy your weekend mate. Mr.CBB

  • Thanks for including me! Also thanks for all the tweets and comments this week, I appreciate it.

    I have been watching Revolution but unfortunately will have commitments on Mondays going forward. We don’t have dvr (yet) and I just might be too lazy to watch on my laptop. I’m sure I will go back and revisit it in the future tho, it seems like a solid show and I’m a big fan of JJ Abrams.

    • John says:

      Not a problem DC, thanks for sharing my work as well. I really enjoyed some of your posts this week. Revolution does seem like a good show, I just hope they allow it to stick around. I am a big Abrams fan as well, he’s done some good stuff.

  • Jason says:

    Thanks for the mention, John! I’ve heard this theorized but I’m not sure it’s true: the reason we feel that times passes faster as we age, is because 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 month becomes a much smaller reference point in the grand scheme of our whole life. For instance, if you’re 30 years old, 1 month is only 1/360th of your life; however, when you were 7, 1 month was 1/84th of your life therefore making it seem like a much larger portion.

    It could also simply be because we’re a lot busier as we get older….I have no clue though.

    • Jason Clayton says:

      Makes a lot of sense, Jason. I think you combine this + getting older (busy) and there is no choice but for time to fly.

      John, thanks for the mention – much appreciated!!

  • Veronica Hill says:

    John, thank you for including me in your Friday roundup of posts! Someone wrote a post on why time goes by faster as you age, or maybe that’s a comment I left on their blog. I’ll have to find it for you, quite interesting! Oh found the link I commented in response to another person’s blog post:

  • John says:

    Not a problem Jason. I think it’s because we get a lot busier as we get older, at least that’s what it feels like anyway. 🙂

  • I always think I need about two more hours in the day. If I could just find a way to give up sleep without being a zombie. I really wanted to watch Revolution, but fell asleep. I really like the fellow who played Gus on Breaking Bad, so I wanted to see how he was in this. Good, I assume. Thanks for the mention. I really enjoy your site. Not sure how you find the time to do everything, but great job.

  • John says:

    I hear you Kim. If I could get by with no sleep, then things would be golden. 🙂 Not a problem Kim, likewise on your blog as well.

  • Thanks for including us! Sorry for the delay, just got the pingback today and this week has been CRAZY so I’ve been neglectful in my reading… =(

  • Nurse Frugal says:

    I feel so behind with all these great articles I need to read. Looks like a great compilation!

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