December Blog Goals Update

Blog Goals

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is now upon us and 2012 is in the books. December was definitely a hectic month in the Frugal Rules household as we had family visiting throughout the month and we started looking at business prospects for the New Year. December was my third full month at blogging and as you read this post, Frugal Rules will be officially four months old.

As I look at the New Year there are a few things, in specific, that I have in mind in terms of the site. The first, and most important, thing I am looking at is a complete redesign of the site. I really like the layout of my theme and the magazine feel it has about it. However, the developer of the theme has stopped supporting it and that has jumpstarted my desire to make some changes. I was already thinking of doing it, but his falling off the face of the earth is making the change necessary. Other changes are more conceptual in nature at this point, but suffice it to say that I am excited as I consider the future of Frugal Rules.


Overall, it was a very good month for Frugal Rules. I am now consistently getting at least 40-50% of my daily visitors as a result of search engine traffic. The highlight of the month was hitting over 1,100 visitors on December 23rd. In fact, the weekend before Christmas Frugal Rules was going nuts as apparently a lot of people were looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas. The downside of getting all of the search traffic was that it skewed some of my other numbers, which is to be expected I guess. I am also nearing going below the 50,000 mark in Alexa and have pretty much stopped watching it as there are much more important numbers to watch in my opinion. Now on to the stats:

  • 12, 122 Page Views in November
  • 15, 839 Page Views in December (30.66% increase)


  • 2.21 Pages per visit in November
  • 1.77 Pages per visit in December


  • 60.71% Bounce Rate in November
  • 72.55% Bounce Rate in December


I also had a goal to reach 900 Twitter followers and 100 Facebook likes. Thanks to two giveaways I blew those numbers out of the water and ended up with 1,427 Twitter followers and 936 Facebook likes. Nothing like buying a little social media love! I also had one other goal of doing two guest posts and was able to accomplish that.

Blog Goals for the Month of January

I am not exactly certain what to expect as the New Year begins in terms of traffic but think the goals I’ve set are attainable with some effort. My blog goals for January are:

  • 17,000 Page Views
  • 1,750 Twitter followers and 1,000 Facebook likes
  • Bounce Rate under 65%
  • Guest post on two sites

For other bloggers, how are your goals going or have you even set blog goals? Is anyone using Google + for their blog? I have a page, but that’s about it.


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