How to Protect Data in Your Small Business

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It’s the age of Big Data; a buzzword that’s more than a buzzword to growing businesses. Modern businesses understand there’s a need for data in every company; including, small businesses and those who are working from home. There’s also a growing need for professionals to evaluate a businesses’ data needs, as well as write programs and algorithms. Simply put: Big Data is important to business.

How to Make Your Company Data-Friendly


According to the Harvard Business Review, today’s businesses aren’t as preoccupied with third-party analytics. Today’s companies recognize they can utilize tools in-house to perform analyses. Although marketing companies may be the better choice for targeting a specific audience, your company’s financial, customer information and other information can be analyzed in-house with various programs and skilled individuals. It’s your safety and protection you should outsource to a reputable company.

It can be overwhelming to determine which tool is best for you and your firm, though three stand out from the rest:

Hootsuite: reports that Hootsuite is a great way for busy business owners to connect socially. Hootsuite allows you to mingle all your social media platforms in one single place, and you’ll be able to quickly determine which posts are more effective and engaging than others.

Mailchimp: A mailing list is necessary, but not all businesses have the time to collect emails from customers, organize those emails into dedicated lists, and then create newsletters that are attractive to those readers. Mailchimp does it all, as well as it has “built-in segmentation and targeting options to build custom rules.”

Geckoboard: Geckoboard is great for analyzing information, in that it provides performance reports, and aggregates data from more than 120 different sources.

Security is paramount


If your company has never managed information technology (IT), you may benefit from IT services from a third-party company. According to Firewall Technical, a company that offers managed services in Ottawa, managed services should include consulting, server and system administration, desktop services, firewall service, and anti-spam services.

As a business, there are elements of your data security you should outsource, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t familiarize yourself with your greatest needs and concerns. In general, your small business should be able to identify your most sensitive data, such as customer payment information. Protecting your customers from fraud may require the assistance of a third-party company, but everyone in your business should still understand the absolute importance of security.

There are very specific ways to protect your business, and it’s your choice to learn these methods or ask a third-party to employ them. Here are a few methods for protecting your company’s sensitive information:

  • Control who can access sensitive data
  • Encrypt everything you can
  • Hire a IT managed services firm
  • Store your most important data on the cloud

At the end of the day, there’s no denying the importance of Big Data. If a company wants to be successful, it can’t ignore the importance of organizing and understanding their needs. If your business is having trouble with this, you might want to consider the benefits of third-party marketing and managed services accounts, as these professionals understand just how to effectively apply analytics to your business in order to make it more successful.


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