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Blogging Tips

It’s been several months since I last wrote a blogging tips post. The previous two blogging tips posts have been successful and have resulted in me receiving numerous questions as to how to start a blog and what are some things that I’ve learned since starting it. Frugal Rules has been around almost five months now and I can still say that I learn something new about blogging nearly every day. I love to learn and when it comes to blogging I know there is much more to discover. The blogging tips I’ll share here are not all-inclusive; for more ideas, I encourage you to check out my other blogging tips posts.

A Blog Editorial Calendar Can Be a Life Saver

Seeing as Mrs. Frugal Rules has been an advertising and marketing copywriter for ten years now you’d think that I would’ve learned this one from her. Sadly, I did not listen to her the first few months in regards to a blog editorial calendar. I read a post from L Bee about a month ago and she had mentioned the importance of an editorial calendar. You could say that’s when the light bulb went off in my head. I now compose an editorial calendar for my blog a month out and it has been an immense help. Not that it’s set in stone, but it provides something for me to hang my blogging hat on and helps me avoid scrambling for ideas when it comes time to write blog posts. I know there are Word Press plugins that help with this, but I just use plain ole’ Word. I also pair this with a running list of 40-50 post ideas so I have a go-to when I need topics. I know an editorial calendar might seem like too much work, but it is probably one of my favorite blogging tips and generally only takes a few minutes to come up with one for each month. Another benefit to the editorial calendar is that it frees up time so I can focus on other blogging needs like SEO or research.

Blogging Tips Can Often Be Found By Reading Old Posts

I look back at some of my first posts and shudder. It’s amazing that I even have people come visit my site on a day in day out basis. My thoughts were aimless and had no sense of SEO in them. I look back at some of them now and I can easily pick up some valuable blogging tips such as having catchier headlines to ideas for new posts. As I look back at some of the older posts I see vantage points that I did not pursue or see someone’s comment that opens up a new train of thought. Most importantly, this going back allows you to do some important self-analysis that can be most helpful to you and the health of your blog.


Always Be Reading

I often find new blogging tips through simple reading. I know, if you’re a blogger then reading other blogs is pretty much a given. While there is a place and time for that, you have to also be reading outside of other blogs. I love to read and often don’t have the time to do it as much as I’d like. However, when you read other sites online like news or finance websites, magazines and books you open yourself to many ideas. This practice also helps your creative flow. Running a blog myself, in addition to our advertising business, there are few things as important as getting your creative juices flowing. It opens you up to new ideas for topics you can cover and can make writing much more effective. This can result in smoother text for your readers and they’ll thank you for it.

Take Time Off From Your Blog

I’ll be the first to admit that blogging can be a HUGE time suck. There are many tasks you must complete if you want your blog to go somewhere and there’s almost always something to be done. I know that the suggestion to take time off from your blog seems counter-intuitive, been it really does help. In terms of blogging tips, this would rank very high on the list if not at the top. I’ve read that for many bloggers the six to twelve month mark is a common time to burn out. I can understand that as you can always find ways to be busy with your blog if you choose. Taking time off from your blog is one of the best ways to guard against burn out. How you take time off is up to you. Whether you only publish on certain days or take a day or two off throughout the month is up to you; just find what works best for you. Unplug from your computer and go enjoy something fun (of course while being frugal) and you’ll generally be much happier for it. Not only will that break be good for you, but it will be good for your readers as well as it can help keep your content fresh. Taking time off is something I am still forming my thoughts around and something I am looking to implement more as we start the New Year.

How to Start a Blog

For those of you  looking for ways to supplement your existing income but haven’t started a blog yet because of the possibility of technical difficulties, would you change your mind if you found a step-by-step guide helping you set up your blog? If you want to partake in the blogging community and make money online but don’t have a computer science background, check out this incredible guide on how to start a blog at The author does a great job of explaining the concepts of blogging, how to pick a domain and hosting company, and then set up your blog in under 5 minutes.


Thank you for sticking around for a 1,000+ word monstrosity. What are some of your latest blogging tips? Do you have a blog editorial calendar or is there something else you use to give structure to your posting habits?


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