Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, the Election is Over Edition!

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It’s been a crazy busy week in the Frugal Rules household. It always seems to be that way for us the week after we have guests come to visit. Thankfully, it’s been a good busy, so I can’t complain much.

For those of you who live under a rock, the U.S. elections are FINALLY over!! Regardless of the outcome, I am so glad to be over with all of the ridiculous ads and am glad I won’t have to see them on TV for a while or get any of them in the mail. What I think is sad is that billions of dollars were spent in this election and we are in the same place that we were a week ago. Ok, enough politics; that’s not the aim or purpose of my blog.

Just as a preview of what I will be writing about on Monday, this will be a very difficult weekend for my family. Four years ago this Saturday our lives were changed forever. I encourage you to come back on Monday to see what I am talking about.

There have been some great blog posts this week, so I encourage you to take a look at a few of the ones I chose. Being the college football fan that I am, I added four additional blog posts this week to align with the four teams atop the BCS as we speak. Again, these are in no particular order, and enjoy your weekend!


Pinching Pennies on Fearless Men

Saving Money By Making Homemade on Modest Money

Craigslist: Great Way to Sell Your Crap or Total Pain in the Ass? On Club Thrifty

Saving For Retirement When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck on One Smart Dollar

Rental Property Series: Let’s Have a Drink to Having Tenants on Eyes on the Dollar

Caring For Your Eyes on Holiday: 5 Tips From a Pro on

Reach Financial Independence

How Much Did This Election Really Matter? On Average Joe Money

The Right Way to Handle Tenants Who Are Moving Out on Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

Make the Most Out of Black Friday Deals Without Crossing the Border on Canadian Budget Binder


Guest Posts

I was able to guest post on two sites this week. I know it’s a shameless plug, but I encourage you to check them out.

Not All Budgets are Created Equal at I Heart Budgets

How Long Term Goals Can Help With Your Finances at Planwise


Carnivals and Mentions

It was another great week for Frugal Rules in the blogosphere. I am always humbled to compile this list and see all the mentions I’ve received. Thanks to everyone who shared or mentioned my blog posts this week. If I missed you, please shoot me a message and I’ll take care of it next week.

Carnival of Road to Financial Independence #47 on One Family’s Blog

The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #55 on My University Money

Nerdy Finance Carnival #14 on Nerd Wallet

Yakezie Blog Carnival on Parenting and Money

Carnival of Investing #10 on Investeem

Lifestyle Carnival 27th Edition: Holiday Stress on Femme Frugality

Weekend Business and Blog Roundup – Nov. 4 on Freedom Thirty Five Blog

Friends of the Family: Tired of Political Ads Edition on The Family Finances

Updates: October 28- November 3 on The Outlier Model

Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #12 – Election Edition on Eyes on the Dollar

Weekend Wealth (Nov 3-4, 2012) on Brick By Brick Investing

Carnivals, Mentions, & Weekend Reading #36 on Work Save Live

Weekend Wind Down 11/03/2012 – Epic Post Next Week on My Money Design

Weekly Roundup and Extra Income Update on Making Sense of Cents

5 Keys to Sell Books Like Hotcakes on Youtube on Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

Mr. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Nov 2, 2012 on Canadian Budget Binder

Weekly Reads 11/02/12 on Plunged in Debt

Friday Recap, A New House and Still No Electricity on Reach Financial Independence

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me on Debt Free Bread

Great Reads of the Month on Frugal Habits

Five Posts to Get You Over the Hump: Halloween Edition on The Frugal Path

10 Blogs I Read This Week on Free In Ten Years

Fridays Circle of Friends and Random Facts About Some of Them on

Tackling our Debt

Weekly Blog Roundup on Planwise Blog


Odd Search Terms

I am finally starting to get a good amount (for me at least) of search traffic and finally have a few terms that just make me scratch my head. It’s always interesting to see what brings people to my site. So, here are the best of the past few weeks:

How to save money “wife”…Boy, how do they really feel?

Has anyone cashed out their 401k and happy they did it…I’ve never met one

How to lie and stick budget discipline…Lying on your budget will get you nowhere

Is it worth it to get a college loan at age 46…I wouldn’t do it

Trading is painful…Yes, it can be

What if there were no credit cards…I’ve often wondered this myself

Who teaches Excel for the Government….What?

Rich people really use money to chase people…That sounds a bit scary


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I'm the founder of Frugal Rules, a Dad, husband and veteran of the financial services industry. I'm passionate about helping people learn from my mistakes so that they can enjoy the freedom that comes from living frugally. You can connect via Twitter / Facebook.

54 comments on “Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, the Election is Over Edition!

    • Not a problem Glen, I loved the acronym you used. It is nice to see the search traffic go up, makes me feel like I am doing something right. :)

      Sorry, no hints about Monday. I guess you’ll have to come back and read about it. ;)

  1. Hahaha, its always amusing to see the terms people search to get to your blog. Gives me a laugh every time. Thanks for mentions and I hope you have a really great weekend!
    Veronica Hill recently posted..A Week of FirstsMy Profile

  2. I hear you on the election: Almost all Americans agree the country faces serious challenges, which virtually all of our national politicians have so far failed miserably to tackle seriously. Yet after billions spent and a year+ of campaigning, nearly the same cast of characters is sent back to D.C. Apparently the electorate expects that now the same set of people who are proven failures will magically succeed. Very confusing…
    Kurt @ Money Counselor recently posted..Cash, Credit: It’s All FilthyMy Profile

    • I couldn’t agree more Kurt. It just baffles me how we could send back so much of the same politicians and expect something different to happen. That’s the classic definition of insanity in my books.

    • It does Kim. No problem on the mention. I guess you’ll just have to come back on Monday to see what I am talking about. :) If I need any mary jane, I’ll make sure to let you know. ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. I asked that same question this week, what if there were no credit cards or debit cards and all we had was cash. Would the world be a better place? Would so many people be in debt the way they are? Credit is far too handy for most and what gets us into trouble. Interesting topic… Thanks for the mention mate, glad to see you are doing so well. Mr.CBB
    Canadian Budget Binder recently posted..Make The Most Out Of Black Friday Deals Without Crossing the BorderMy Profile

    • I totally agree Mr. CBB. I was discussing this with my wife last night and actually came up with a post idea about it. I think we give credit out WAY too easily these days.

    • I totally agree Miss T. We were getting four and five mailers a day for the last few weeks, they just went straight into the recycling bin.

      Thanks for your kind words. We’re doing ok, it’s just a painful time of year for us. Thankful for those that care.

  4. Thanks for the mention John. It is brutal how much money gets spent on elections. That money could be put to much better use. Instead it just makes all the media companies that much richer.

    By the way impressive job on the number of mentions. You’re really ripping it up. And congrats on the PR jump. Nice job man.
    Modest Money recently posted..November 9th 2012 Blog UpdateMy Profile

    • Not a problem Jeremy, glad to do so! I agree on the ads. Billions of dollars were spent and all for nothing. I personally think the campaign should only last a month or two.

      Thanks on the PR! I was pretty stoked about it. :)

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