Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Christmas is Over Edition

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is here and gone, but hope that everyone had an enjoyable one. We had the pleasure of hosting my Dad’s side of the family. When I was not busy playing taxi driver between our house and the airport, it was nice to take a short break from blogging and be “unplugged” for a few days. It was so nice, that I’ll be taking a few more “unplugged” days next week as we spend some extra time with the kids and do some fun things with them. What does everyone else have planned for next week with New Year’s rapidly approaching?

In blogging news, Frugal Rules has been chugging along even as I’ve been on hiatus the last few days. I was excited to have my first 1,000 visitor day on Sunday the 23rd. It might be small peanuts for some out there, but I was quite pleased to look at my stats and see that I had over 1,100 visitors in one day while I was busy enjoying the Holidays with the family. Apparently, many people (I know…surprising) had put off shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, which brought a lot of people to my site over the weekend!

Admittedly, I did not read a single blog post this week. However, I still want to spread a little link love cheer and highlight some blog posts from the blogging world. They’re all from authors I know and trust, so I am confident you’ll be able to learn something from many if not all of them. Have a great weekend everyone and have fun ringing in the New Year!


5 Holiday Shopping Tips to Reduce Stress and Save Time on Modest Money

How to Give Yourself a Raise Next Year on Young Adult Money

Should You Invest or Pay Down Debt on One Smart Dollar

Christmas on the Credit Cards on I Heart Budgets

Good Date Gone Bad – 7 Dating Mistakes Men Make on Fearless Men

What I Want For Christmas on My Money Design

Do I Need Life Insurance in Retirement on The Chicago Financial Planner


Odd Search Terms

Forgot to buy Christmas present…Hope it wasn’t for someone important

Boxing Day sales suck compared to Black Friday…What do my Canadian friends think?

21 things you can do to change your life forever 2012…ONLY 21 things?!

Can’t spend money…That’s a great problem to have!

Does your wife want to stretched on the rack?… I don’t know, but I am not touching that one!

Frugal ipad for small child…How ‘bout no ipad at all, now that’s what I call frugal

I ate too much this week…so did I

.6% mortgage over 30 years…that’s the mortgage I want!

Why do so many rich people buy cheap Christmas presents for others…because they know how to spend their money

2012 only rich people survive…Maybe that’s what the Mayans were thinking?


Carnivals and Mentions

It was another great week for Frugal Rules in the blogosphere. I am always humbled to compile this list and see all the mentions I’ve received. Thanks to everyone who shared or mentioned my blog posts this week. If I missed you, please shoot me a message and I’ll take care of it next week.

The Money Mail Carnival #7 on Thriftability

Carnival of Money Pros on Making Sense of Cents

Y & T Weekend Carnival on Young and Thrifty

Carnival of Retirement on Investing Money Blog

Festival of Frugality #367 on One Smart Dollar

Tax Carnival Ecstasy on 2008 Taxes

The Wealth Builder Carnival #105 on My Wealth Builder

Stock Carnival Ecstasy on Fast Swings

Carnival of Financial Planning on Thriftability

Yakezie Carnival on Write and Get Paid

Weekly Link Love: Christmas Party Season Edition on Mo Money Mo Houses

Personal Finance Week in Review for December 16 on One Smart Dollar

Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions, and Good Reads #24 on I Heart Budgets

Fearless Men’s Weekly Round-Up December 20, 2012 on Fearless Men

Weekly Personal Finance Blog RoundUp December 21, 2012 on Debt RoundUp

The VIP Club Round Up – 14th Edition on ClubThrifty

What Happened This Week and Weekend Reads on Money Bulldog UK

Link Love – Happy End of the World Day on Budget and the Beach

Friday Recap, A Last Sunset and a Tropical Christmas on Reach Financial Independence

Link Love: Christmas is Almost Here Edition on The Random Path

Mr. CBB’s Blog Post Picks – Dec 21, 2012 on Canadian Budget Binder

What I Read This Week #3 on Grown Up and Stuff

What Do You Think is the Worst and Best Christmas Song on My Money Design

Personal Finance Week in Review #43 on Work Save Live

Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #18 on Eyes On The Dollar


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