Frugal Friday: Would You Eat a $320,000 Hamburger?

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Happy Friday everyone! For those of you in the States, how difficult was it to come back to work after a four day weekend? If you’re like me, it was a bit of a challenge, but I was thankful to get some down time – especially in light of my fireworks mishap on the 4th of July. Now that we’re sort of back in the swing of things, I thought I’d get back to covering a quirky news story from this past week. The one that caught my eye this week was an NBC article on the $320,000 hamburger that is lab-grown from cow stem cells at a Dutch University. Being as that I love to grill and like a good hamburger from time to time, this article caught my eye. As an aside, I know that there are vegetarians out there and while I never see myself becoming one, I do respect their views. I am more so wanting to look at this from a frugality/practicality aspect and of course a little tongue in cheek.

It seems one of the main drivers behind growing meat in a dish is largely going back to the issue of the energy consumption it takes to raise, kill and then produce ground beef and other cuts of beef for us as consumers. The article states that scientists believe they can potentially cut that by an estimated 40 percent. I am all for cutting down on needless usage of energy, which is part of the reason why we’ve started buying grass-fed cow recently – not to mention the fact we know what is in the beef. However, how long will it take to work on this bovine in a dish to bring it to the point where it’s commercially viable for you and me and is that length of time worth it? According to the article it has taken nearly ten years to get to this point where it is ready to be consumed by someone other than the scientists involved. One of the main drivers behind this experiment was an anonymous donation by someone who paid the $320,000 to consume the first hamburger. What will this individual be getting with this patty of “beef”? I am glad you asked.  ;)

According to article the bovine creation is thin strips of beef muscle cells, minced into tiny pieces and mixed with lab produced animal fat to create a hunk of “meat.” Yummy! It makes me wonder what we’d think of the ingredients of a Big Mac. ;) Seriously, though, after thinking about it for a minute, is this cow in a dish really meat? I would tend to think not. I am all for scientific study and think that we can learn many, many things from it and we often gain things from it that we were not looking for in the first place – but as a person who enjoys a nice burger from time to time, I think I’d have to pass on the fake patty if it was offered to me. This also got me to thinking about what it would take to make the creation sustainable and able to stay on store shelves for us as consumers – which led me to a corresponding article from BBC News. According to a molecular biologist quoted in the article it’d likely require crazy high amounts of antibiotics and antifungal chemicals to keep said fake meat from rotting. So, is the tradeoff of not having to eat pink slime or hormones worth it to consume the chemicals possibly needed to keep the “meat” from rotting? As I look at it, neither option looks too appealing and, again, goes back to why we’ve started buying grass fed beef from a farmer we trust.

There are various ways, to be sure, to look at this. As I said a few weeks ago, these are definitely interesting times we live in. I love that research is being done on things like this, though I wonder how long it’ll take to get to a reasonable production level without being weighed down by chemicals to make it that way. From a frugality standpoint, I can’t imagine a time where we would look at the bovine in a dish option, but would instead lean towards our grass fed cow which is in the $7 per pound range. It’s not the cheapest when compared to what you can find in the store, but at least we know where it came from and know that the meat, fake or not, was not pumped full of stuff to make it do one thing or another.

It has been another great week in the blogging world. There were some really solid blog posts this week and was a challenge to narrow them down, which is a good thing. :) If you have the time this weekend, I encourage you to check out some of my favorite blog posts from this week.


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What are your thoughts? Would you eat a $320,000 hamburger or meat grown in a dish? Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?


Photo courtesy of: Guigo.EU

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