Frugal Friday: How Much Gold is in Your Underwear?

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s been another crazy week in the Frugal Rules home. Let’s be honest, what week is not crazy?! Part of the reason behind this week’s craziness is that we’re taking today off to take the kids to the Iowa State Fair. Thankfully it’s not too hot this year which will hopefully make it more enjoyable than the 100 degree fest it usually is. Now on to the crazy bit of news that made me scratch my head this week.

What kind of undergarment you wear (boy, THAT’s a term I never thought I’d find on Frugal Rules) is generally a personal decision and can usually be done in an affordable fashion. I know we all have our unique preferences, and some like to keep those more personal than others, but discussion about spending on that area of our lives is generally not a topic of discussion.

Well, that ends today.  😉

I read an article this week on NBCNews about the growth in wealthier individuals wearing golden underwear. You read that right, golden underwear and my curiosity got the best of me. Truth be told, I don’t know if this is truly the first time precious metals have been brought to the undergarment aisle, but the owner of the company specifically said they noticed a hole in the golden underwear niche for the upper crust. As a bit of background, the company was founded in oil-rich Qatar and is targeting those who regularly buy luxury goods. What does a pair of golden undies run you? Well, according to the article, it starts at a cool $1,500 for the undies and hits a max of $6,000 for tops and bottoms.

I am not crazy enough to think that this company is targeting Joe and Jane Consumer, they’re targeting the richest of the rich. They’re targeting those that have bowling alleys in their homes or have eight vacation homes, not you and me. What this has me wondering though, is at what point do you wake up and say “Hey, I’d like to put on a pair of gold-laced boxers today – those sound really comfortable.” Or, “I know what my life is missing – gold-laced upper garment support!” I know this may sound crazy, but I don’t see myself or Mrs. Frugal Rules ever thinking something like that even if we won the Powerball ten times over.

As an aside, I’d be worried about things like chafing after wearing golden underwear as I’d think they’d be rough and uncomfortable. The company has sought to allay that fear by claiming their fabric feels soft and luxurious. All joking aside, I really think this comes down to an issue of symbolism and not necessarily wearing the latest and greatest. Gold symbolizes wealth, it can symbolize that you’ve arrived, that you have bank and thus those are the individuals they’re targeting. Generally people that are going to be wearing golden underwear are going to be those that simply do not care about price, but want the best of the best, regardless of what it takes. I do have one question though…at what point is there concern someone might be mugged by underlings like us because the price of gold has skyrocketed and want to get our hands on a pair of golden underwear? Do we have a case of a modern day King Midas syndrome on our hands, here?

Golden underwear aside, there have been a number of solid blog posts that I enjoyed this week. If you have the time this weekend, check some of them out. Lastly, if you’ve done entered in the $900 cash giveaway…what are you waiting for? 🙂 You can enter here!

Blog Post of the Week

How to Ensure Your Goals Align with What You Truly Want on The Heavy Purse

I know that I’ve highlighted Shannon’s work before, but this was one of my favorite posts that she has written. Shannon discusses the importance of setting authentic and unique goals that are personal to you. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get caught up by what others may think of us or living for what we think will look “good” to others. At the end of the day, your goals should be personal and what make you happy. If your goals aren’t personal, then how can you truly be effective in working towards them and achieving them? I’d wager to guess that it wouldn’t be very effective at all.

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Odd Search Terms

Car loans for a 31 year old car…Something tells me you can pay cash for it.

Frugal my a$$…tell me how you really feel!

I bought an item at Wal-Mart and it’s not what I bought inside the box…Sucks to be you!

I am lost in life and need to get rich quick…I am seeing multiple issues here!

Is it crazy to scratch my head…Not at all!

What the hell have I done…I don’t know!

Radical frugality oats…Now those sound like some interesting oats!


Would you wear a pair of golden underwear? What luxury item would you like to have if cost were not an issue? What fun things do you have planned for the weekend?


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  • Underwear should be about comfort in my opinion and I dont know how in the world gold would be comfortable. I guess like you said they are making those things for people who will say Oh I will take a pair of those just to say I had them. If money were no issue I would buy classic cars and restore them. 69 Camaro, 57 Chevy Truck, old school caddy with suicide doors etc. Plans to go to the beach hang out with the family and get the rest of school shopping done. Of course working on the sites as well.

  • Golden underwear?!? Aye yai yai. If cost were not an issue I would want probably some high quality hardwood floor and granite countertops. Not quite in the budget yet. I’m assuming you will also make the trek up here for the MInnesota State Fair?? Just kidding, but I’m really looking forward to going to it in a few weeks here.

  • Personally, I prefer titanium underwear to gold. Titanium is more breathable and doesn’t ride up on me when I move around a lot.

  • I’m sure there are more crazy things the rich and famous do so gold under garments does not surprise me at all. Have fun today with the family John and a great weekend. CBB

  • No gold underwear here, John! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Matt Becker says:

    Wow, I’m kind of speechless. I mean, gold toilets are one thing. It’s ridiculous, but at least people can see it. With underwear, you have to tell people about it or no one knows. How is that even a status symbol? There’s no end to the ridiculousness of this world.

  • I have no gold underwear–bummer. Great round up of posts!

  • If a person chooses to buy golden underwear, something tells me that they are WAY too bored/self-indulgent/eager for attention. Judgmental, I know, but jeez, there are starving children in the world! Have a a great time at the fair, John. We had our county fair trip last weekend and I already miss it. More cheese curds, please. 🙂

  • Golden underwear? Wouldn’t that be really uncomfortable? And it’s not like anybody except for maybe one person sees it. Who would spend money on that? Haha

  • I grew up in Des Moines so I have been to plenty of Iowa State fairs. Enjoy all of the good food.

  • I already think underthigns cost too much, especially for women. I would probably splurge on vacations where I wouldn’t have to worry about “budget” travel. I agree Shannon’s post was great! Thanks for the link love!

  • Golden underwear is definitely a new one. Good grief. Whoever is buying gold underpants needs to give their money to me immediately, because they sure aren’t using it right! Who’s worried about something like that when there’s a whole big, beautiful world out there to explore? If cost wasn’t an issue, I know I’d be traveling nonstop. Unless your golden undergarments somehow make the experience more fulfilling.. but somehow I doubt that 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention John! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Haha! I love the title of this article, so catchy that I read it before all of my other (work related) emails. Thanks for the laugh.

  • I’m picturing a huge gold chastity belt with lock and key to match, am I on the right lines? 🙂 Have a great weekend John!

  • Gold is so 2000. All mine are platinum. Have a great weekend.

  • I have been looking for some new underwear and maybe gold is where it is at! I don’t know why you would want precious metals in your underpants, but that is not for me. Who would even see it? Just stupid.

  • I’m honored to be your post of the week, John! Truly appreciate the mention and support! Beyond the fact golden underwear truly sounds uncomfortable – why? As you said, I get these are for the ultra wealthy but really? Golden underwear? Few people will see it and those who do – will they even know? I’m sure I can find golden-colored undergarments for less than $1500. Have a great day with your family at the State Fair. Hopefully you ate lots of yummy but bad for you food!

  • lol at those search terms… do you just find those when you start typing stuff in or do have a source for those? that last one about oats makes no sense and I love it.

  • anna says:

    I loved the comment about chafing – I thought of that, too, or that it would be really cold in certain climates and uncomfortable. I heard on the radio that Kanye West was putting solid gold toilets in his new house – now I’ve heard it all! Enjoy the fair with the kiddos 🙂

  • With any luck the wearers of the golden underwear will get metal poisining in the privates or a seriously irritating rash and stop being so stupid.

    With all their wealth there are enough problems in the world to solve if they are that bored.

    Gosh I do sound like a kill-joy!

  • E.M. says:

    Wow, that’s unbelievable. I would never wear those, even if I could afford them. I agree – who really wakes up and wants to put on gold underwear? I’m sure there’s someone… This reminds me of that diamond bra that Victoria’s Secret came out with that was valued at $2.5 million. I don’t get it! Have a great weekend, and hope you enjoyed the fair!

  • The only way gold underwear makes sense for me is if supermodels wear them just for our eyes on the catwalk. Anything else just makes no sense. But probably that would change if I were a multi-millionaire with no idea where to throw money at. And maybe men prefer to wear those to impress because they have nothing else impressive down there :))

  • Alexa says:

    When it comes to underwear I go for comfort plus cheap. One I find that I’m set. Golden underwear is crazy to me! I see no reason whatsoever that anyone would ever need gold undies.

  • I hope the fair was wonderful! What’s the craziest food you tried?

  • That is right in line with the $5,000 burger and $25,000 hotel room, I bet people wearing that are seriously delaying their wealth building or just have too much money.

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