Frugal Friday: Blog Posts That Ruled This Week, More of the Same Edition

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Blog Posts

Welcome back to another Frugal Friday. This has been, once again, another crazy week. I think I have consumed more coffee this week than I have in the past month put together. It is a good busy though as we have brought on two new clients. (WOO-HOO!) As any business owner would, we are always pleased to add new clients. In this case, we’re particularly excited because these clients help diversify our business and show us our potential for growth. In fact, we discussed the possibility of hiring someone for the first time, which is exciting, but also a little overwhelming to be completely honest. Speaking of business, I had been away from the Taking the Plunge series the last few weeks and will be getting back to it next week. Mrs. Frugal Rules and I have a few posts written and scheduled for the next few weeks and have numerous more that we need to write. If you have anything you’d like to read about in terms of running a business, just let me know and it’ll be added to the requests we’ve received already. If this week was not busy enough, I seemed to have gotten on some spammers’ radar and received quite a few junk emails throughout the week. I use a pretty good plugin that catches the large majority of them but just got slammed this week. It always makes me wonder what goes through someone’s mind to actually spam others. They must have a lot of free time on their hands!

As usual it has been another great week in the blogosphere. While I was not able to read as many blog posts as I would’ve liked I did manage to catch a few. With how busy I have been lately I have rearranged how I read posts a bit to make it easier and more efficient for me. I’ll probably be sharing about that a bit in an upcoming blogging tips post. If you have the time this weekend, I encourage you to check out some of these great blog posts and check out their site some as they all have very valuable things to share.

Blog Posts


7 Steps to Take Before You Put Your Home on the Market on Eyes On The Dollar

5 Investment Strategies for the Wary Beginner on Prairie Eco-Thrifter

3 Secrets To Retiring Well on Money Smart Guides

Could Your Hobby Become a Business on The Happy Homeowner

Lincoln Says, Abraham Lincoln’s Best Quotes on Fearless Men

Everyone is in Business on Krant Cents

My Quest For Financial Independence on The Frugal Path

Big City Life, Is it Worth it? on Reach Financial Independence

How to Find a Credit Card With a Lower Interest Rate on Modest Money

4 Must Do Tasks to Retire By 60 on Rather Be Shopping

The Power of Big Fat Audacious Goals on The Free Financial Advisor

Fitness on the Cheap – Working Out At Home on Tackling Our Debt

Ways to Make Money at Home on I Heart Budgets

Becoming a Single Homeowner – Part 1 “The Plan” on Canadian Budget Binder

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 30 Year Old Self on The Random Path

5 Majors With the Highest ROI on Work Save Live

Making a Career Change Gracefully on My Personal Finance Journey

4 Tips to Sticking to Your Budget on Monster Piggy Bank

Is Your Blog on Your Resume? on Evolving Personal Finance

Tips to Pummel That Looming Holiday Debt on One Smart Dollar


Odd Search Terms


Retiring without savings…Hello refrigerator box!

Buying him wd40 for Valentine’s Day…Now that’s a man’s gift!

Good gift for guy with a $1500 Valentine budget…Spend $20 and save the rest!

How to not spend money for a year…Let me know how that works out for ya!

Cod Valentine gift for him…Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a fish!

Why was there a Tony Robbins reference in Zero Dark Thirty…I don’t know, I have not seen the movie.

How to turn rich men on…You got me there.

Rich men get taken advantage of…I am starting to notice a trend here!


What are your plans for the weekend? Is anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day a little late to save some money and avoid the crowds?



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