Frugal Friday: Would You Like to be Immortal?


Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a crazy week for the Frugal Rules home as mainly I will be off next week and away from the blogosphere for most of the week. Thank you, by the way, for those who stepped up and will be guest posting for me next week. It’s always good to know that my blog will be left in good hands even though I’ll be away from it a few days. I am looking forward to taking some time off, and will be spending it helping my youngest brother look for a place to live as he’ll be starting his first job out of college next month. It did mean though that I was busy most of the week writing since I will not have the chance to do so next week.

That said, let’s move on to the topic this week of immortality. This article from NBC News stood out to me as it brings up the very interesting topic of being able to live forever. The article discusses comments made by Google’s engineering director, Ray Kurzweil, that he believes achieving immortality in our lifetime has real potential. There are many, many aspects that could be brought up in relation to the issue of immortality, and I certainly will not cover them all, but it is interesting none the less. As an aside, if anyone is going to achieve it, I guess Google makes as much sense as any as they seem to have their fingers in every pie there is. His argument, basically, goes back to how we have progressed in terms of life expectancy over the last number of centuries and using things like 3-D bioprinters to heal diseases as well as grow human tissue. He argues that we are growing at such a rate in terms of discovery and capability that in the next one or two decades we’ll be able to do things that can only be dreamed of now. He sees this ultimately playing out as the ability to take our consciousness and attach it to what he calls a “nonbiological host” that will allow us to have immortality.

Just think about that for a second…your conscience living in a computer forever. Mrs. Frugal Rules already thinks I am part machine for being on the computer so much, but in all seriousness, would you really want that? I don’t know what I really think about it, other than I think it’s a bit silly thinking of “me” living in a computer or some sort of machine for all of time. Would that mean we would never really age then once our soul is placed in said nonbiological host? Or, if we did age, at what point would that stop and would I become a grumpy old man that someone could just unplug to get rid of? ;) My PF blogger mind, of course, goes to the financial aspect of this. Do people who can’t afford to be put in a computer just die as normal, or are they given some lower model computer? What would this mean for planning for retirement and would there be insurance costs involved? Would you be in some server farm or would you get to “live” with your family members together? As you can see it does bring up a lot of questions, or I may just have a sickness. ;) Regardless of what we all think, these are definitely interesting times and one does have to wonder what kind of world our children and their children will have as they become older.

Before I get into the blog posts of the week, I would like to give everyone a reminder that if you use Google Reader to read your favorite blogs via RSS , Google is killing that off as of July 1st if you did not know that already. Have no fear, you can still read Frugal Rules via RSS, you’ll just need to use another platform to do it in. :) Following are what appear to be the most popular options out of the bunch:

It has been another great week in the blogosphere. If you have some free time this weekend, then I encourage you to check out some of my favorite blog posts.

Blog Post of the Week

Everything I Want My Kids to Know About Money on Young Adult Money

I loved Cat’s thoughts in regards to things she wants to teach future possible children. As a parent myself, I could not agree more with her points as it is our goal to raise financially literate children in the Frugal Rules home. Our society is filled with voices that preach spend, spend, spend and we want to raise our kids to know better. As has been said on this site before, not only do I consider teaching financial literacy to our children one of the most loving things we can do I also view it as our duty. If we want our fiscal health to change for future generations then it only makes sense to begin that change now.

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Odd Search Terms

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Get rich today free online…All you need to do is buy my $49.95 course and you’ll get all my secrets!


Would you choose immortality if given the choice? What do you think would be your favorite part of being immortal? Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?


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