Bigger And Better Things In 2015 & 2014 Goals Recap

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Bigger and Better

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re three weeks into 2015 already. While 2014 was a whirlwind, it was good on many levels. I had a number of wins, like in my personal weight loss goal and a few others that I’ll talk about later. At any rate, last year was the first time I laid out specific goals on the site and I’m glad I did; it really helps keep you accountable knowing that you’re broadcasting what you’re working on to others. 🙂

Throughout last year I shared how far I was in regards to reaching my goals and thought it would be good to give a final tally showing how things fared. My one big takeaway from last year was the importance of having fewer goals. I found, on many occasions that I had too many goals and as a result was not as focused as I could have been.

That is changing this year! I plan on only having 2-3 goals max to work on. My hope is to use that to have a tighter focus that will help me hopefully kill it on all of them. You’ll also notice that I don’t have specific numbers on all of my goals. The reason is that our clients and family read the site. You can never control how someone is going to receive the numbers and some may not have context for it. So, in some things I’ll share numbers and others I won’t. 🙂 With that out of the way, let’s see how I did last year.

2014 Goals Recap


Start going to bed by 10:00 P.M. during the week: I won’t hold back on this one – this was an utter failure. We had been doing so-so for a few months, but the wheels fell off this bus a LONG time ago. I’ve accepted that this is just a phase of our current life.

Stop snacking once the kids go to bed: This was a huge success for me. I’ve completely changed my eating habits over the course of the year and am very thankful for that. It wasn’t always easy, but was well worth it in the long run.

Use our exercise bike 3-4 times per week. I’d give this one a pass. It depends on the week and our workload, but I’ve been coming in with usually working out at least four times per week and up to six times in many cases. I added in some interval training about mid way in the year and am seeing good results.

Add one more blog management client. This one got scrapped actually as I’ve taken on more writing gigs, namely AOL Jobs most recently. If you need a writer, contact me. 🙂

Buy another PF blog. I bought Wise Dollar last year so I’ll put this as a pass. I am on the lookout for another one so if you know of one, let me know. 🙂

Getting back to being serious about saving for retirement. I’ll rate this as a pass. We were able to max out both our Roth and SEP IRA’s with Scottrade. Saving for retirement while being self-employed can be a challenge so I’m pleased with this.

Start actively saving for a new-to-us car each month. I’ll put this one as a 50/50. We did start putting away $300 per month, in our Discover Bank Online Savings Account, about 6-8 months ago but the simple fact is we need to do more. I’m thinking we’re likely going to need a “new” car within the next two years and I don’t want a car payment so we need to seriously ramp this up.

Reach a better balance at home between our work time and family time. This is a fail as well. It has been a real challenge at times and I don’t see it getting any easier to accomplish in the near future. 2015 is going to have to include more scheduling of things in in order to have this move closer to a pass.

Take the little Frugal Rules to Disney for free right before New Year’s. This one got completely scrapped. We had been planned to go on a Disney cruise over Christmas with family but plans fell through. Not being a Disney fan this doesn’t hurt my feelings much.

See what I mean about losing focus with having too many goals? I get tired just reading that list. Some things I did great on, and others were absolute failures but it’s tiring to read that list. With that in mind, let’s move on to the bigger and better things for 2015.

What I’m Working on in 2015


In light of wanting a tighter focus in 2015 I’ve narrowed down my goals to three. I think that’s a good number to start with, though I won’t be surprised if I find that I need to take it down to two. The point is to have a strong focus on each so I can have a better chance of success. That said, they’re below:

Save at least $15,000 towards a new-to-us car. Like I mentioned, I believe we’re going to need a “new” car within the next two years. I do not plan on having a car payment so we need to save a serious chunk of money. I believe if we’re able to save at least $15,000 each in the next two years and add it to what we already have we should hopefully be able to get the kind of car we want. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

Do P90X. This one actually scares the crap out of me, to be honest. But, no pain no gain…right? 🙂 I’ve reached a plateau with my weight loss and really want to stretch myself as I only have 17 pounds to reach my weight loss goal of 100 pounds. I may find that I’m a complete fool for attempting it, but I have a goal I’m trying to reach and it’s going to require kicking my own butt to get there. If I’m asked though…I never made this goal public! 😉

Start and complete a course for Frugal Rules. I mentioned wanting to do this several months ago and have made absolutely no headway on it. So, I’m making it public again. Mrs. Frugal Rules keeps telling me I need to do one, and she’s right. This will require scheduling time to get started but I want to have a course done and ready to be offered to readers by the end of the year.

There you have it. I wanted to have one financial goal, one personal growth goal and one blogging goal and I think these all fit well. You’ll also notice I don’t have anything about saving for retirement and my thoughts on that are that it’s a given so there’s no point in making it a public goal when it’s something just to check off. I don’t know how 2015 will play out, but my hope is with an increased focus on my goals, it’ll be a successful one.



What are some serious goals you’re planning on working on for 2015? Do you like to have many goals or just a couple to focus on? Have you ever done P90X?



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  • I’m a big fan of fewer goals as well. I can get sort of lost and distracted in a sea of goals and I also find that they’re usually not all important to me.

    I like focusing in on the most critical goals and really pouring my energy into those. And then, if I happen to accomplish other things too, I feel elated rather than let down that I didn’t get even more done.

    Sounds like you have a great approach to 2015! I’ve never done P90X before, but I’ve heard that people really like it–you’ll have to let us know how it goes.

    • John Schmoll says:

      I really learned that about myself last year Mrs. FW. I think I began the year seeing all the progress I could make and just got overwhelmed at times.

      I definitely will – it scares the crap out of me, but I’m going to give it a go at the very least.

  • I too agree that fewer goals are better. The more you have, the more stressed you get trying to reach them all. Pick out a few, then when they become a habit, you can start working on new goals.

    As for P90X, I did try it out. It was OK for me. While I liked the workouts, I am a “gym rat”. I love going to the gym and doing squats, deadlifts, etc. With P90X, I obviously didn’t do any of those. It was a nice change of routine however and it did kick my butt.

    I did have to stop though because my one shoulder starting hurting pretty bad and with the way they structure the DVDs, my shoulders were really never getting a break.

    In the end, I say give a shot! You’ve got nothing to lose.

    • John Schmoll says:

      That’s the one concern I have about doing P90X. I’ve had a few people tell me it has resulted in them gaining weight and not losing it because they’re building muscle. Time will tell though.

  • I’ve always wanted to try out P90X! I have added to my workout routine in the last month, but not nearly to the level I want/need to. That will change once spring comes and I can be outside again in normal weather. 🙂 I hear ya on the Disney stuff too – we’re planning some vacations, for the future, but they are ANTI Disney. 🙂

    • John Schmoll says:

      Yep, the weather definitely impacts what can be done exercising wise. I’m thankful we have an exercise bike and can do other stuff inside because I’m definitely not going outside when it’s -2, lol.

  • Offering a course is a really smart idea. I like your other goals, too, but the course would be huge. I’ve been thinking about “add-on” products to add to my site and it’s the best way to take sites to “the next level” imo. I don’t know if you have heard of “chandoo” but he’s a HUGE Excel blogger out of India and he gets absolutely insane traffic. I think one thing he does absolutely great is his ‘add-on’ products. He has multiple courses both online and offline (teaches around the world – so awesome!), plus he came out with a book recently. He makes me want to pursue something more technical like Excel blogging because of the potential for teaching. Anyway best of luck on your goals this year!

    • John Schmoll says:

      That’s my thinking DC. I just don’t know if I want to tackle the work behind it, lol. But, the course I want to do is something I get a lot of traffic around and know there is a huge need for it so that’s a big part of what’s motivating me.

  • ooh good luck with p90x! I know people that have had great results with it. I tried it a couple times and it was challenging for sure! I want to create some kind of course for BATB as well but I always seem to have a million smaller things to tackle first…and then the next thing I know the year has gone by. I need to set up some kind of structure to work on…I mean I just gotta start, ya know? Maybe we should set up some kind of a buddy accountability system?

    • John Schmoll says:

      Thanks Tonya! I’ve heard great and not so great things about it – like it causing weight gain due to muscle build up and weight gain is the LAST thing I want, lol.

      I know, I just need to start. 🙂 I have an ebook I wrote this summer that I’ve yet to get formatted and published and that’s the first step to my course. I just need to get off my butt and get started.

  • Eric says:

    Way to go on your 2014 goals. The p90x goal for 2015 is pretty arduous–I’ve tried and failed at p90x twice. But you, given that you’ve already somehow low 83 pounds, probably have the determination to see it through to the end.

    The time commitment on p90x is why it works and why it’s so hard. I expect that you’re 10 p.m. bedtime goal will have to give way to your p90x goal–if you know what I mean.

    Good luck!

    • John Schmoll says:

      Thanks Eric! Yea, I have the determination to see it through, just not certain if it’s the right method to go at it. Suffice it to say, I’ve got to break the plateau and will see if this is the best way to do it.

      That’s what I’ve heard and if it means hitting my goal then it’s well worth it. Time will tell though. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I have done P90X, but not the whole course like you’re supposed to. I hate doing push ups and can’t do chin ups, so I only did that video a couple of times. In reality I like going to the gym too much to work out totally at home. I do love the Plyometrics workout though. I did that one yesterday in fact! You should give it a go. I think it works better for men because of all the strength stuff.

    We are going to have to start saving for a car at some point as well, but I’m unrealistically hoping ours will just run forever.

    • John Schmoll says:

      Yea, there is definitely some adjustments I’m going to need to make in order to make it fit to my situation.

      Ha ha, I think I’m thinking unrealistically as well on that front.

  • I like the idea of fewer goals. My big goal is to really cut down on our grocery spending. It is not easy to do that but so far so good!

  • I was like you with the weight loss John, I hit the last 10 pounds and just plateaued and at that point I really kicked up my workouts and that’s what took me over the top. I have never done p90x because quite frankly the commercials frighten me. After having all that extra weight on me, I really killed my knees and thought that the p90x would hurt not help my knee situation. It looks awesome, though, and I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!!

  • MMD says:

    I like the idea of developing some kind of course. From all the podcasts I’ve listened to lately I think there’s some real money to be made there.

  • Gosh, I cannot get to bed before 10pm either! Night owl here. You should definitely do a course! My goals this year are to pay off more debt, write 2 ebooks, and grow my business. I’m excited for 2015!

  • Hey congrats on the past goals, and in succeeding in the new year. Good job on buying a new website, and it is a popular one. I’ve done p90x and it is very challenging. I had a blast doing it, and now the dvds are collecting dust. I do my own work out routine now, and I am in great shape.

  • Michelle says:

    A course for Frugal Rules sounds like a great idea! Can’t wait to hear more about this 🙂 I hope you have a great 2015.

  • I have trouble going to bed before 12AM but I’m working on it! Haha. Good luck with P90x, I’ve heard great things about it but it sure sounds intense. My goals for 2015 include running a 10k, growing my business, and in general, worrying less!

  • Ben Luthi says:

    P90X is a beast! But it’s definitely worth it.

  • Those look like some fantastic goals, John. I’ve learned the hard way to set fewer goals too. I have not done P90X but one of my employees has. It was a lot of work but he had great results, so best wishes! I’m real proud of your weight loss and lifestyle changes you made this past year. Good luck on your goals!

  • I made fewer goals this year too. I think it’ll help me stay focused on what truly matters and not get hung up trying to meet lots of little goals.

  • The trouble with too many goals is that if everything is important than nothing is important. I’ve definitely run into that. As for P90x, you have nothing to be afraid of. The hardest thing is the time. If you tell yourself you are going to carve out 45-90 minutes, you’ll be fine. Any one can do it, you just have to modify the exercises to you ability so you don’t overdo it. But you also have to post your before and after pics 🙂

  • Fewer goals are better, at least for me. I’ve only got a couple for the new year and it makes it a lot easier for me to remember and therefore work towards achieving them. Good luck hitting all your goals this year! 🙂

  • Jason B says:

    Good luck on your goals. One of my goals is to pay off my Wells Fargo student loan. It was on my list last year but I wasn’t 100% serious. Now I am.

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