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    • I can understand that DC, though I would tend to be leery of saying that especially with the delay that was announced a few days ago. I am hopeful that something like that would work, but we all know how things get when the government gets involved.

    • Thanks Roger! We would’ve been lost without a broker. I can’t imagine what it would be like having only COBRA as an option. It’s an option, but certainly an expensive one – generally speaking.

  1. I work for an insurance agency and they don’t off health insurance to their employees…..go figure. My exhusband and I both have jobs without health insurance. A couple of years ago he had a false heart attack and they ended up care flighting him to a large hosptial and putting a stint in. He stayed at the hospital for 3 days and we got a bill for $50k and didn’t have insurance. You don’t realize how bad you need it until the unexpected happens!
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    • Wow, that’s a kicker! Wow, so sorry about that story, though it just goes to show you how expensive anything medical is. I toyed with the idea of not getting coverage for myself, but it is playing with fire not to get it.

    • That’s saying something Joe – that it’s way too much to process. I am so glad there are people out there who can understand it and boil it down for people like me. :)

    • Thanks Matt! Yes, a broker is a God send for situations like this. I am just glad there are people out there who understand this stuff and make it easier for simple people like me.

    • Yea, I am a bit envious. :) We actually don’t have dental coverage as it’s just so expensive here in the States. We would be paying more per year than the value we’d be getting.

  2. We’ve had an HSA for several years now and love it! We are relatively healthy so we have been able to save a great deal in our account. It just takes the discipline to put money in the account every month whether you are sick or not. HSAforAmerica.com is a great website for anyone wanting to learn more about these plans work.
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    • We do as well. We’re generally healthy as well, so it’s nice knowing we can build up a nice cushion in case anything were to happen. Thanks for pointing out that site, I’ll have to check it out.

  3. I agree it’s very complicated and frustrating trying to figure it all out. And the paperwork with applying is so daunting. My piece of advice to everyone is keep good health records if you ever plan on making the switch because I can’t remember every single doctor visit or that prescriptions they might have given me. I also used a health insurance broker which made it a lot easier. And I didn’t know you could do a HSA. I need even had one when I worked full time but that’s something I should look into more.
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    • I could not agree more Tonya, it can be very daunting. Great point on the good health records – those are key to have. Yes, as long as you have a HDHP, as far as I have read, you can have an HSA. It’s well worth it, if you’re able to have one.

  4. Great timely post for me. I don’t have health insurance but it’s something I want/need. :) It is confusing and I never though of going through a broker which sounds like a great idea. Choice is great but it can get overwhelming. I’ve been fortunate and healthy but I also don’t want to take the risk any longer. It’s not worth it in the end.
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    • Glad it is Tanya! I would respectfully classify it as a need. There are just so many things that could happen and you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars. It is confusing, but using a good broker will help you greatly. Ours gave us 5-6 plans that fit our needs and it was a simple decision after that.

  5. My wife and I have decided that if either of us do decide to go the self-emoployment route, that we’d always have the other at a “real” :) job that offered insurance benefits, just because you never know when the poop is coming at you. I can’t imagine how complicated it is choosing plans, as I have enough picking through the options of my employer-offered plans.
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    • That is always a good route to take. You’re right, you never know what will be coming your way, thus why having insurance is so important. That said, using a broker makes it MUCH easier. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I’ve always heard how difficult (and expensive) getting health insurance can be when self-employed, but I’ve never had to personally do it. I think the exchanges in 2014 will make shopping for health insurance a lot easier. It’s supposed to be kind of like buying a car. We’ll see how that goes.
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    • It really has the potential to be Jake, thus why having a broker is so essential. I wish I had more faith in the exchanges, call me a cynic, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  7. I agree about spending accounts (though ours is FSA)! It can be a hassle with having to submit receipts (or rather re-submit when faxes don’t go through… but seriously, who uses faxes anymore?!), but still worth all the savings.
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    • I know, right? Why on earth do companies STILL use faxes? That said, that’s great you have an FSA, though I always hated having to spend money at the end of the year so we did not lose it.

  8. Well of course we don[‘t worry about that too much over here but the way the UK government is dismantling our health service, it may come to it. Generally for self employment you may take critical illness insurance which is where you get some income for very serious stuff but otherwise most depend on the NHS.
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    • That’s interesting. I had a family member who had to stay in the hospital for several days in London a couple of years ago and they thought it was a great compared to us here in the States. Hope it stays that way.

    • As do I Nick! It’s as if it’s set up for us to be screwed…wait – it is! Glad you have coverage through your wife, that’s the important thing.

  9. I’ve had an HSA plan since right after they were first created. I had to go through a broker because no one knew much about them, and I still use him to this day. He calls every year on my anniversary and we review plans and make changes when necessary. It doesn’t even cost more than buying online. I would highly recommend finding someone you trust who can guide you through the maze of insurance. I am hopeful about the government exchanges, but as hard as Medicare and Medicaid have been to sort through for patients and providers, I’m not sure the government is the best answer.
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    • I would completely agree Kim about using someone you can trust as it can be one big headache. I am hopeful, as well, about the exchange, though the cynic in me is not buying it.

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