Frugal Friday: Blog Posts That Ruled This Week, Top Ten Edition

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Happy Friday everyone! It’s hard to believe that Daylight Saving time is this weekend, so remember to set your clock ahead Saturday night. While I love the winter, the main thing I hate is having what seems like such limited time in the day. I remember driving home from my previous jobs at the end of the day and hating that it was dark and the feeling that I could not really do anything outside. Now that we’ll have daylight until 8:30 at night we can start doing many of the things that we love to do in the Frugal Rules home like getting back to gardening and yard work while the kids play outside and try to “help” us. The other good thing about this week was that we finally got our taxes done by our CPA. I know that many like getting large tax refunds, but we try to get ours as close to zero as we’d much rather have that many throughout the year to apply it to things we want to take care of. Well, we did pretty good this year and we’ll be getting a whopping $40 from the feds and $170 from the State. I know that it’s not much, but it feels good to know that we did not owe this year.

In other news, there will be two giveaways coming up next week so you’ll definitely want to come back for those. The first one is a personal giveaway that I am running to celebrate Frugal Rules’ six month blogiversary! I am excited to hit that mark on Monday and am even more excited to see where the site goes this year. In total, there will be $600 on the line with the giveaways next week, so come back and check them out.

As you scroll down you’ll see that I have made some changes to my Frugal Friday posts. In an effort to get anyway from a massive link dump I’ve shortened my list to my ten favorite blog posts and might even cut that down to five here in the near future. I hate to narrow it down, but I want to make sure I am not just posting a huge list each week and I want to be sharing what I feel my readers will benefit from the most. Another change is that I am highlighting a blog post of the week that I enjoyed the most and one that I feel my readers will benefit from as well. The remaining blog posts will be in no specific order, just ones I enjoyed immensely. I have some other changes in mind that I am still toying with implementing, so we’ll see where this Friday post goes in the future.

Blog Post of the Week

Try Change! It is Good! on Reach Financial Independence

Pauline tells it like it is in this post. Who likes change, I know not many do…myself included at times. The problem with being averse to change is that we stay in our comfort zone which will ultimately get us nowhere. This can be applied in virtually every area of life, so find something you’ve never tried and give it a go to open yourself up to new possibilities.

Other Blog Posts that Ruled

How I Reduced Our Grocery Budget From $1,100 to $600 in Six Months on Canadian Budget Binder

What if I Can’t Pay My Income Taxes? on Eyes On The Dollar

Why Do People Like to Reveal Their Income? on Financial Samurai

Investing in Stocks and the Stop Loss on The Wise Dollar

Required Reading: Warren Buffett Wisdom in the Annual Letter on 1500 Days to Freedom

3 More Financial Products to Consider Avoiding on The Chicago Financial Advisor

Officially an Entrepreneur: Who is Your Roger Bannister? on Well Kept Wallet

Why Do Sales Make Us Irrational Shoppers? on Debt RoundUp

Neighbor Envy? Screw the Joneses! on Johnny Moneyseed

Odd Search Terms

How not to spend money…Easy, just don’t do it!

21 Easy ways to save money…What, you could not come up with 22?!

Are Heiniken’s ads made for specific gender? And do you feel they will motivate you to buy it after watching…They did just sponsor the James Bond movie…who do you think they’re after?

Are there college degrees to lose weight…It’s called Cup ‘O Noodles people

EZ Money loan hours…sounds like a place you shouldn’t go to me!

Taxes done at WalMart…I am soooo sorry!

Unique ideas to put into bowls…Um, I don’t know, maybe cereal?


Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to most about spring?


Photo courtesy of: Patrizio Martorana

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