How to Cancel DirecTV and Save Big Money

You can cancel DirecTV, but it’s not easy. Here’s a guide on how to cancel DirecTV to save big money each month and where to get TV content for free.

We FINALLY made the decision to cancel DirecTV close to two months ago. I know what you might be thinking – how could it take so long for someone who claims to be frugal to cancel cable?

To be honest it’s something I wish we would’ve done years ago. I rationalized the expense because we could “afford it.” I also thought there was no way I could have access to the sports or programming I wanted without a cable plan. After seeing the price of our DirecTV bill go up long enough, I finally decided enough was enough.

In fact, we even paid an early cancellation fee to DirecTV just so we could rid ourselves of the shackle monthly bill. Our monthly bill came in at a robust $96.64 per month (we had the lowest level package as well as HBO).

Add to that the $8.43 we are paying for Netflix and in total, we were spending $105.07 per month to have television content. I’ll outline later the early cancelation fee we paid to DirecTV, as well as what we’re spending now. That said, if you’re looking for information about how to cancel DirecTV here is what you need to know.

How to Cancel DirecTV


I’ve read countless articles about how to cancel DirecTV and heard some real horror stories. Our experience wasn’t quite that bad, though they definitely don’t make it easy for you to get rid of your contract. They don’t even make it easy to get the information on how to cancel your contract.

My first step was to chat in on their site to find out how much it would cost us to break out of the DirecTV contract. The representative would not give out any info – only to say it could cost up to $20 per month of the remaining contract but they couldn’t say definitively what was needed.

Thus, we had to call in to cancel the DirecTV contract. That’s where the fun began. You must meander through an endless maze until you reach a live DirecTV customer service representative. I explained what I wanted to do and the rep, of course, tried to get me to stay.

She offered some sort of “unadvertised package” that promised to save us a whopping $15 or $20 for six months. She then offered Showtime and/or NFL Sunday Ticket for free. I politely declined and said again that I wanted to cancel our DirecTV contract.

She said she couldn’t help me and had to send me to their retention department. I got to go through the same explanation and hear the same empty promises before being transferred to one final rep, who was a doozy.

He claimed we couldn’t get TV service (which we knew wasn’t true since I had connected our Mohu Leaf the day before and was watching live network TV while on the phone with him), that we were passing up a great value and that we’d be back.

Wrong on all fronts. Once the final rep realized I was serious, his demeanor instantly changed.

No longer upbeat and somewhat arrogant, he explained we’d receive a box in the mail to send back our receiver and remote. We were supposed to get the box within a few business days, or so he claimed. The receiver and remote have to be sent back within 21 days or they will charge you for both. I don’t know how much that charge is, but suffice it to say, I didn’t intend to pay it. So, I waited for the box to arrive.

After about 10 days we hadn’t received the box and had to call back in to request another box. We received the second box 2-3 days later and mailed off the items the next day. For some reason DirecTV does not require the actual satellite dish to be sent back. We’ve removed it from the house and will find some way to dispose of it correctly.

To recap, you need to do the following to cancel DirecTV:

  • Call them, resist their slimy retention tactics, and say you want to cut the cord
  • Wait for the box to arrive
  • Mail back the receiver and remote within 21 days

You will want to track the package and call in to make sure they receive it in time so as to not be charged.

Paying the DirecTV Early Cancellation Fee


For some reason DirecTV doesn’t like to divulge the amount of the early cancellation fee. Well, I know exactly why they don’t want to make it public – because people would realize they’d save significant money in the long run by canceling their contract.

After speaking with a rep, they made clear the early cancellation fee is always $20 per month, on a pro-rated basis, for each month remaining on your DirecTV contract. They also charge a $15 deactivation fee, which is a joke.

We had a little over six months remaining on our contract and ended up having to pay $142.70 to cancel our DirecTV plan.

We now pay $23.42 per month for what we watch, a savings of $81.65 per month, so we’ve already recouped this cost in a little under two months.

One thing to note, you’ll want to watch your final bill to make sure it’s correct – and know the exact day you called in to cancel your DirecTV contract. Their billing is less than clear.

I had to call in to go over the final bill and the rep from the billing department tried three separate times to get us to come back by offering all sorts of rebates and special packages. You’d think they weren’t listening to me plainly say I had no plan of coming back. 😉

How We Get our Content Now


We’ve been free from DirecTV for about two months now and know one thing – we’re never going back. I once said we weren’t going to cut the cord but we can be wrong from time to time – can’t we? 😉

If you’re holding back from canceling cable let me tell you one thing – there are many options to get content for a lot less than what you are currently paying. Trust me, you won’t miss your high priced monthly budgetary dead weight bill. If I can cut the cord, you can too. Here is what we’ve done to replace DirecTV:

  • We’ve kept Netflix, as it’s a lifesaver for those with little kids. That is still $8.43 per month.
  • We signed up for HBO Now, which is $14.99 per month – Winter is Coming after all….
  • We bought a Mohu Leaf 50 with an Amazon gift card (It retails for around $60) to get the local channels. Truth be told, we’re so close to the TV antennas that we probably don’t need it anyway.
  • We’ve had an Amazon Fire TV Stick for a little over a year and are Amazon Prime members (we love the free two-day shipping and Subscribe and Save benefits) so we get access to all of their content. The Fire Stick is $39 to buy, but as we bought it a year ago I won’t include it in the cost.

The above allows us to replace a major chunk of the content we lost after canceling DirecTV and saves us a little over $80 in the process. That extra money will go right towards our house down payment fund each month.

We did try a free trial of Sling TV to see if we liked it, but didn’t, so shed that as we couldn’t justify the $20 per month charge. Anything else we miss out on we can get online for the most part so we’re not missing anything.

My one concern about canceling DirecTV was missing out on sports – specifically college football. That was an unfounded fear. We’re able to get access to ESPN3 through our ISP and college football season is over. 🙂 We may sign up for Sling in the fall to get more games, though we’ll decide then.

You can cancel DirecTV, but it’s not easy. Here’s a guide on how to cancel DirecTV to save big money each month and where to get TV content for free.

It’s Time to Kill the Slowly Dying Beast


Cutting the cord has been popular for a number of years, however 83 percent of homes in America still pay for some sort of cable television plan. When you see people like me who were paying the average of $100 per month to have cable you wonder why it’s still that way.

I think so much of it goes back to the payment mentality so many give in to. They view finances in a short-term light and don’t see the long-term ramifications. By canceling our DirecTV contract, for example, we’ll save nearly $1,000 this year alone and almost $5,000 over the course of five years.

If we weren’t saving to buy a house we’d either be investing that money or stashing it into our vacation account – both of which bring us much greater return, for different reasons.

That’s also not to mention the other benefits of cutting the cord – from increased productivity to less sitting around and the countless other things to do besides watching TV. In short, if you can save significant money, increase your productivity and be free of a contract, why wouldn’t you want to consider cancelling DirecTV, Dish, cable or whatever high priced entertainment plan you’re currently enduring?


Have you tried to cancel a DirecTV, or other cable provider contract in the past and run into problems? If you’ve cut the cord, what’s been the biggest non-financial benefit to date? If you have cable, what’s keeping you from cutting the cord?

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  • Not having cable for years has been a huge way for me to cut my expenses in order to put more money toward repaying my student loans. I pay a grand total of $23 for internet – that’s it!!

  • Netflix and Hulu offer plenty of television for our needs. I don’t miss paying a huge cable bill at all!

  • We still have cable but will likely drop it once our renter moves out (it’s a little more affordable when you split it with someone else). I’m excited about all the new options available for streaming content.

  • We just cancelled our U-Verse, and i have to say AT&T was super easy to work with on cancelling. No hard core pressure from the customer service rep, just take everything to the UPS store and they took care of shipping everything back. I may not have been happy with the prices but the service was pretty good for the three years we had it.

  • I always wonder why we didn’t cut satellite TV sooner. There is almost nothing you can’t replace with streaming and you can add services when you want and then cancel. We add Sling during the NCAA tournament and other big sports times and cancel when there isn’t anything we like.

  • Wow, clearly I lucked out. I only had to cancel Dish, and they were very pleasant about it. They offered me discounts once, but beyond that they were very polite. And the cancellation fee was closer to $8/month. So we paid around $40 to get rid of Dish early.

    Although come to think of it, we had DirecTV in the apartment and had to cancel when we moved to the house. I didn’t have a lot of rigmarole. Perhaps I’ve just got phone luck, eh?

    Glad you’re on the cord-cutting bandwagon. After many years of rationalizing it, I finally looked into Hulu. Within two months, we’d cut the cord. Since then, we’ve saved around $2,500, which has nicely padded the savings account.

  • Jason B says:

    I’ve been going back and forth over the last month whether I should cancel my Dish service or not. I love my sports. I only pay $60 right now, so I will probably keep it for the meantime.

  • Syed says:

    My cable contract is up next month, and I think we will finally be cutting the cord. I was worried about the sports thing but there are definitely options to watch the games. And if worse comes to worse, I can go over to my parents house who have a nicer TV than I do anyway. Excited for the possibilities!

  • Adam says:

    I cancelled my DishTV contract a little over 6 months ago and I have not missed it one second. I rarely watch TV to begin with and now I have so much more free time and money to do whatever I want without the brain drain of satellite TV in front of me.

  • Aaron says:

    Hey John. Congrats and welcome to the Cord Cutter Club! Membership dues are $8.99/month – haha. I’ve heard of others who have Directv -but are able to call and have their rates lowered after their “promo period” expires. Did you ever try and negotiate down? From what I heard $20-35/mo. is normal rates for Directv.

  • Karl Uy says:

    I just got off the phone with Directv to cancel my service after 9 years with them – I looked through your website first before doing that. Their customer service rep was really nice and helpful, gave some discount offers but was not pushy. This is my first time on your site and I must say I like it – should be coming back often, thanks for what you do.

  • Mary J says:

    They sold me this “contract” telling me one thing, but then when I got the service it did not even record shows! When I tried to cancel, they said I was stuck in a contract, which they had told me was a continuation of services, not a new contract. They were going to charge me hundreds of dollars! I had to send an email to the FCC just to be able to cancel with no fees.

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